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Old Town, despite its' appearance, seems to be a hotbed of criminal activity.
On Millionaire's Row (where all the big money lives) 3 of the 4 families are engaged in crime. However, there are active investigations going on into it with major government agencies involved, and all the undercover agents attached to the investigation are deep undercover, hoping to bust those responsible for serious felonies such as money laundering, tax evasion and drug smuggling-or so their bosses back in the city would believe.
Unfortunately, all the undercover agents seem to be involved in are their own personal love affairs and the investigations are going nowhere.

Their bosses are frustrated that they've sunk in half a million dollars into this and they have nothing to show for it except rumors of agents spending most of their time in the pool or playing in bed with one another.

As one of the bureau heads exclaimed in frustration: "If there were drunken hobos working this we'd get more accomplished! Instead, we have 6 extremely experienced agents working this and nothing happens! What a waste of money this was!"

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Hey, that sort of thing doesn't pay off until it pays off.

For sundry reasons, I decided to play some Depression-era Riverblossom HIlls prior to shifting over to modern-day Widespot. My retro folder has Hat's aging mod in it, so everything takes longer and I play in a more relaxed fashion. At the Roseland house, all three original dogs (Porthos, Danny, and Sarah) grew to elder. Their sole remaining puppy, Boots, is male, so if they want to sell any more puppies they'll have to adopt. Their second child, Isabel, grew to toddler, and they only have one toddler bed and one potty, with eldest child Gordon not growing up for two more days, plus fall's just beginning and they have a full garden to tend if they want to make a good crop and have money to tide them through the winter. By that time Gordon will be a child and able to take on some of the chores (not, alas, washing all of the dogs, but he'll be able to feed them, and weed, and clean), freeing Cyd up to work on the gold toy badge he's set his heart on. Maybe by next spring they'll be enough ahead to open the toy store of his dreams!

Meanwhile, the Travellers were having a routine day, with Trent at his law office, Trisha managing Stella Roth's beauty parlor, and Tina going to school, practicing her painting, working in the greenhouse, talking to her friends on the phone, and planning her college career, a mere 12 days away. Tina'd like to get another puppy but there aren't any at the moment. It stormed all day, so there was no point in washing Tina's existing adult dog, Wynken (one of Sarah's first crop of puppies), but Trent taught him to sit up. They were all in bed at a decent hour, but Trent got up at about 1 in the morning, after the storm cleared, wanting to gaze at the stars. And when he did, something gazed back! So I guess their lives will be a bit less routine from here out!

Their house is huge and fancy, but only has two bedrooms and they don't have enough liquid capital to do a proper build with an architect. Either they'll have to cobble something together fast, before the snow flies, or Tina'll have to share a room, whether she wants to, or not.

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Lilith and Dirk were on one of their many dates, when all of a sudden Dirk decided he wanted to marry Lilith. They were in their bedroom and it was an impulsive decision. I think it suits them that way. They'd been engaged since the beginning of Dirk's Young Adult life but after Lilith moved in, they never seemed interested in following up with a wedding. Some might call this a bad sign, but Dirk and Lilith have lasted all these years, Dirk was there to support her when her parents died in quick sucession, he never made any advances towards his 3bolt classmate at uni, and if all that wasn't enough, he and Lilith themselves behave like 3bolters when they only have two. I don't know what's up with that, but it's really cute.

Dustin and Lucy were also on a date, in their house, while their daughter Maggie was sleeping. It was going well, until their only date-related wants were to dine out with each other. It's been financially rough for them and with a small child, no wonder they just want to get out for a bit. The romance seemed to be over though, so Dustin turned off the stereo... breaking it in the process. Then Lucy started lecturing him and she just went on and on... I love it when they do that, it's hilarious. But Lucy, please don't treat your husband like his mother did, you're on a date with him with no romantic wants whatsoever. But then, the lecturing realised her fear of having a bad talk with him, so all her wants re-rolled. The romance was back! I guess she came to her senses, at the last minute. They ended up having a dream date. The next day, Dustin got demoted from a chance card. Lucy was busting her ass trying to get that golden flower badge when he went to tell her. Their interaction was positive so they didn't argue about it. The day after that, Dustin got promoted and the first thing he did was to gift Maggie the piano that she wanted.

Right now I'm playing the Burbs. John and Jackie go hiking together, they garden a lot, Jennifer plays her guitar and her violin, but Brad and Cindy are harder to play with. Cindy hasn't discovered her one true hobby yet and Brad has already tried to make friends with his girlfriend's brother on the phone, and the rest of their wants I'm not interested in fulfilling right now. I'll just try to get them through the rest of the day. Ath least Brad will grow up soon, finally.
Eta: well, I found something for them to do: they helped get the house in shape for the headmaster! Or at least Mr 9-neat-points Brad did. Sloppy Cindy just sat on the couch in her formal wear. She and Brad were already in private school and now it was Jackie's turn. By the end of the visit Jennifer was a very happy sim, although she's in perma plat anyway. Next rotation I'll find out whether Brad will go to uni or not.
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Dirk's one true hobby is Lilith. It's that way in my game, too, and I think they only have one bolt for each other.

I was playing my Pleasantview boardinghouse because I wanted something light and fun. That's where my single Sims live while they save up for a condo or a house or look around for the person they want to marry. The rest of the rooms I move townies into and let them just free will. So right now, three of my young men are living there (okay, maybe Beau is not so young anymore), along with Kaylynn Langerak and Jared Starchild. I moved Jared in because I know he's gay, and my one gay playable, Chase Pleasant, is always wanting to fall in love with his straight friends and is never attracted to any of the many gay townies roaming around, so I was kind of fixing them up. But Jared booty-called Ty Blubber, who is currently a townie--I didn't even know was gay. Ok, I just let them do their thing, woohoo in the hot tub and fall in love. Then Jared got the want to get engaged to Ty. Well, I can't resist an engagement want, and I figured that would be nice to have a gay couple in the boardinghouse. Usually, couples aren't allowed, but since they won't be having kids, that won't be an issue. So I had Jared propose, and Ty accepted. So then I had Jared propose marriage--I hadn't been playing him at all up to this point; their whole relationship developed through ACR--and Ty refused! I guess Jared was moving too fast.

Well, Jared's relationship with Ty immediately turned to -100/-100 and then he attacked Ty! What? They had a huge fight right on the front lawn and almost made Chase late for work. Jeez, I think Jared maybe has some issues. Ty might have just dodged a bullet there.
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I just saw an interaction "Clean Up" when clicking on a Sim. Both were 20/20 towards each other, and the interaction got rejected (it had the animation of influencing or admiring). I typed in TCE and reloaded the lot, and I couldn't get the interaction to show up again. My mind must be playing tricks on me.
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Originally Posted by topp
I just saw an interaction "Clean Up" when clicking on a Sim. Both were 20/20 towards each other, and the interaction got rejected (it had the animation of influencing or admiring). I typed in TCE and reloaded the lot, and I couldn't get the interaction to show up again. My mind must be playing tricks on me.

Are you sure it was "Clean Up" and not "Cheer Up".

With Nightlife Cheer Up was added.
Cheer Up
Requirements: A friend of a sim in a horrible mood

If a sim is in a really bad mood, another sim who is in a good relationship
with that sim can select the "Cheer Up" command under "Appreciate". Cheering
a sim up doesn't seem to have any special effects added to it, but it's
guaranteed to work, whereas trying many other social interactions might face

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#6657 Old Yesterday at 7:29 PM
I was installing new mods, so it might be something else. It definitely wasn't under Appreciate - it was directly available at the root, such as Break Up, Ask To Join, Say Goodbye.
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I played the Lotharios tonight. Cassandra was feeling nostalgic, so while Don was at work, she had Darren over for a chaste little date. I wouldn't call it cheating--they didn't even woohoo--but Brandi and Don might feel differently. That night, they were robbed, and the burglar got away with the hot tub and the sports car--two of Don's most favorite things. The next morning, as he was crying over his stolen car in the driveway, Don found a love note from Darren to Cassandra, and that made him even more upset. They had an argument, and Don fell out of love with Cassandra, but then she asked him on a date, and in no time at all, he was strutting around her like nothing had happened. He bought a new hot tub and was all ready to woohoo in it (although it was storming out, so I didn't let him--I know better, even if Don doesn't). Cassandra and Don have no bolts together anymore (if they ever did), but he does genuinely love her, and it's sweet. Nina is the one who truly broke his heart when he saw her out with Daniel Pleasant so long ago, and he's never forgiven her for that.
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A very sad day in Tinsel Town-Wayne Swanson died.

Wayne Swanson, retired Broadway star, dies at 64.

It was reported by his publicist that long-time Broadway and Hollywood star, Wayne Swanson, died at his home yesterday at age 64 from an unspecified cause.
Although in later years Mr. Swanson had been retired from the stage and screen, he was still active and was often seen jogging with his wife, Kristen Swanson, through Tinsel Town. In his retirement, Mr. Swanson had embarked on a second career in oceanography and was employed as a deep sea diver at the time of his death.
Described by friends and co-stars as "The nicest guy I've ever had the pleasure to work with." "A truly decent and kind man", Mr. Swanson was beloved by audiences throughout his career. He was noted for having a generous and lovable personality.
His private life, however, was reported by many gossip columnists and magazines as being rather turbulent-many people remember how his first marriage blew up in public, and his second one was noted by his infidelity to his second wife with his first. He remarried his first wife, Kristen after a contentious divorce from Ms. Asherah Walton, a move that did not surprise anyone.
He is survived by his wife, Kristen, daughters Angela Swanson Walton, Shelley Swanson Powers, sons John Swanson, and Stephen Swanson, as well as 5 grandchildren.
Services will be held at Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow on Saturday at 10 am with burial immediately following.
Friends, relatives and acquaintances are welcome to attend and to join the family after the services for a celebration of Mr. Swanson's life at his home.

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