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I hope if there is / was anybody in the path of hurricane Sally, they were able to get away safely.  Sally has been really mean by only moving a couple miles per hour over the past 12 or so hours. Hurricanes are destructive by their very nature, but when they move that slow, that means lots of damage is done by wind, rain and storm surge. Phone calls to 911 for water rescues started at around 7:00 PM EST.

Laundry room is done.

Relatives are calling because they want things.  If they needed food or something; I'd be okay with that even though we only hear from this person when she wants something. She never calls just to say hi or whatever. I digress.  Calling about a sheet of commemorative stamps that she wants us to send is not a need and there is at least one post office in every town across the US. A person can even order stamps directly from the USPS website and have them shipped. Said person is internet savvy and is more than able to afford the $11.00 for a sheet of stamps. People are so rude....

The stink from the dead mouse is gone. The floor for the entryway is concrete.  Since concrete is porous, it absorbs liquid that smells good or bad.  It took many applications of bleach and water to get the smell out, but we're good now.  To help me figure out the exact location of where the floor needed to be treated, I ordered a black light that is used to find pet urine stains.  The one I was sent needs to go back as it has a bad connector, but it worked enough to get the job done. Amazon will be sending me a new one as it is a handy thing to keep around the house. One of my dirty dogs pee'd on one of my scatter rugs; I didn't know about it until I checked with the light.

The other things we were told to try to get the stink out was to use a power washer which we don't have and since the problem was inside, using a power washer wouldn't have worked.  The other idea was to keep putting baking soda down to absorb the smell. Yeah, no.  It was 46 degrees when I roll out of bed this morning. I can't leave a fan in the window for weeks at a time to suck funky smells out. 

Electrician remains MIA. I called and left a message yesterday, still nothing.  If I don't hear from him by the end of the week, I'll call in somebody else. As of this coming Friday, it will be a week since I've heard from him. 

While hoping for a return phone call from MIA electrician yesterday, I cleaned out all the closets downstairs. I didn't have much to get rid off, but they were in dire need to be organized. Having the vacuum cleaner in one closet while the attachments for said vacuum in another doesn't make any frickin' sense.  Keeping like things with like things means not wasting time looking for stuff.  I need to order more shelves to get things off of the floor, and the closets need to be painted. I have all winter to get that done.

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In a unexpected twist, the electrician called last night and will be here this morning.

I didn't expect him to call, but that isn't the 'twisted' part.  We started looking for a new electrician yesterday.  We were going to give the one that was here last Friday up until 11:00 AM today. If he didn't call,  we were going to go with the new people we contacted. They were more than happy to come out his morning, give us a estimate and do the job. 

The twisted part of this story is; the people we called to replace the other guy is related to the guy that is showing up this morning.  DOH!  I don't pretend to understand how this situation came to be, and I admit that I'm curious if perhaps a phone call was made saying something along the lines of "Your customer is calling us to do a job. Why are you ignoring them?"  A curiosity that will never be answered unless it happens through conversation.

I'm not one of those people that expects a contractor of any kind to drop what they are doing just to call me back, but there is a line. If somebody can't find and or make the time to make a appointment, then clearly don't need my business.  There are other jobs around the house that are electricity related that need to be done.  We're getting things done as we're able to pay for them.  We could go to the bank and take out a loan; that's not happening.

The previous owner of this house had a thing for ceiling fans; he stuck them everywhere.  Not only do I hate ceiling fans as they are one more thing to clean, but we also have low ceilings.  If a person is taller than 6'2", they run the risk of being smacked in the head with ceiling fan blades.  Downstairs there is a fan in what the previous owner used as a bedroom. Because of the ceilings down there, I can't raise my arms over my head in the middle of the room without hitting the stupid fan; I'm 5'2".   Then there is the lighting situation in the kitchen that is a hot mess because of stupid things the previous owner did that also needs to be fixed.  Putting a ceiling fan with light fixtures in front of a fridge does nothing to provide light to a sink or counter top as a person is always standing in their own shadow unless the sink or counter is on the other side of the lights. 

The previous owner of this house was also a avid junk collector.  When we first moved in and started what are now flowerbeds, we dug up a entire weight set that had been buried with time to go along with booze bottles, kids toys, ect...  It was like doing a archeological dig only without the thrill of finding the remains of a T-Rex or some other creature from times past.

These are the kinds of things that realtors don't talk about in their listings and such. Even the person that sold us this house had issues.  Soon after we bought, the guy disappeared. We thought maybe he died, nope. He hightailed it out of state because he spent a few years engaging in tax fraud. He also failed to mention that a person died in the house which is illegal, at least in my state it is.

Fun times....

EDIT: Outdoor lighting is done.  Next project is already in the making. The ceiling fans are going and recessed lighting is going in the kitchen. Yaass!

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The town of Asshole has a broken water main.

Everything that requires water is offline until further notice.

Not too thrilled.

Still working on my town project.

This October: I'm going to commit to buying a shave ice kit, seaweed and sea grapes, binders in bright colors, a very strong toothpaste, Disney films directed under Walt's supervision, 128 color pencils and matcha green tea powder.

It's my birthday month (October) and I hate hesitation Because it cost me in the past

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It is going to be nice all weekend; there is no shortage of things that need to be done.

I need to finish painting the kitchen ceiling before new lights can go in. I also need to find a new range hood. Ours has been in the house since who knows when, it is the wrong color so it doesn't match anything and it's gross.  It needs to go! Most meals are cooked in the crockpot or Instant Pot anyway. I have zero use for a gross, bisque colored range hood.

I spent over a hour yesterday looking for a new light fixture for the livingroom when the ceiling fan comes out.  I had zero luck. Everything I looked at are nothing more than a dust magnets.  Recessed lighting is going in the livingroom. I need to call the electrician to make him aware of the change in plans. I tried calling him yesterday but his his message box was full. I can think of better things to do than waste time  cleaning light fixtures.  Recessed lights are simple to clean.  Take a duster to them on a extended pole, swirl it around and they're done.

A box of stuff needs to be dropped off for donation.

I've been slacking with making freezer meals.  Assuming Amazon actually sends my stuff, I can get those done tomorrow.  This virus thing has taught me many things, but keeping extra food in the house is a good idea. Not hoarder-type extra food, just the stuff we normally buy then we 'shop the house' when we need something rather than going to the store for it.  When something runs low, we stock up again.  Nothing gets thrown out or wasted.

I saw a video the other day about making bread in the crockpot. I want to give that a go to see what happens.

The Pit needs to be finished.  There wasn't time to work on it this week.

So far the ultrasonic mouse deterrent things have been working. I haven't seen any evidence of any new mice or heard them.  Usually when they come in, they like to romp around in the attic and chew stuff.  The entryway still smells like bleach, but it will get a good airing out over the next couple of days. I'll take the smell of bleach over what was there.

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