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Default I made a group
I also made popcorn in a microwave

I'm bored
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Originally Posted by Mordecai and Rigby
I made a group

It's beautiful.

Now gimme some popcorn.

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*Stands behind Simsample in line.* Me too

What are we going to talk about in our lovely group?

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I don't know tbh

Here's some digital popcorn
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Popcorn? I'm in! Anyone watch Scandal? The lead character is often relaxes at the end of the day in front of the tv with a large bowl of popcorn and a large glass of wine, usually alone. Popcorn is sometimes dinner here....

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Is that salted popcorn? Cos that's like the best thing ever. Also I have no self control when it comes to popcorn, especially the prepopped stuff from the supermarket that you smuggle into the cinema because cinema popcorn tastes like death.
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I have a confession - I love cinema popcorn! I love it with its fake butter and all. Once, I dodged into a theater to buy the popcorn and then left without getting a ticket for the movie. When a movie is in the works that I know I'm going to see, I think, "There's popcorn in my future!" Nom, nom, nom.

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Honestly it depends on what cinema we're talking about

I can think of one with stale popcorn and another with good popcorn

I mostly like popcorn for the unhealthy butter :D
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Pathé cinemas have manky popcorn. Its sad because an XL bucket of popcorn is a wonderful thing to have.

Edit: its also sad how this site does not recognise accents on letters
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