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Default Will Clean Installer Erase Family Wearing CC from Packed Lots?
I have a lot with a 7 sim, 3 generation, family I had packaged from a previous install. I reinstalled them into my new install but when I went to place them in their original neighborhood the game crashes. I'm hoping it's something to do with CC, either in the house, or on the sims themselves so thought of the Clean Installer I saw via a search. However my concern is this:
Will the Clean Installer just erase CC and replace them with defaults, or will it erase the sims wearing CC instead?
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It is a very bad idea to put in package lots with sims because the carry with them knowledge of sims they had met in the other hood and that memory is corrupted and is what causes hood corruption when place into a new hood.

The best thing to do is extract them using SimPE and then make them new in a new hood and this way will not cause corruption.

But if you still want to do it the Clean Installer can remove everything if you so chose but for the sims, just uncheck what you don't want.
Be advise that if the clothes are not clones of in-game clothes then they will be nude or in there underwear appon loading the lot.

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