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Default The Magic Kid
Once upon a time there was a magic kid,
And he lived in a tin hat,
With a lid.

He used his magic key
To open a house,
But didn't know that the house
Was a mouse.

He stood inside the mouse very keen,
Finding a toothbrush
And a bean.

No one knew he was there,
Even if they looked

To come to a conclusion,
The Magic Kid
Could not come back
To the lid. (The tiolet lid, that is)

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*snaps fingers*

I was pretending I was in a coffee shop that has Poetry readings. But on a serious note. Your poem was really good, and a very well thought out rhyming scheme. I liked it. But sadly for me, I do not rhyme in my poems. I don't know what its, sure there will be rhyming in it. But I am just not a rhymer.

But keep going I like the poem. :D

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Woooo! I like it x
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