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Default A Single Red Rose
I've only written a few poems in my life about one year ago. It was something I did when had no internet for a few months. This is the first one and one of my favorites, though it's kinda sappy (as in uber romantic).

A Single Red Rose

A single red rose given to a girl with freckles on her nose
at the senior prom, by a boy named Tom.
Her date for the evening who showed up late for no reason,
except his jitters were getting the best of him.
They dated for a while, until college beckoned,
and a break was ultimately decided what was best for them.
They both had so much at stake with scholarships to two different schools at opposite ends of the state. While on hiatus, they each met someone new.
Nothing developed because they still knew they were meant to be lovers.
The one day, out of the blue, simultaneously they called each other.
The busy signal they both heard on the line made them fell a twinge of jealousy.
"Who could be this other possible love interest?", she kept going over in her mind.
"Who could it be taking up the line?".
He had no hesitation, and called her right back again.
A bit taken aback, she picked up the phone and nearly had a heart attack when she heard his voice on the line for the first time in a very long time.
"I just tried to call you not more than two minutes ago!", she exclaimed.
He then went on to tell her how he did the same. They talked for hours that night, it was even beginning to show some morning light.
Then one day, they decided to meet, a few years later there were children at their feet
listening to this tale as I tell it now, how they would meet, and how their love grows, and it all began with a single red rose.

I may share more of them later on. I only wrote about a dozen or so. I don't know if I'll write poetry again, maybe only if I lose internet for a long period of time again.
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