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Default DownClan update #1
Hello again! I decided to post an update for DownClan.

So both my cats have payed many, MANY visits to the farm now, getting to know the cats there. On the way back to their territory one day, Cloverstar saw a strange cat. He talked to them, and they said their name was Thethuthinnang (the first one to get the reference gets a cookie ). Eventually, after a lot of visits to the farm, Cloverstar and Dandelionpelt decide to take some of the farm cats with them because they knew that they needed cats and that they were having a hard time coping with the environment at the farm. They take Summer, Cookie, Aqua, and Aqua's two kits, Oliver and Jango. Once they get home, Cloverstar gives them Clan names. Summer becomes Sunpool, Cookie becomes Brownears, Aqua becomes Riverflower, Oliver becomes Olivekit, and Jango has decided to keep his original name (although I still changed his last name to show he's in DownClan). Pimpernel, Aqua's mate and the 'leader' of the farm cats, gets left behind when he was sleeping in the doghouse (I mean seriously though I noticed that when my cats went in there to meet up with the farm cats and take them back to their camp, pretty odd considering he's enemies with that dog )

Anyways, I feel like you all should know what these cats look like and the other cats' genders so here goes with some allegiances;

Leader- Cloverstar- white tom
Deputy- Dandelionpelt- golden-brown tom
Sunpool- white she-cat with ginger tabby patches
Brownears- brown tom
Riverflower- seal point she-cat (mother to Olivekit and Jango)
Olivekit- seal point tom with white paws
Jango- seal point tom

Cats outside the Clans (these are only the ones that my cats have seen)
Pimpernel- red tabby tom, a farm cat (mate of Riverflower/Aqua)
Thethuthinnang- tortoiseshell and white she-cat
Hlao- spotted silver tabby tom (my cats saw him visiting at the barn even though he's a rogue and not a farm cat, so I'm assuming he must be a friend of the farm cats)
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Default SunClan ~ Update #3
"Um... Pepper? Luna? I don't think we're in Twolegplace anymore."

Glancing around in bewilderment and wonder, the gray-blue she-kit eyed the strange area around her and her two companions, having never been in such a landscape before. How could a place be so... green? And crowded with plants? She'd trotted through her fair share of grass - a lot of the Twoleg dens she'd seen were surrounded in short, neatly-trimmed meadows where bushes and flowers were sometimes grown - but this... this was something else altogether. Everything crawled with life; the flutter of butterfly and bird wings and the scuttle of bugs and lizards' feet could be heard from every direction.

All in all, it was... weird.

"Oh yeah... I guess not." murmured Luna, swiping her tongue over her paw and drawing it behind her ear. "Should we go back? Where did we even come from, again...?"

"I think... that way! No, that way!" Pepper whipped around in different directions in hyperactive triumph, skinny tail lashing, before he eventually stopped and looked to the biggest of the three, clueless. "So, uh... where did we come from, Maria?"

Maria rolled her eyes in exasperation before pointing out the opening in the bushes where the three of them had come tumbling in. "That way. But, do we really want to go back? I mean, think about it. I haven't smelled a single dog or Twoleg while we were walking around, and there's plenty of bugs to catch and eat! We'd be set for life!"

"Eugh... bugs? And why would we want to catch things if the Twolegs leave food out for us, anyways?" Luna wrinkled her nose, black eyes narrowing.

"Because, mousebrain, that food isn't even for us! Every time we eat the food left out, we run the risk of having a dog or a bigger cat coming around to kill us and steal it!" Maria hissed in argument, tail lashing irritatedly. "If we stay out here, we don't have to worry about any of that!"

"But... what about our parents?"

Maria narrowed her eyes and looked over at Pepper, mouth already half-open to retort, but when she saw the crestfallen look on his face, she let it go and merely sighed. "Look. Think of it this way. If we stay in one place and manage not to die, it'll be easier for them to find us, don't you think? This place seems safe. They can track us down and find us, and then that's when we can all go home. Alright?"

The small tom scuffed a paw against the ground, hesitant but resigned. "I... guess so..."

"Now. We should probably focus on-- "

Before the she-kit could say anything else, the rustle of undergrowth and the scent of a cat - an adult cat - caught the trio's attention.

And a flame-colored head poked out from the bushes, black eyes wide with curiosity.

"...Uh, hello? Who's there?"


SunClan has gained three new members: Maria, Luna, and Pepper! Three rogue kits from Twolegplace, much like our founders.

After a talk with Goldenstar, the young trio agreed to stay for a while under the Clan's care until they were found by their parents and thus taken back to their homes in Twolegplace. All three settled in well, getting along greatly with the other kits in the Clan. That is to say, Emberflight's litter... well as Snowspeckle's!

Yep! Snowspeckle's long since had her kits, a healthy little tom and she-kit!

On the left is the tom, named Dawnkit, and on the right is the she-kit, named Cloudedkit. They're super cute and I absolutely love the combination of Simon and Snowspeckle's markings!

After a while, the kits grew comfortable with their environment and asked to have their own Clan names, like their denmates did. Granting their wishes, Goldenstar held a mini ceremony for the three of them, and gave them their new names; Maria is now Rainkit, Luna is now Driftkit, and Pepper is now Galekit.

But that's not all! Not long after, our eldest three have aged up and become apprentices!

Poppypaw was chosen to be the apprentice of Goldenstar herself, and is the most promising hunter out of all her siblings! She seems most inclined to land hunting, but has shown some talent in fishing as well.

Eelpaw was assigned to Whisperpool, having had an extremely close bond with the medicine cat during kithood. She excels most in fishing, and will surely make for a skilled medicine cat in the future, despite her fidgety tendencies.

Firepaw was assigned to Emberflight, and unfortunately hasn't gotten as good of a grasp on hunting as his siblings. However, he has a good attitude and is willing to put in the extra effort to practice and catch up to them with their mother's help!


and that's the tea for now. thank goODNESS these three finally aged up when they did. the food situation was getting a little hectic with only three active hunters to feed twelve hungry mouths altogether. oof i played really far ahead since the last update, but thankfully there wasn't too much to report. seeya next update!

SunClan Cat List:

Ailments and Cures List:

Random Generators:
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Hiyo, it's been a while! I'd like to say that soon enough I will post my first IslandClan update. The first time I played as them, it got stuck on eternal saving, so I'm going to try and recreate what was there before.
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so a couple of good and bad things have happened in MountainClan. Ima start with the good tho:
First off, WolfPaws kits were born, most of the cats were out hunting or sleep, so she went to a secluded part of the camp and gave birth. Two healthy tom kits named PeakKit and JaggedKit!
Also, WolfPaw and RockPaw were made into warriors even though they haven't met the criteria I made, because MountainStars kits aged up to apprentices, so they are now WolfHeart and RockPelt. AspenKit is now AspenPaw, and DustedKit is now DustedPaw. AspenPaws mentor is RockPelt, no, she didn't decide to become a medcat apprentice even tho CherryBlossom needs one, and DustedPaws mentor is WolfHeart.
As an add on to what I just said, RockPelt is training AspenPaw in fighting, by now she is the best fighter in the clan, because of what happens to StonePath, and WolfHeart is training DustedPaw in Hunting because they need more hunters and Winter is coming
MountainStar has tried again for kits with StonePath!
While hunting, before receiving the pregnancy notice, with MountainStar, StonePath, ThistlePelt, and CherryBlossom, they found two adult cats and three kits who were running from the snow leapords. They were brought into the clan because new hunters, and you can't just leave kits out in the cold.
MountainStar's pregnancy notice has come!
Bad news:
The snow leopards that were chasing them came to the place the cats were hunting. Cats can't really chase Snow leopards away, they can fight but it wont do much other then get them killed, but due to MountainStars low leadership skill, she told her warriors to attack and chase them away. It didn't end well. (P.s. this entire time it is winter)
MountainClan has suffered its first, but certainly not last, loss... Say goodbye to StonePath... cri
Also, ThistlePelt has suffered major injury.
Because it takes so many bugs to heal cats, CherryBlossom just barely had enough to save ThistlePelt, but not enough to save StonePath, and no where near enough to save both of them.(Because of this, I had to made a graveyard...) All of the cats fled home leaving StonePath's body behind, dragging ThistlePelt along.
The clan is in grieving, especially MountainStar who has stopped leaving for the time that her broken heart lasts. Because of this, despite being injured, ThistlePelt has stepped up to help organize patrols and train the new comers. Might become the new deputy...
I will mention the new cats names in the next update because I forgot
Leader: MountainStar(Very sad kitty)
Deputy: N/A
Med cat: CherryBlossom
Med cat app: N/A
AspenPaw (RockPelt)
DustedPaw (WolfHeart)
JaggedKit (they're both WolfHearts, but she's hiding that fact)
Elders: N/A
StonePath: Killed by Snow leopard
P.S. I'm going to try to figure out how to post pics, hopefully I can get that figured out
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Hey guys... I had to move everything to another computer and thus lost Mountains Clan So I started a knew one in Ulokea Beta called HillyClan,I know weird name. I will post as soon as I can!
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Thought i could join this fun little sharing your clan group.
I posted here a long time ago but I've made a lot of progress since, so I hope it's a little interesting. This clan has existed for a very long time and has gone through several generations.


Apprentice: Ashpaw

Apprentices: Stormpaw, Icepaw

Medicine cat:
apprentice: Foxpaw

Apprentice: Snowpaw

Apprentice: Cinderpaw

Apprentice: Emperpaw


Foxpaw (He is blind)








(Poppyflower's and Swiftstorm's kit)


(Coal and Rowanstorm's kits)




Sweetstar(Also leader)
(Sweetstar's and Mudtail's kits)



Elders: N/A
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Originally Posted by Fristakia
Thought i could join this fun little sharing your clan group.
I posted here a long time ago but I've made a lot of progress since, so I hope it's a little interesting. This clan has existed for a very long time and has gone through several generations.

Damn! Multiple generations? Well oof, that's a lot more than I can say about my unhealthily impatient self--

Your Clan looks amazing so far! Can't wait to see more!
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Back one day later
I've somehow managed to delete some sims 3 files (or my mods have decided to hate me) so somehow I destroyed all my save files, deleted like 50% of all my CC and all mods have vanished.
I messed around with it like, 2 hours maybe, and now I've rescued half of my save files and all mods. But for some reason sims 3 have deleted all my settings and gives me tutorials like I'm a newcomer so that's great.

Due to this. When I finally got my safe loaded up correctly some of my CC was replaced with statues, cupboards and chairs. It was a strange sight, but I've got it all fixed now (I think)
This is what my camp looked like:

Well back to story.

Good news:
Riverfoot has announced she's expecting Alderfang's kits! Luckily the kits we have now can get out before this happens as the nursery is very crowded atm!

Bad news:
Sadly though due to sickness that has been spreading through the clan, Alderfang along with Snowpaw have died

Good news:
Foxpaw and Stormpaw are ready to become warrior and medicine cat so, Foxpaw has been named Foxfur(After both of his parents) and Stormpaw has been named Stormclaw

Eeehh... news:
All the kits except for Swiftkit has been named apprentices. That is five cats! Obviously there is not enough warriors(There wasn't before either) so Sweetstar and Clovershine have gotten the honor of mentoring two apprentices each. So now, Swiftkit is the only kit in the nursery

All the kits grown up:

Runningpaw(She might die soon as she's deadly ill)



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RueClan - #1
i've been following this thread for a while and doing the challenge for a while so i finally decided to make a post about it.

There was once a thick, safe forest, with a large, ever-growing clan named FlorinClan. The clan prospered in the pine trees and the brambles, mice scrambling in the undergrowth and birds calling above. In this clan, there was a tortoiseshell she-cat named Ambertumble. She was madly in love with a rogue named Trout, skipping patrols to go meet with her forbidden lover. Soon, she found she was having kits and disappeared from the clan in the night. She ran to Trout for help.

Trout told her he didn't want anything to do with her if she was having kits. He would come back eventually to take the kits and go teach them how to be 'real rogues'. Ambertumble was furious, but she was weakened from her pregnancy and couldn't do anything about it. She found an old fox's nest and stayed in there, trapped in her own depression and despair as she recalled how Trout had played her for a fool. He had never truly loved her.

Ambertumble looked out at the stars during the night, begging for help or something. Something to give her a chance. The stars gazed down upon her, turning their backs at her foolish attempt. She couldn't be angry at her ancestors.

On one night, when she gazed into the stars with a pleading look, she was plagued by pains in her lower abdomen and pelvis. She crumpled onto the earth, hyperventilating. The world spun around her, trapping her in a whirlwind and sucking all of the life from her body. She begged for help.

Her ancestors felt pity, her own mother coming down from the stars to help her. She was disappointed in her daughter, but she couldn't just watch her die. Ambertumble gave birth to two kits on that cold, starry night. She named her son Tawny, and her daughter Rose, taking the mewling kits into the abandoned fox den to keep them sheltered during the night. When Ambertumble woke up, Rose lay limp at her side, her tiny flanks no longer moving. Ambertumble grieved for her daughter, checking on her son. Tawny slept next to her peacefully.

As Tawny grew up, Ambertumble sheltered him from the world. She was afraid of the world and cast her viewpoint onto her son, Tawny soon becoming afraid of what he didn't know. Ambertumble didn't want to lose him, so she vowed to protect him no matter what.

Tawny slept peacefully next to Ambertumble's chest when he stepped in, a grin spread across his maw and his claws digging into the earth below. Ambertumble opened her eyes, seeing the familiar grey tomcat standing in the den. She furrowed her brows, snarling at him to leave. He refused.

Tawny hid against the wall when he lept for Ambertumble, sinking his claws into the she-cat's soft fur and watching her fall into the corner. Ambertumble hissed back at him, lashing out at his icy-blue eyes. Tawny closed his eyes as he couldn't bear to watch.

`Tawny, run,` Ambertumble meowed desperately, Tawny opening his eyes to see the she-cat pinned down against the earth by Trout. Trout slashed her throat open, letting her bleed into the dirt. Tawny ran out of the den, his tiny legs moving as fast as possible. Trout followed soon after, but Tawny kept running, his tiny paws thundering against Trout's. He could feel Trout's breathing on his flank, moving faster and faster until he reached a cliffside. He slid down the rocks and escaped into the unknown.

// alright, so i've been playing on this save for a decent amount of time now so i'm skipping onto the present


Leader: Tawnystar (7/9) // a large, long-furred, muscular alabaster tomcat with black and dark-grey patches with specks of amber, with a pair of icy-blue eyes.
apprentice: leopardpaw

Deputy: Goosesweep // a smaller, muscular, bob-tailed brown she-cat with white patches that follow the shape of her head, leaving a small white patch near her right eye. She has deep, oceany eyes.

Advisors: none //

Medicine Cats: Lilyspirit // a lithe, fluffy, petite, sandy-colored she-cat with darker sandy leopard markings and black flecks. She has glimmering blue eyes. (so many cats with blue eyes )
apprentice: applepaw

Warriors //
Sageskip: a lithe, long-furred, muscular black tomcat with a cream patch on his face and side. He has a black bobtail, tall ears, long whiskers, and heterochromia in his eyes.
apprentices: briarpaw, streampaw (poor guy )
Halfmask: a large, fluffy, muscular chimera cat with black stripes and cream patches. He has a long, fluffy tail and large paws, with tall ears and heterochromia in his eyes.
apprentice: clovepaw

Apprentices //
Briarpaw: a petite, lithe, long-legged, sandy-pelted she-cat with black and brown markings on the right side of her face and a patch on her legs. She has heterochromia in her eyes.
Applepaw: a small, short-legged, thin, sandy-pelted she-cat with black stripes on her back and legs. She has deep blue eyes.
Leopardpaw: a tall, fluffy, long-furred, muscular she-cat with black and brown markings on the right side of her face and heterochromia in her eyes.
Clovepaw: a lithe, large, long-furred sandy-pelted she-cat with long black stripes on her back and legs. She has lighter blue eyes.
Streampaw: a long-furred, lean, muscular grey she-cat with darker-grey flecks and spots. She has bits of white on her tail and emerald eyes.

Nursery //
Goosespark: a smaller, muscular, bob-tailed brown she-cat with white patches that follow the shape of her head, leaving a small white patch near her right eye. She has deep, oceany eyes.
(expecting tawnystar's kits)

Elders //

Well, after all of that, I've got a little bit of news! In upcoming posts I'll probably have more but.. y'know
Tawnystar has lost another life to a snake. He has seven lives left.
Lilyspirit has returned to her medicine cat duties after her kits grew up. Tawnystar has forgiven her, but he is still wary.
Lilyspirit, Leopardpaw, and Clovepaw got whitecough. However, it's getting way better and hopefully, it won't become greencough!
Sandywind, Lilyspirit's brother, passed away from a snake. Lilyspirit didn't have any blowfish as the ponds had frozen over from leaf-bare, and neither did the spirit, Dahlia. Stupid snakes!
Applepaw has become the medicine cat apprentice!
Goosesweep will be giving birth again soon!

Tawnystar and Goosesweep are mates.
Sageskip and Sandywind were mates.
Lilyspirit and Halfmask were mates.

Sageskip and Halfmask are brothers.
Lilyspirit and Sandywind were siblings.
Goosesweep and Pinepaw were sisters.
Briarpaw, Clovepaw, Applepaw, and Leopardpaw are sisters. Streampaw is their adopted sister!

1st: Briarpaw, Clovepaw, Applepaw, Leopardpaw, Streampaw

1st: Emberkit
2nd: ???

Pinepaw -- snake bite
Emberkit -- stillborn
Sandywind -- snake bite

thats it for now! i'll make another one soon (hopefully lmao) & i have to figure out how to put pictures.
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So not to much happen in Owlclan expect that Ripplestar now has 8 lives left. Amberblaze has come to temporally take over as leader and has closed themselves out from the other clans for a while. Meaning no more gatherings, but the good news is that Rosepaw got away with using her spirit of the land powers and almost burning down two clans. But cats did suffer, Ripplestar has permanent burn scars and has an broken leg which will never been the same and will probably have a limp for the rest of his life. He is also unconscious for the time being (He unconscious for about 5 days). Ripplestar lost his life by saving his sister Dawnpool from a burning branch. Two other cats that got injured was Swiftpaw and Sunstrike. Swiftpaw managed to sprain his paw saving Sunstrike who broke her paw during the forest fire. He dragged her into the medicine den which luckily was not made of anything flammable. Thanks to a lack of cats being able to do their duties groups have been disbanded and now have to hunt and protect the clans to the best of their ability. Cherryear the spirit of the land kitty alongside with her apprentice Rosepaw have been doing their best to recover their now burnt and destroy camp and territory. Right now all queens and kits have been moved to a different area where the forest hasn't been touched by the fire. The only cats in camp or Ripplestar, Sunstrike, Swiftpaw, and Dawnpool since there was herbs that survive the fire and can be used to treat Ripplestar and co. Also the apprentices have decided what ranking they wish to learn and gain when they become a full fledge warrior. Rosepaw has chosen to learn both the ways of a grounder and spirit of the land apprentice, Swiftpaw has also chosen the path of the grounder, and Fernpaw is the only apprentice who decided to become an glader. Which did surprise their siblings since they thought all of them were going to be grounders but they accept Ferny chose. But since Fernpaw's mentor Ripplestar is unconscious her training has been past down to Amberblaze for the time being.

Another thing that Owlclan does is they do allow pervious mentors to critique any of the apprentices they mentor and is encourage in this clan so that way apprentices will be getting two different types of advice and learning. That's all for this post and I hope to be updating sooner this week.
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Default SunClan ~ Update #4
well, i've been dead for a while-- decided it was high time for a new update. quite a lot has happened while i was idle, so i hope y'all enjoy this one!


"You wanted to see me, Goldenstar, Emberflight?"

The black-and-red furred warrior greeted, dipping her head respectfully towards the two elder cats before her once she arrived over the ridge.

"Poppyblossom." Emberflight mewed in return, tone professional yet with a fond edge to it that one might not have noticed if they didn't know the ginger she-cat as well as her daughter did. Despite the new hints of gray on her fur and whiskers as well as the feeble rasp to her tone, her eyes still shone with as much youth as when she'd been no more than a spunky young rogue just unknowingly stumbling upon what would eventually SunClan's territory. "Yes. There's something very important that we'd like to discuss with you."

Goldenstar nodded at her long-time deputy's side. The Clan's faithful leader looked just as aged as the other, but no less beautiful-- the moons had been kind to her. Surely, even in her old age, she would continue to lead them in prosperity and peace.

"Emberflight and I have been through... many a hard discussion lately. And as of late, we have finally come to an agreement." the pale brown leader began.

She let out a heavy sigh, as if something were weighing down on her shoulders that no other cat could see.

"Emberflight has decided that she will be stepping down from her position as my deputy, and relinquishing the role to you."

For a moment, Poppybloom was certain she hadn't heard the elder she-cat correctly. Emerald green eyes going wide, she looked immediately to her mother in question, wanting to know what possibly could have possessed the diligent and well-loved deputy Emberflight was to believe she needed to give up the role she felt so passionately for. And why Poppybloom? She couldn't possibly live up to the role of someone as important as Goldenstar's right-hand cat and SunClan's eventual leader.

"Hear us out, now." It was Emberflight again. The ginger she-cat gave a consoling wave of her tail, padding over to stand before her daughter. "While it is a drastic change on our part, there's no denying that it's absolutely necessary. I know you don't want to hear this-- I certainly don't want to be saying this, but the fact is that both Goldenstar and I are growing old. I will not last long enough to become the new leader, and even if I were to survive that long, I wouldn't remain so for any more than a few moons."

Poppybloom stiffened at her mother's words, a sharp pang of grief striking her chest. But before she could say anything in return, the elder continued.

"Both Goldenstar and I have agreed that you would be most fit for the role. You've always been diligent and hard-working, as well as the most responsible of our Clan's kits. When you, Eelstrike, and Firewing became apprentices, you were the most eager to learn and the one who most easily adjusted to being more independent." There was a glimmer of pride in the she-cat's black-as-night eyes as they swept over her eldest kit. “There was no arguing that you - without a doubt - are the most worthy to be our new deputy.”

Goldenstar stepped forth once again, the urgency clear in her face and tone. “...Although we know this is a lot of pressure to take on, we plead that you accept our offer. Our Clan needs the best leader possible to lead them on for the generations to come.”

“I…” Poppybloom held her silence for a moment, tail subconsciously curling around her hind leg. However, although her hesitance was apparent, she sighed.

“...very well. I accept the position of SunClan’s new deputy.”


Emberflight, Whisperpool, and Goldenstar have aged up into elders!

In addition, the eldest trio have all received their respective warrior/medicine cat names and become full-fledged contributors to the Clan. Poppypaw has become Poppybloom, Eelpaw has become Eelstrike, and Firepaw has become Firewing. (Fun Fact: Firewing's warrior name was based off of his mother's!) Emberflight has stepped down from her position as deputy and given the role to Poppybloom, while Whisperpool has stepped down from her position as medicine cat and given the role to Eelstrike.

The rest of the kits have become at least six moons old and are now apprentices. Goldenstar has taken on Cloudedpaw, Poppybloom has taken on Dawnpaw and Rainpaw, Snowspeckle has taken on Driftpaw, and Firewing has taken on Galepaw. All five show some form of promise-- however, Driftpaw is immediately demotivated by the amount of work that goes into training, and Snowspeckle is unfortunately too meek to be assertive with her.

Unfortunately, this eventually builds up into into her conclusion that being a Clan cat just isn’t for her. Giving a few final goodbyes, she retakes the name Luna and leaves in pursuit of the family she lost as a kit. Snowspeckle, devastated that she failed to guide her apprentice, decides that perhaps she should simply stick with raising kits. Despite the Clan’s attempts to comfort her, she publicly announces that she refuses to take on any more apprentices.

Only a couple of moons after, Whisperpool dies peacefully in her sleep. Grief disease takes away one of Goldenstar’s lives, as she refuses to have herbs under the reason that other cats will need it more.


Extra Pics


SunClan Allegiances:

SunClan Family Trees:
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*replies cus i need updates and dont want this to go inactive*
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So this isn't really an update on Owlclan since I need to revamp their territory and their camp, so it matches the timeline better. The only think i'm going to mention is that the gladers are no longer used for hunting currently since all the tress are unstable and prey that lives their has disappear for the time being. Now they are used for mainly patrolling. While the Grounders are used for hunting, it will probably return back to normal either early leaf-fall or late green-leaf. Poor Owlclan getting mess up in the middle of Summer.

Theses pictures below is what has happen to their camp. But I did have to delete their camp because their was a glitch were a character not on the property or family was showing up. So it will look different. But do enjoy and hopefully later today on I will be posting the new looks of Ripplestar, alongside with some tweaks of my Owlclan characters.

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Final Update for Owlclan for a bit but I have changed their designs a bit and here are the pictures

This is Ripplestar who is now on his eight life and has lots of burn scars from when he saved his little sister Dawnpool. Of course some of his burn scars will heal but what will be permeant is his leg being stiff and kinda useless and the scarring around it alongside with the fact that his tail got burned off. Poor Guy but he still needs to go through with some stuff before I leave him alone.

Not to much as changed from Amberblaze she still a tick tabby, she still is fiery I just cleaned her up a bit and changed her intense black into a more black brown color

I did clean up Swiftpaw's design and make it more easier on the eyes and less annoying to look at.. At least to me. I just had to take this picture of him he is so goofy and ridiculous. Also changed his yellow eyes to bright blue ones.

Now we have Swiftpaw's And Rosepaw's Sister Fernpaw aka ambitious solemn girl (Like she has a permanent poker face) gave her pale almost gray blue eyes to match her pale personality.

The final redesign for now is Rosepaw and I did mess with her odd colored eyes and make one turquois but the other is still yellow. Then I give her some faded green markings to really show that she is a spirit of the land kitty.

That's all for this clan next we get to see Whitestar and co Until Next update!
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alright, i restarted my clan so soon i'll make a post about my new clan - kiwiclan! :p
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Default kiwiclan - #1
alright, here we go - hopefully this one lasts

the beginning
Softkit grew up in her old clan, RueClan. Under the reign of Tawnystar and Goosesweep, her mother being Leopardglade. Around the time she was born, Tawnystar and Goosesweep's kit, Pepperpaw, escaped during the night and traveled to a new clan only she and a few others knew about - ValleyClan. Tawnystar and Goosesweep were devastated, as well as Halfmask, Pepperpaw's mentor, feeling he hadn't 'proved' himself worthy. Search party after search party were sent out with no luck, as Pepperpaw was currently teaching ValleyClan cats the way of the warrior code. She rose up the ranks of ValleyClan and became the leader, her deputy being her loyal follower, Pebblestrike. She slipped out during the night and traveled to the Starry Falls, getting her nine lives so she could truly lead ValleyClan to greatness.

As moons and years passed, RueClan slowly forgot about Pepperpaw. Tawnystar and Goosesweep were growing old and they needed a replacement, Tawnystar soon stepping down as leader with only three lives left. He went to the Starry Falls and met Pepperstar, gasping as he thought his daughter was dead. She murdered him then and there, ripping away his last lives, his blood washing into the lake.

Goosesweep was worried after a few days as Tawnystar had never returned, so she went to look for herself. There, she found his mauled body, long dead. She looked closely and found a tuft of black and white speckled fur - Pepperstar. Goosesweep quickly decided to claim her nine lives, as Tawnystar was never there to replace her. She became Goosestar, determined to fight for RueClan - even if it meant killing her own daughter.

Eventually, a swarm of ValleyClan cats ambushed RueClan during the night, resulting in a brutal battle. Pepperstar led her cats into the war, determined to destroy RueClan after, as a kit, she had practically saved the clan. Softkit hid in a small hollow hidden in the nursery during the fighting, trembling. Hail started to crash down on the cats, knocking them out and making them bleed out. Soon, the fighting stopped.

Softkit breathed a sigh of relief and stepped out of the hollow, the nursery empty. Trembling, she stepped out and found bodies of cats scattered around the camp, their blood staining the snow.

So, she ran. Not knowing if anyone was left, knowing that she would probably die out by herself. She met a rogue who took care of her and helped her and soon escaped far, far away from the forests of RueClan. When she arrived, she decided to take her mother's suffix, hoping that she was watching her daughter from the stars. She became Softglade, the founder of KiwiClan.

(( sorry, that was pretty rushed but i'm super excited to start kiwiclan! i absolutely love my soft babe so much

here's softglade herself, being majestic and investigating the territory.

more softglade, on the leader rock

kiwiclan camp!

that's all for today, sorry it's pretty short but i don't have a lot on kiwiclan today! next update will have more
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kiwiclan - #2
welcome back to kiwiclan! honestly, i'm pretty surprised i haven't given up yet tbh. i've been so excited to work on the clan that i have enough for another update!

the border
Softglade awoke to the sound of birds chirping, the waves crashing against the shore, and. . cat meows. .? She quickly slipped out of camp, seeing two cats on the edge of the territory. They jumped when she arrived, their fur on edge.

`W - we're sorry. . is this your territory?` a Siamese tomcat meowed softly, stepping back so his tail touched a few wilting plants beside him. An amber she - cat stood next to him, fumbling her paws in the sand. Softglade tilted her head to one side.

`Y - yes. . what are you doing here?` she replied, pausing for a moment. The cats shifted before a white she - cat burst through the small gap between the cats. She had some strange looking leaves in her maw, which she dropped when she saw Softglade. She had scattered the leaves all over the sand, trying to collect them. Softglade - confused, honestly worried for her own well - being, helped the she - cat collect the leaves. She dipped her head to the three.

`I. . don't be worried,` Softglade chuckled, `It's just me here. I'm Softglade,` she meowed, receiving confused glances from the cats. They glanced at each other, before the white she - cat stepped forwards.

`Shell,` she meowed, smiling to Softglade. Softglade smiled back, looking at the other two as they approached her.

`Boo,` the amber she - cat meowed, `and, I'm Tiger,` the Siamese meowed.

`It's nice to meet you all! Er, you can come into the camp and stay here. I've actually been thinking about starting a clan -` Softglade motioned with her tail for the cats to enter, before being cut off by Shell.

`A clan? Do you believe in StarClan?` Shell asked, catching Softglade by surprise. Carefully, she glanced at Shell.

`. .Yes. . why?` Softglade meowed, cautiously. Shell exchanged glances with Boo and Tiger.

`That's where all those weird dreams keep coming from,` she sighed. Softglade hopped up a little.

`Weird dreams? With a starry lake? And starry cats?` she meowed excitedly. Shell was a little surprised, but she continued.

`Yeah! It was like. . they were teaching me and telling me where to go so we went here but couldn't find any cats but I had brought my water leaves -` Shell rambled. Softglade smiled.

`I can't believe it! We're. . a clan!`

new members! finally, it took a few days for me to actually roll for some to come & i rolled 3 ! anyways. . news!
Softglade found 3 rogues at the border, and after hearing one of them talk about StarClan, she invited them in. They were named Shellpaw (Shell), Owlpaw (Boo), and Mosspaw (Tiger)!
Softglade caught 18 pieces of prey in one day! Damn!
Shellpaw seems to have a connection to StarClan, so she became the unofficial medicine cat of the clan.
As for Owlpaw and Mosspaw, their training has been going well - well. . their training isn't the only thing that's been going well. .


Softglade - a grey/brown, speckled she - cat with heterochromia in her eyes.
Shellpaw - a white she - cat with orange patches and an orange tail, with green eyes.
Owlpaw - an amber/brown she - cat with white patches and yellow eyes.
Mosspaw - a Siamese tom with green eyes.


left is Owlpaw, to the right is Mosspaw!

Shellpaw critiquing the wilting plant

some horses that decided to live in the territory

everybody together!

the plantsim - kerria! helping her fellow plants

that's all for today, folks! the updates might be a little slow for a little bit but don't fear - the adventures of kiwiclan (i don't know how to feel about that name) will return!
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I'm back again.
So not too much has happened since last time.
Riverfoot had her kits, Finchkit and Sparrowkit. Two small boys.
Other than that, A cat called Leo joined the clan. He was renamed Brackenpelt

So I saw DJKanine9 post a picture of her clan's family tree and decided to make one of my own clan. Mostly because I didn't have anything to do but also because I need something to keep track of everything
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kiwiclan - #3
oh boy. i played a looooott so this is gonna be long. get comfy.

It was dark, dawn not too far away with stars slowly fading into the darkness. Clouds covered the sky and thundered as Shellstalk awoke. She panted, sitting in her den, listening to the soft snores of her clanmates.

The moon started to go down, Shellstalk still panting. She bit her tongue and tears spilled from her eyes - the dream was so vivid and powerful. She shook her head and woke up a sleeping Owltuft.

`Owltuft. . I need to talk to you. .` she whispered, gently prodding the she - cat. With a grumble, Owltuft awoke, blinking. She glanced at Shellstalk curiously.

`It’s super important. . I had this dream. . and StarClan said that you were destined to lead KiwiClan,` her voice shook. Owltuft probably thought she sounded ridiculous and would start laughing. But she didn’t.

`They showed me directions to this. . starry lake and there were these starry owls - it was the same place from before when we first joined! They want us to go there,` Shellstalk meowed. Owltuft was filled with excitement.

`That’s so cool! But. . me as the leader. . I don’t know, I think Softglade will -` Owltuft whispered excitedly, looking up to see Softglade herself. She chuckled.

`Softglade! We were just talking about a dream I had - it was StarClan!` Shellstalk meowed, excitement rising in her voice. Softglade was curious, so Shellstalk continued.

`They told me where to find this. . Starry Lake and they said Owltuft was destined to be the leader!` Shellstalk was practically bouncing. Softglade. . was not.

`Owltuft was destined to be the leader?` Softglade grunted, `I’m the leader. I started this clan, so I’m the leader.`

Shellstalk interrupted: `But that’s not what StarClan wants -`

`I don’t care about what ‘StarClan wants’,` the she - cat mocked, hissing at Shellstalk. Shellstalk and Owltuft exchanged worried glances.

`However. . a starry lake? Sounds like the place where. .` she stopped for a moment, smiling, `I could get my nine lives!`

`Y - yes, that’s great and all, but StarClan told me -` Shellstalk chuckled nervously.

`I don’t care about StarClan! I will be the leader!` she snarled, unsheathing her claws and smacking Shellstalk in the muzzle. Surprised, the she - cat fell down, wincing as blood ran down her chin. Owltuft hissed.

`Don’t hurt Shellstalk!` Owltuft meowed, keeping her cool but baring her teeth - warning the she - cat. Softglade hated that. Owltuft always could keep her cool in these situations, and it infuriated Softglade to no end. She acted like she was so much better. She wasn’t.

`You can’t tell me what to do. I’m your leader, not the other way around. Might as well start speaking, Shellstalk, tell me where the starry lake is,` Softglade grinned. `I’ll have so much power!`

Owltuft hissed. `No, you won’t. Softglade, snap out of it. You’re going insane, stop thinking about power and worship for one moment in your life!` she growled. Softglade cackled - she had made her angry.

`Is some kitty angry?` she laughed. `Owltuft, give it up - I’m the damn founder of this clan, I founded it so I could have power, so you can’t just take it!` she laughed again, unsheathing her claws.

`Softglade. This is insane, this isn’t the cat I know,` Owltuft hissed. `Go back to sleep, we can talk about it in the morni -` she was cut off by Softglade’s low growl.

`It’s the cat you should get used to, then,` she laughed, pouncing on Owltuft in her sleepy state. She snapped at the amber she - cat’s neck, ripping fur. Owltuft growled, kicking her off and rolling to her right. She stood up and barely avoided the she - cat’s next pounce, letting her crash into the bushes. She narrowed her eyes.

`I don’t want to fight you, Softglade,` she hissed. Softglade cackled again.

`Well, too late!`

Owltuft grunted, pouncing on Softglade and pinning her down by her shoulders. She bit her cheek and made her bleed, pulling one of her claws from her shoulder and raking it down her face. Softglade swung for a killing blow in the underbelly, but she was too late, as Owltuft had kicked her in the head and escaped in the nick of time. She landed awkwardly, facing Softglade and growling.

As Softglade leaped again, she slipped under her and gave her a few scratches to remember her by, grabbing the she - cat’s tail with her teeth and biting into it. Softglade kicked her in the chin and she stumbled backward hissing.

`You. . dirty, good - for - nothing. . I’ll be back. I won’t forget this,` Softglade panted, snarling and spitting at Owltuft. Then she was gone, disappearing into the night.

owl and shell got their warrior/med cat names, with shellstalk getting a dream from starclan about a starry lake and owls dancing on the lake. softglade was furious after realizing she couldn't be the leader, attacking owltuft and shellstalk before disappearing from the clan.

`Who are you?` curious eyes peered through the bushes, a tortoiseshell she - cat stepping out with a golden tabby. The two exchanged confused glances for a moment before the tortoiseshell introduced herself.

`Maple. This is Joker,` she smiled, nodding at the golden tabby, Joker, before glancing back to the alabaster/orange patterned she - cat.

`Shellstalk,` she smiled, nodding her head at the two. They seemed friendly enough - what would Owlstar want to do with them though? It wasn't her decision on whether these two cats could join, but perhaps she could put in a few words. She liked these two.

`Come with me you too,` she decided, `Owlstar will know what to do with you.`

Maple and Joker exchanged worried glances before following Shellstalk through the reeds.

two new cats joined the clan - maple becoming shadepaw and joker becoming tanglepaw. they're such lovebirds

`Shellstalk. . we need to talk,` came the worried voice of KiwiClan's leader, Owlstar. The beautiful chestnut tabby had a worried look cast upon her face, fumbling with her paws in the sandy clearing. Shellstalk piped up and motioned for Owlstar to follow, leading the she - cat into her medicine hollow. She dusted off a small corner with a swift movement of an alabaster paw and sat down, flicking an ear as she dipped her head to Owlstar.

`I haven't been. . feeling well lately. . I have a bad feeling about it,` Owlstar meowed, her voice shaking. Shellstalk saw tears rolling down her soft cheeks, stepping closer and giving her a comforting lick on the cheek. She nuzzled Owlstar and purred, before returning to her business.

`Owlstar, what doesn't feel well?` Shellstalk meowed softly, giving her friend a little lick on the cheek again. Owlstar chuckled nervously, her face going hot. Shellstalk giggled too, pawing at Owlstar's nose. She let out a sigh herself, listening to Owlstar's symptoms.

`I. . my belly's been feeling weird and I've been getting nauseous, I keep getting these awful headaches and I just want to curl up and hide away from the sun,` Owlstar's speaking quickened and she stood up, pacing. Shellstalk bit her tongue.

`Come here, Owl,` she meowed nervously. She was nervous herself - she knew that Owlstar knew what was truly happening to her. Perhaps it wasn't what she thought it was.

Feeling her belly with her paws, she knew she was right. She also had a guess on who. .

`Owl, you're. . pregnant,` she whispered. Owlstar sunk her claws into the sand and sobbed, her body shaking with emotion. She didn't want them. She didn't want them.

`Mosspaw - I mean, Tiger, he's. . he's the father and he's gone! He's probably raising kits with Softglade or something, he's long gone and he isn't here to help me - he said he loved me, he said he would always be there for me, and he lied! He's a dirty coward who's probably having kits with all the she - cat's in the forest -` Owlstar sobbed into Shellstalk's fur, Shellstalk giving her a comforting lick on her temple.

As comforting as Shellstalk could be. . things would never be the same.

owl is pregnant with the mysteriously disappearing mosspaw/tiger's kits. i didn't even realize this had happened until she got her pregnancy notice lol

anyways, i'm too lazy to do writing for every single little piece of news so - here's some other news!
There was a rogue attack - two strange cats managed to break into camp during the night. Shadepaw and Tanglepaw became Shadeburr and Tanglehaunt following the attack for their bravery, and Owlstar's sister joined the clan as Amberpaw.
Amberpaw became Amberdance, Shadeburr became the deputy after mentoring Amberdance! She is also pregnant!
Owlstar gave birth to two toms, naming them Kelpkit and Raykit.
Three more rogues (jesus) managed to find their way onto KiwiClan territory. Owlstar, a bit annoyed, amused, and exhausted from giving birth the night before let them stay but ordered more border patrols. The three rogues were all she - cats named Doodle, Pippy, and Queen. They became Florinpaw, Pippypaw, and Squirrelpaw. Florinpaw became the medicine cat apprentice, Pippypaw began training under Amberdance as an angler, and Squirrelpaw began training as a hawker under Tanglehaunt.
Yes, new ranks have been added to the clan! Anglers are pretty much self-explanatory from the name as fishers/swimmers, and Hawkers are the hunters/scouts on land.
Tanglehaunt keeps almost getting himself killed and is forcing Shellstalk to constantly get more rainbow beetles.
Finally, Pippypaw and Amberdance heard some strange noises across the moor and investigated a little bit, seeing a familiar she - cat among other cats. What could be going on there. .?

leader // owlstar: an amber/brown she - cat with white patches and yellow eyes.

deputy // shadeburr: a black/orange tortoiseshell she - cat with pretty yellow/green eyes.

healer // shellstalk: a white she - cat with orange patches and an orange tail, with green eyes.

healer apprentice // florinpaw: a white she - cat with brown/grey patches on her head and muzzle, with green eyes. (why are all the med cats white with patches )

head hawker // none

head angler // none

head guard // none

anglers //
amberdance: a scruffy orange she - cat with tabby stripes and green eyes.
apprentice, pippypaw

hawkers //
tanglehaunt: a golden/tan tom with white patches and amber eyes.
apprentice, squirrelpaw

apprentices //
pippypaw: a chubby brown she - cat with mackerel tabby markings and green eyes.

squirrelpaw: a tall ginger tabby she - cat with yellowish eyes.

queens //
owlstar: see above for information
[ raykit, kelpkit ]

shadeburr: see above for information
[ currently pregnant ]

oh boy ok that was suffering to write up but updates will be coming in faster soon now ! picture time

softglade and owltuft fighting.

shellstalk meeting queen/squirrelpaw!


clan meeting! from left to right: amberdance, squirrelpaw eating fish, shellstalk, tanglehaunt, florinpaw, and in the back, pippypaw the stalker!

my favorite gals !!! amberdance & shadeburr (i love shade's design holy shit)

anyways, thanks for reading this kinda messy update! more will be coming soon on the. . adventures of kiwiclan!
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also Fristakia i love your family tree so much! i wouldn't have the patience to make that
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Default SunClan ~ Update #5

Life, all in all, is peaceful in SunClan.

The prey is running plentifully, the cats are strong and healthy, and the kits are playing and lounging in the sunlight without a care in the world.

Goldenstar couldn't be more at peace.

With only five lives left until her imminent goodbyes to her beloved Clan, the leader has been doing everything in her power to make sure she leaves them in the best possible circumstances. Participating in hunting patrols, taking her own shifts in guarding the camp, and even sometimes helping entertain the young ones, she has never faltered in contributing to the Clan through warrior duties as well as leader duties in spite of her old age.

Sitting back and looking around at the fruits of her labor, she would say without a doubt that she is happy with the way things are. That nothing could possibly ruin their peace and contentment.

...however, there is little she knows of the things that are to come.

"Uhh, Goldenstar? There's something we need to talk about." Eelstrike says to her one day. The wiry black she-cat seems alarmingly nervous and jumpy, as opposed to her usually optimistic and gung-ho self.

The leader feels almost too apprehensive to ask, but she hesitantly replies, "... what is it?"

"Last night, I... had a dream. A scary one." the younger cat begins, scuffing her paws in the dirt. "We were somewhere unfamiliar... a- a forest, I think. There was blood everywhere... a- and cats... some were alive, some were dead... and... in the middle of it all... "

Eelstrike gulped audibly, sightless pupils seeming to stare into something Goldenstar herself couldn't see.

"... in the middle of it all... was a black and red cat. Standing on top of a pile of bones, with blood on their muzzle and claws."

The light brown she-cat felt her blood run cold.

Immediately, her mind flickered to Poppybloom, who sat safe and warm in camp with her and Dawnrise's two kits. She knew her second-in-command was irritated at being cooped up in camp without the permission to perform any warrior or deputy duties, but... that bitterness wouldn't possibly push her into doing something like this, would it?

No. No, she's far too strong for that. But her kits... what if one of them...?

Her list of new worries wasn't yet complete. Eelstrike hadn't been finished.

"Black as night and tainted in blood red, the bringer of death will rise to leadership and bring about an era of terror and violence.
Lives will be lost. The very foundations of a Clan will be shaken and toppled.
But in the end, the only way to stop bloodshed will be bloodshed."


soooooo, things were going good.

really good.

which got boring really quick. so i decided to give the cats a prophecy.

anyways, some good stuff's happened and i haven't posted lately, so here ya go y'all!



So, Goldenstar's not dead yet. Not physically or in spirit. Tenacious gal's been using her remaining lives wisely, doing warrior duties of her own to help the other cats out even if she's old. More than anything right now, she just wants everyone to be happy and content. How noble and kindhearted of her!

Too bad happy and content doesn't make for an entertaining story or gameplay.

Meanwhile, four little ones now inhabit the nursery, courtesy of Poppybloom, Rainmist (previously Rainpaw,) and Galerush (previously Galepaw!)

Here we have Poppy's litter, Nectarkit (a healthy she-kit) and Waspkit (a blind tom) in order from left to right.

And here are Thornkit (a healthy tom) and Falconkit (a healthy she-kit) in order from left to right, the kits of Rainmist and Galerush. Originally, they had another she-kit, but unfortunately, she was stillborn and unnamed. Neither parent was afflicted with Grief Disease, thankfully, and they live to possibly have more litters in the future! For now, at least.

Oh. Why did I not include Dawnrise's (previously Dawnpaw) name with Poppybloom's, when I did so for Rainmist and Galerush?

Well, that's an easy answer.

Dawnrise is not the father!

But, don't worry. He knows this already. You see, a few moons ago, two attractive rogue toms stumbled upon the camp and were spared their hides, so they hung around awhile and socialized with the Clan cats.

Yeah-- you see where I'm going with that.

Feeling disgraced and ashamed of herself, newly pregnant single mom Poppybloom vented to her best friend Dawnrise about this little secret of hers, and confessed to thinking of abandoning the kits somewhere in Twolegplace so that she wouldn't have to live with this stain on her reputation. Dawnrise - knowing a lot about how it feels to have been abandoned by a parent - argues strongly against it, going to the point of offering to play the part of their father so they wouldn't have to grow up like he and Cloudfoot did. So now, here they are, stuck together as a close, intimate pair of loveless mates until "their" kits grow up.

Needless to say, neither of them are very happy with this arrangement. However, this was the only effective compromise they could come up with to satisfy the both of them.


Literally everyone's mom, Snowspeckle, is on the brink of elderhood.

Soon enough, she'll be aging up and retiring to the elder's den, relieved of her warrior duties and free to spend all of her time looking after kits. I'm happy for her.

All in all, things are pretty peaceful for now!

Until next time...


Ailments and Medicines:

Random Generators:

SunClan Allegiances:

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Default SunClan ~ Update #5.1
oof i'm on a roll

just a sub-update this time! even in such a short while, a LOT of drastic stuff has happened, so i wanted to give you guys this info while i still can, because things later are gonna get a bit...

...hectic... for the cats.

anyways, enjoy!



So, where to start? Oh yeah--

Poppybloom's been booted from her spot as deputy, and her brother's taken her place.

Goldenstar didn't give a specific reason other than, "I don't think you'll be the best fit for leader anymore."

Needless to say, she is pissed. She can only reason really come up with two reasons for all of this: 1. The fact that she now has kits holding her down, or 2. That Goldenstar found out about her secret, and has condemned her for it. This makes her tension with Dawnrise only grow, and creates a hate within her for kits, including her own. She no longer gives her kits attention or bothers to take care of them, and in general, she finds herself lashing out at Clanmates a lot more than usual.

In other news, Snowspeckle is now officially an elder!

Not much to that fact, to be honest. Congrats to her for surviving this long as a wild cat!

On the other hand, two new additions have been introduced to the Clan!

Their names are Dumpling (skinny she-kit) and Mushi (heavyset tom,) a pair of littermates who somehow managed to find their way out here. Both of them had injuries when they were found on hunting patrol, but seem friendly enough. There's something that constantly keeps them scared, but neither are currently willing to open up about it in a sea of strangers.

Dawnstripe beats up a random old lady.

... to be honest, looking back at the pictures, I'm actually pretty sure that was Galerush's mom...? Oh well-- the random generator works in mysterious ways.

Either way, he later gets his front leg eaten off by a piranha as karma.

Yeah. He's crippled now.

Out on solo hunting patrol, Firewing found himself attacked and severely injured by a fox. However, luckily, two of the kits heard him yowling in pain, and immediately went to fetch Eelstrike. She managed to save his life, and he now rests in the medicine cat's den.

But the trouble's not over yet!

Guess who recklessly snuck out on her own and got herself killed by that very same fox?

That's right! Poppybloom! Because the random generator loves to give me this kind of bull!

Homegirl here was beginning to feel more and more frustrated by the day, and she eventually grew too bitter to care about safety or authority. Now, she's with StarClan, with her likely very disappointed mother and father.

Rest in peace, Poppybloom.




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Default kiwiclan - #4
i'm alive ! a lot has happened on the shores of kiwiclan, so let's get right into it. also, i'm still trying to figure out a way i want to do my updates, so hang in there.

`Get yourself out of my clan before I kill you!`

The growl of Owlstar stopped all the movement currently happening in the clan. Curious eyes turned towards four cats - Owlstar, medicine cat apprentice, Florinpaw, and rogues, Honey and her son, Jax. Reeds bristled and snow clumped on the sand, a gust of freezing wind blowing by the standstill.

Claws dug into the snow and Owlstar felt the anger coursing through her veins. These rogues, Honey, and small kit, Jax, believed they could just walk right into her clan. Honey bringing Softglade and her former mate's son didn't help, either. Her fur bristled as she bared her teeth at the two, Florinpaw giving worrying glances to Owlstar.

`She's the prophecy cat, Owlstar, I know it. Honey is the drizzling honey that will save us from Softglade -` Florinpaw meowed, pleading, begging for Owlstar to understand. Instead, the chestnut she - cat turned to the smaller medicine cat and hissed, digging claws into the earth.

`Softglade is going to kill us, right? You know everything, don't you, Florinpaw? Don't you? Why don't you tell me more about how my ex - mate and enemy's kit is standing right in front of me? When did you learn all of this?` Owlstar growled. She swiped at Florinpaw, the she - cat ducking a few heartbeats too late and getting a claw to the face. She winced.

`Owlstar. . I don't know everything. I just have a feeling that Honey is the drizzling honey. Softglade's the creator and destroyer -`

`Stop spewing bull, Florinpaw. It's true. You don't know anything. You're useless,` Owlstar pinned Florinpaw into the snow. Lashing at her face, Florinpaw slipped out underneath her and regained her composure. Honey and Jax stepped back.

`We're going to leave. This isn't what I thought it would be. I don't want to join your clan anyways -` Honey spat. Florinpaw lept towards her.

`Please stay. I know the. . conditions aren't the best right now, but I'll protect you. Promise,` she whispered. Honey looked at her, then at Owlstar, then at her again. She nodded slowly.

`I'm the leader, Florinpaw. I make the decisions in this clan. I was elected leader, so I'm the leader. You don't tell me what to do.` Owlstar spat.

`But that's not what StarClan wants -` Florinpaw interrupted, tears welling in her eyes.

`I don't care about what 'StarClan wants',` Owlstar hissed.

Then she stopped. She remembered. . something. Some sort of deja vu it seemed. It felt like Owlstar had heard this before. She paused.

`Owltuft was destined to be leader?` Softglade grunted, `I’m the leader. I started this clan, so I’m the leader.`
Shellstalk interrupted: `But that’s not what StarClan wants -`
`I don’t care about what ‘StarClan wants’,` the she - cat mocked, hissing at Shellstalk. Shellstalk and Owltuft exchanged worried glances.

The world spun. Owlstar felt everything come crumbling down on her in one moment, crushing her instantly. Snapping all of her bones and destroying her. Hot tears spilled down her cheeks.

She had become what she had sworn to destroy.

oh dear. i've been working on this plotline since i first started kiwiclan, and the fun is just beginning. love to torture my cats.

Leaf-bare has arrived on the shores of KiwiClan!

With snow, leaf-bare brought new rogues. .

[left to right, ginger, simba, and cosmo]

[honeypaw and her adopted son, mousekit, from the tigerglade litter]

. .new kits. .

[left to right canarykit, milkkit, and jaguarkit, shadehaunt litter]

[skinny tom is rainkit, back tom is cloudkit, cosmoginger litter]

. .and some losses.

[amberdance dead after a raccoon drowned her.]

[raykit dead after eating deathberries. ]

as well as mousekit and jaguarkit.

Pippypaw and Squirrelpaw have become warriors! Their new names are Pippyspark and Squirrelthorn!

Pippyspark looks particularly content to be halfway in the ground.

Mantakit, Milkkit, and Canarykit have aged up! Although they lost their siblings, they're prepared to start training as apprentices of KiwiClan! Milkpaw became the medicine cat apprentice to Florinpaw (who will soon be receiving her medicine name), Mantapaw became the apprentice to angler Pippyspark, and Canarypaw became the apprentice to hawker Squirrelthorn! (press F to pay respects to the three dudes that died, playing mossball in starclan)

Mantapaw looking pretty content to be in the ground. I don't understand these cats, it's -4 F and you're fishing.

I hate taking pictures in the snow.

that's pretty much all of the important stuff, not going to mention the sicknesses or anything unless it's like greencough. greencough did hit the clan but florin caught it just in time before it could get any worse. shadeburr and shellstalk went to softglade, who has a rogue group. ginger, cosmo, and simba became apprentices, ginger becoming a new rank: queen - aid. basically the cats that specialize in helping queens be comfy during their pregnancy, but also help the medicine cats with smaller things like tidying up their herb storage or helping a cat with minor injuries. ginger became gingerpaw, cosmo became cosmopaw, simba became coralpaw! anyways i'm tired of writing this so i'll see you in the next update
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Default SunClan ~ Update #6

"... I just don't get it, Thornpaw. Does he just hate everyone or something? Why does he never talk?"

Troubled copper eyes fixated upon the wiry black tom as he scuffled with a rock, practicing in his pouncing and killing technique for prey. Contrary to what the pair of littermates murmuring behind his back may think, he was blind, not deaf-- he knew full well what was whispered about him on a day to day basis, the questions and the back-pawed remarks of his own Clanmates. Wasppaw - kit to the dead former deputy and brother to a sister long ago scooped up by Twolegs and never seen again - was a... controversial subject.

Either he was pitied or made the target of baseless spite. He wasn't sure which one he liked better. But, nonetheless, he could never bring himself to utter a word to the other cats.

... or, at the very least, most of them.

"Naaah, he's not like that at all." chuckled the smaller of the two brown apprentices, swiping a tongue languidly over the back of his paw. "Wasppaw may be reserved and maybe a bit bitter, but he certainly doesn't hate anybody. You included, Falconpaw. He's just... shy, is all."

The fluffy she-cat huffed, unable to understand just how someone could be so antisocial. They were a Clan, weren't they? Wasn't the whole point of it being able to live alongside other cats?

"Easy for you to say. He only ever talks to you and his uncle." she snorted. "Though, look-- I get it. He's lost a lot. I feel bad that he's had to deal with living without both his mother and sister, but he can't spend forever sulking, can he?"

"Hm. Just... give him some time and space, I guess. Every cat takes things like this differently, after all."


okaaaaayyyyy that was short and kinda redundant but i wanted a way to officially introduce our little main cast of sunclan's third generation.

damn though. that's wild. i've made it three entire generations for once. i'm hella proud.

but i digress. this is a timeskip of sorts, because i wanted to play ahead to the era of this generation's spotlight. let's just say that i've got quite a bit planned...



So, you already know from the little narration segment that the Poppy and RainRush kits have grown up enough to become apprentices! However, one is unfortunately unable to join us today. Nectarkit was snatched up by an invading Twoleg (he just randomly spawned and she interacted with him anD I WaS SCREECHING) and has been declared dead. Having lost his mother already, Waspkit ended up isolating himself socially, only ever speaking to Thornkit and Firewing, those of which are the only cats he has the friend relationship with.

Speaking somewhat vaguely of kits, our two little adoptees are nearing 6 moons and beginning to grow too big and rowdy for the nursery! They've gotten used to Clan life, and have been named Sproutkit (the skinny she-kit) and Grovekit (the fluffy tom.)

But they're not alone in their wait! Two new kits have been born into the Clan, courtesy of Cloudedfoot and the newly-introduced Thawfrost! Thawfrost is a happy-go-lucky tom with good intentions, but he tends to be a bit too wild and reckless when he gets into it. He originally came in as a rogue named Sammy, who was recently driven out of his home territory by an aggressive group of wild cats. He was wary of everyone at first, but after a while of settling into Clan life, he learned to trust them and became a new official member.

Their kits are named Sandkit and Songkit. Sandkit is grumpy-looking tom to the left, and Songkit is the chirpy she-kit on the right. They had a stillborn and Sandkit was born with a naturally weak constitution, but are simply glad these two managed to survive. Cloudedfoot looks so proud. Congrats to the new little family!

Goldenstar is still alive, but unfortunately not going as strong as she once was. She's at the very end of her lifespan, and it is anticipated that she will soon lose her last three lives to old age.

In other news that I don't have pictures for, Galerush and Snowspeckle have died. Snowspeckle was of old age, and Galerush was of a brutal dog attack. Rainmist and Falconkit were nearly killed by the grief disease brought about from his death, but still survive to this day thanks to Eelstrike's medical prowess. However, it's a simple fact that she won't live forever. Currently, she has her eye on Sproutkit, who always seems to be hanging around her den and seeking to learn about herbs. Perhaps the she-kit will be taken on as an apprentice.


no other pictures to post unfortunately. i wasn't very much of a picture taker throughout the timeskip. sorry for that.
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Wow It has really been a long time since I last posted here.
I'm kinda starting to loose interest in Rainclan. So I think I'm gonna leave it alone for now, but just a final update
Icepaw has become a warrior, unfortunately without her sister snowpaw but Icepaw has been training well and recieved the name Icedust
I had no idea what to call her. I mean, I wanted something unique that could point out the fact that she is colorpoint and this is litterally all I could come up with
Don't really have any pictures of it though
And something I forgot to mention. Coal has been staying in the camp for a really long time but the previous leader Rainstar, said she wanted to test if she was fit for clan life before giving her a warrior name. Suprise suprise she never got a warrior name. But coal wanted a warrior name so she asked Sweetstar to rename her and she is now name Nightheart.
Finchkit and Sparrowkit has been born. Two small brothers. (I have mentioned this before but without pictures)

Also Brackenpelt the new warrior

And that's all that has happened so...
I've gone back to one of my oldest saves, Iceclan.
This thing is really old, that means before I used custom content and mods.
I fixed up the camp a bit and started playing there again. I haven't made it very far but it's nice starting fresh.

So we have the almighty leader Icestar.

Her faithful deputy Eagleclaw

The only warrior at the moment Ripplestripe.

And our queen Swallowwing with her two kits Brookkit(Gray) and Sootkit(Black). Their father is the deputy Eagleclaw

Two other cats showed up. They were named Rainpaw and Mistkit

I somehow don't have a picture of Mistkit. But she is gray and the size of an ant. Not even kidding, i have sliders so she is basically an ant

Icestar gave birth to a beautiful pure white she-kit. She even has silver eyes

You may have noticed Iceclan is made out of colorless cats. I think I'll make that its trademark. No color and short fur.
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