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Default Creating a package of an occupied lot in CleanPackInstaller?
Long story short, I'm trying to package up a family (that I've dumped in a 1x1 CC-free lot, although the Sims themselves do have CC--hairstyles and clothing), mostly for archival purposes, and whenever I try to package in-game, the game inevitably crashes. I would personally rather keep the Sims' hairstyles and clothes than have to set them up with these in the future, and I saw that the CleanPackInstaller can create sims2pack files.

Is there a way to package up an occupied lot, family and all, using that? If so, how would I go about doing so? Search-engine-fu (and the CPI's manual site) hasn't provided me with any answer resembling halfway definitive.

I suppose, in a pinch, they don't have to retain in-lot family relationships since I can easily fix that with the SimBlender, and obviously anything related to other lots can go, but it'd be nice to have a backup snapshot that I can use to import as NPCs in other 'hoods, or just for the sake of archiving.
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