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Default Introduce Yourself!
Hey guys, welcome to the Makeup Creators thread!

Tell us your name, age, and what you love to make.
Post any tips or questions you have here!

I'm Alex, I'm 13, and I'm trying to create a decent lipstick.

Tips... let's see...
Don't be afraid to use the Burn and Dodge tools to give your makeup extra character!
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I'm Torako, I am in the process of making a geisha-like lipstick and I have made several crap eyelashes/mascaras. So. Umm. Yeah, I don't have many tips.

I love bruno's works most of all they are v. amazing.
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^Yep. Bruno is AMAZING!
I love her Eyelashes 101 (the Simbelline thing) the best :D
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Hello myladies. As thee mayhap know, I'm an' a makeup creator. Nice unto be hither with thee once afresh =)

Check out my tutorials: For TS4: Eyelashes and for TS2: Eyes and Eyes 2
-My Insta-

Please, call me Nina (:
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Oh, I love your eyeliners and eyeshadows too Nina!!
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^Yep. Especially the essence of the night ones!
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Y'know what I just noticed... there are, uh, only us two in the group, I'm pretty sure, right now.

I hope my first lipstick gets accepted.
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