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Current Events: Chance Meeting, New Addition to the Family.
Previous Events: Twins, funeral, paranormal character, dish best served cold, Adventure, The emperor of evil, Meteor Shower, Mysterious Gnome, Betrayal.
Word Count: 1463
CC Used: Allowed Yes, Penalized: no
Bonus Quote: "Promise me you'll always remember: you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." A.A. Milne, Winne the Pooh

Previously - We met the Ginger haired tiwns, Elyssa and Aiden. Aiden falls into the pool and drowns. Granny and Elyssa are not coping too well. Aiden becomes a ghost.
Elyssa is determind to find a cure, to make him human. Granny and Elyssa have a fight, Elyssa runs off. Elyssa is kidnapped and Aiden finds her, in the company of
vampires. A gnome saves them.

(((Play this song while reading - Sweet Surrender - Sarah McLachlan

6 Months Later. . . .

I never found out why the gnome was around to protect us. After he got us to the front lawn, he just blurted out
You've got to be quick on your feet in this world if you want to survive. Though once you know the rules, it’s not too hard to play the game”.
Then he vanished. Once we had made it inside, there was no sign of an intrusion. So no one had found out about our escape, just yet.
After Ashan did his vampire thing with granny and we were all out safe. We decided that nothing was to be removed from the house, we were to have no trace
of our return. Elyssa then set fire to our home, she ran to the car and did not look back. The only person who did was Ashan; those vampires like to see
everything done perfectly.

We had been moving around for a while, never really wanting to settle. Ashan was true to his word and used his vampire magic to force Granny to come. I didn't
really like the idea of forcing her to do things. But if Elyssa could sacrifice her blood, then I could let go of that, and knowing that Granny was safe was more then
anything. We finally decided to settle in a little island community. Elyssa cut and coloured her hair black, in hopes that it would hide her appearance. One day she
came home letting us know that she had got a job at the science facility. We had a big laugh about her sexy uniform. I think this was just so she had access to
chemicals and so forth. She was still hell bent on bringing me back to my human form.

Ashan just tried to stay out of sight of people. Which is easy enough when you can't go out during the day. He had stuck to his word, but stayed around to protect
us. He really didn't have anywhere else to go either. So we all agreed that he could stay. Granny got into gardening, it started with a basic little garden, but everyone
loved her produce so she extended her garden and sold her produce at the farmers' market. She enjoyed it alto. Elyssa had started explaining things to Granny
about me and the vampires thing. She could accept the vampires, since she could see him. But she had let go of me a long time ago, and because I was not visible
she would not believe. I think that's what hurt the most. It is what I wanted most, for Granny to believe.

Elyssa had tried the spell/potion in the spell book so many times. She didn’t know what was going on, and spent a lot of the time frustrated. I felt for her, I really did.

I started playing around with a chemical set that we had bought to replace the one we had lost in the fire. I found a couple of spells/potions in that book, none of them
really panned out though.

One night, the house was so quiet, I decided to go for a walk. Down on the beach I came across something so horrid, I swear, it ripped my heart out in a million pieces.
My sister was all over this vampire, and I think, they really had fallen in love for real.

It was then I came up with a plan. To make things right and stop all this silly nonsense. I decided to put plan B into motion immediately.
I spent the next few days looking for potions in the magic book, while Elyssa spent less time at work and more time with Ashen. I knew that he would rather not
be a vampire, it upped his chances of having vampire babies and more chance of hurting his mate.

Two weeks later, I sat watching Granny and Elyssa gardening. They were happy and glowing in the sun.
I sat down with Liss when she took a break. and we laughed and joked about stuff. Little did she know about this plan that was about to take effect.

After Ashan had woken up for the evening, I sat him down and explained to him what my plan was and he accepted. I had made him a potion to take away the
vampirism and I was going to take a life tonic. I had written a note for Liss explaining everything.

That was when we both took our potions and I smiled at Ashan, knowing that my sister was always going to be safe in his arms. My eyes started getting teary
and I knew it was time.
Together we drank from our vials together, I started to see Ash’s eyes start to flicker before I was suddenly surrounded by a whirlwind of colour.

“Hey baby, we have been waiting for a while.”
I turned around to see my parents and felt the water works ready to flow. I ran up to them and gave them a huge hug.
“She will be fine Aiden, she has grown to be a strong woman, stronger then you will ever know., Mum explained.
I smiled at them and my non-existent heart felt tight. “I know.” I croaked.

Suddenly I was not afraid, not of what would happen

* * * Elyssa's point of view.* * *

As I walked into the room, I saw two things happening: one, my brother’s ghost vanishing. Two, my boyfriend passing out on the floor.
Everything after that happened in slow motion.

I fell to Ashan crying, not knowing what was going on. I was laying on his chest, screaming some absurdities. Then I finally let the fight go and just lay there.
That was when I felt him breathe.
“Ash.” I whispered.
“It's ok Liss, I am ok.” Ash managed to get out. He opened his eyes and they were no longer glowing, they were regular beautiful green eyes.
“That little shit figured out a cure, didn't he.”
“Where is Aiden?” asked Ash.
“I am not entirely sure.” I said, just as I spotted an envelop with my name on it, just laying on the floor.

As I opened the letter I started to sob.

To Lissa,
It has been a tough road huh? I am sorry I didn’t say good bye in person, but I knew you would have talked me out of it. I made a potion to take me to the after
life, if there is even one. I couldn’t stay here and be invisible anymore, and as much as you say I wasn’t, it was a lie. Even if we found a potion to bring me back
to life, what would Granny say? She couldn’t even accept that I was a ghost. I would be still a child with an adult brain, and you would still be with Ash. I knew
after the day that I saw you two kiss that you were going to get through this. You and Granny are both strong and amazing women. I know you can get through
this Liss, and now you and Ash can be two normal people who fall in love and get married. It is a shame I will never get to see your kids, but I am sure you will
tell them all about me. Promise me you'll always remember: you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
Love You Always.

That selfish little bastard. That letter made me so angry. But I was still alive, and
I was about to live my life, as well as I could.

Some time later.....

Ash and I did end up getting married, on the beach where we shared our first kiss. That one was a bit unexpected. Who falls in love with someone who kidnaps
you, right? To this day we have never had to worry about any vampires. I just assumed that Ashan’s parents think we all died in the meteor shower. I am yet
to see the Gnome pop up again; I guess that was a one time opportunity.

Granny lived to see the birth of her grandchildren before she passed. She had a great life, she even found herself a lovely boyfriend. It still makes me laugh to
this day, Granny with a boyfriend! Hehe! They passed soon after each other, I guess we could call them soul mates.

Sometimes I still feel a little angry towards Aiden for what he did to me. But in the end, I should never let those things cloud the happy memories we had. It was
good while it lasted, and that is how I found my resolve.

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BLOGGER A Random Legacy - Vasher
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#377 Old 6th Dec 2011 at 9:15 AM
Found inspiration. Now I just need to find time!

Glad to see your last chapter, LadyAwesome. I'll have to read it when I'm not capped though
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Default Chapter Five: Choice
In Chapter One: Shadows, Sofie and her family are introduced. As one of the people she’s been taught to think of only as the enemy chases a child into their territory, her beliefs take a battering.
In Chapter Two: Change, Sofie flees into the woods and encounters Zayne, who, rather than attacking her, offers her the option of discovering the truth.
In Chapter Three: Secrets, Sofie discovers a hidden lab in the residence, the remnants of the original building, and in it the secret to Zayne’s people’s origins and the beginning of the war.
In Chapter Four: Closer, Sofie flees once more into the woods and this time finds herself in Zayne’s arms, only to be discovered by Lily.

Chapter Five: Choice

Time froze. Even the birds and the trees seemed to still. Zayne became a statue in my arms, or perhaps it was me that turned to stone. The world around seemed to leach to a dull and sick grey as the colour washed from it.

Then Lily moved, a flash of blue, and the world exploded back onto me in a disorientating haze. I scrambled to my feet, barely aware as Zayne rolled away silently. I suppose he slipped into the shadows. I don’t know. All I know was Lily was running, darting amongst the trees and around the bushes, running back to the residence.

I ran too. Somehow she always kept ahead. Every time it looked like I would catch her, she wriggled under a log I’d have to go round or darted between thorn-equipped bushes along a path I couldn’t see. The trees merged into each other and the ground was endless, my mind stumbling after my thoughts in the same way I stumbled after Lily. She could have been a wraith of the forest, if I had believed in superstitions our people had long since left behind.

For a while I lost sight of her, but my unsteady flight didn’t cease. I was barely in control of myself – all I knew was everything was falling down around me. A flash in the shadows both almost tripped me and brought me to my senses. For a moment I thought I glimpsed someone. Either Zayne kept pace with me or another watched. I did not know. I did not care. I paused long enough to reorientate myself and then ran again. I burst from the woods, not far behind her. No doubt we’d already been seen and an alarm raised.

Lily made it as far as the courtyard before I caught her. I grabbed her arm and jerked her up short. She didn’t make a sound, just pulling away, but nor did she keep running. Her eyes blazed with fury and determination in her pale face.

“Lily...” I trailed off. What could I say? That it wasn’t what she thought? That I hadn’t been doing anything? Turn on her and demand to know what she was doing in the woods? It was exactly what she thought, and yet somehow shame wasn’t one of the emotions battling through me.

“You’re disgusting. Don’t touch me, you... you pervert,” she hissed and I could hear the tears in her voice.

I stepped back with a slow shake of my head. Folding my arms across my chest, I suddenly felt cold to the bone. I waited for her to run or cry out. She didn’t. She stood facing me with clenched fists and shook even more than me.

“How could you? You... that’s...”

I stared at the ground and ignored the childish hurt in her voice. She was a child, and she had a right to be hurt. She was also everything they wanted. I had failed. “What were you doing in the woods, anyway? They’re dangerous,” I asked with a frown, the qualifier coming automatically, as if she hadn’t just caught me there.

“I came out of the woods! I know it’s not as scary as people say. And I knew you’d go there. I thought you were brave. I thought you went because you weren’t scared of them. I lived there before, with my old family, to show them we weren’t scared and nothing was theirs. I didn’t think you were... weak. Disgusting,” Lily muttered. She didn’t seem to have another insult, but it didn’t matter. I wasn’t going to argue with her. I probably was.

“I’m telling Shane.” Lily spun, stopped, and turned back to spit in my direction. Then she ran, her feet slapping on the metal of the stairs, running to a person she could trust.

I collapsed to the ground and shook with barely contained sobs. My face was wet with tears that had crept unnoticed down my cheeks. I had not necessarily been strong in the past, but now I broke down at the slightest provocation. But then, my world was breaking down. Was the truth, such a nebulous thing, worth it? Was it worth everything?

You've got to be quick on your feet in this world if you want to survive. Though once you know the rules, it’s not too hard to play the game. Lily knew the rules and so did I. It’s just that I broke them, and now I would pay the price.

I rolled onto my back and stared up at the bright blue sky. The hot sun dried my face to a sticky dampness. The hard ball of pain in my chest eased with my crying.

There was no particular sound or indication, but somehow I knew that Zayne had stepped into the courtyard. I slid a sideways look at him without moving. He sat on the fountain, his green skin gleaming and his amber eyes solemn, as casually as if this was a social visit.

“They probably won’t kill you if you let them kill me.”

I stiffened at his quiet words. His face was unreadable. For a long moment I didn’t answer – couldn’t answer.

My thoughts turned to my father. We had never had a pet name for him – it was always Father or just Damian. In him were so many contradictions. He knew this truth too, and so he had chosen to step away from the war. He lived with everyone’s scorn because of it. I had always thought him weak, but perhaps he was the strongest of us all, save he did nothing more. But what more could he do? I would die for my scavenged knowledge – or, rather, for what that knowledge had led me to doing. If I revealed Damian, he would just die too and nothing would change. He had always been gentle and loving, if not openly affectionate. And I had mostly returned that love with contempt. Shane had given only contempt.

Shane. Shane, who no doubt standing sentry on the walls. Perhaps Lily had reached him already and delivered her news. My soldier brother so brave, so strong, and so righteous. The disgust from Lily would be nothing compared to what Shane would feel. For him, this would be the ultimate betrayal. He was my twin, and he had been my everything. As a child, I followed him; everywhere he went, I went too. My moods bounced in response to his. The slightest hint of annoyance with me, and I would be in tears. Very little changed as we grew. And he was so proud of me, so proud that I went uncomplaining every day to the lab because of something I had no control over - my genetic code – an immunity I finally understood what was for.

I wondered why they still needed to do so many tests. The virus change had been permanent. It was no longer something infectious, something that could warp us to them. Perhaps it was just backup. But I knew, with every fibre of my being, that Zayne was born as he was. Jude Campbell may have begun with a virus, but he ended up birthing a new race. And then he sent them forth – to fight. We obliged.

I wondered what the people of his time would think of the world now. The sun that warmed my skin, the heat of the day under a pristine blue sky; this was dangerous for us. For them, though, the night was the danger. The converse held reassuringly true: daylight was safe. Daylight was always safe. I wondered how they’d survive in this world. I wondered if we would yet. Our peoples hadn’t destroyed each other, but we still had both time and inclination.

I was lost. It seemed I was losing everything, and I floated in a sea of possibilities, tugged by storms. I didn’t know what I could do besides wait to die. But I was still alive, and in my book, where there's life, there's hope.

I rolled to my feet to face Zayne, who stood without moving. I traced the features of his face with my eyes. He was different to me, but only barely. He was still so very human looking. And he was something I may have gained rather than lost, both as himself and as a possibility that maybe one day things could change.

“Well?” he demanded after a moment, his voice as expressionless as his face.

“Would you have killed Lily?” I asked instead.


“The little girl. When I first saw you.”

“She would have killed me,” Zayne said simply, and I understood.

I ducked my head, and tears threatened again. I blinked them back. “I can’t kill you,” I muttered. “Not even for that.”

“Can you trust me?”

I glanced back up at him, silent for a moment. “I don’t know,” I said with utter honesty.

A grin flashed across his face. “Will you just wait here then? They won’t actually kill you. You are precious to them in a purely practical way. You are more likely to be contained in a kind of house arrest, reviled by some, pitied by others.”

I bit my lip as his words filtered through to me. He was right, and if I hadn’t been so filled with self-pity, I might have realised.

“Or you could leave,” Zayne continued, dropping his voice to an urgent tone I automatically listened to. “Before the little girl returns with your family to chain you. You’d be homeless and possibly hopeless. My people would no more accept you at the moment than yours could accept me – though I suspect mine will come round with time. But you won’t be alone. And you’ll be free.”

As if to refute his words, the alarm began to blare, filling the courtyard with its shriek. I don’t know why it was activated so lat, but I laughed, a bitter sound hiding relief. Suddenly having a choice was somehow harder than just waiting; it was a decision too difficult for me to make. “It’s too late now.”

“No, it’s not.” Zayne stepped forward and held out his hand.

I stared down at his long, green fingers as they caught the sunlight.

“Can you trust me, Sofie?”

I made a choice. I took his hand.

He led me to the edge of the shadows. He held me close and took me through them.

Current Events: Betrayal & Hobo/Homeless
Previous Events: Twins & A Paranormal Creature; Addition to the Family & Chance Meeting; Tomb & Dish Best Served Cold; Adventure, Forbidden Love & Ambrosia
Word Count: 1745
CC Used: Allowed: Yes. Penalized: None.
Bonus Quote: “The converse held reassuringly true: daylight was safe. Daylight was always safe.” Neil Gaiman, ‘Troll Bridge’ (Smoke and Mirrors)

So I may have used two of the quotes. Just because. I really enjoyed this challenge, though I'm not sure how much of a cohesive whole my story makes
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We've got some slow pokes, no need to name names, so I've given a 24 hour extension. The countdown will not reflect this unless someone REALLY needs me to update it. Let me know if you do. Otherwise, enjoy the extra time. And if you're done, enjoy the relief!

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Slow poke...me? Never! Sorry guys. Had last minute company today which severely ate into my story time :/

On another note, it's absolutely no help now (except to me) but in future if anybody's looking to make a playable ghost I just discovered by accident it's an option in Twallan's debugger...just 3 clicks away (calm down Kayla! No need to get angry now, lol)

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I'm really upset that I'm not going to finish this on time. Last round my computer got infected and I was unable to do anything until I could get help fixing it and this round my computer problems ate into my time again and I got sick as well. (Like, stay in bed and whimper sick) Would anyone even be interested in seeing the end of my story put up later?

Either way, I just want to say that even if I can't finish on time, I love reading you guys' stories! They're all wonderful and it's great to see everyone pushing forward! Good luck to everyone! You can do it! <3

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Aww, WWW, I hope you feel better. Both you AND your computer. I, for one, want to know the endings to ALL the stories.

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OH MY GOD MISS!!!!.... Why did you have to mention it

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BLOGGER A Random Legacy - Vasher
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When Eumelus and Atlas meet back in the island’s cave they argue. When he sees that Atlas has feelings for Sadie, Eumelus mocks him telling him, “Your soft heart is your biggest weakness” implying this was the reason he lost his throne/kingdom. Later Sadie and Adrian follow Atlas into the underworld where they come across Eumelus and a shadowy companion. Sadie is shocked to learn Adrian is a Satan worshipper who’d had an ulterior motive all along: to ditch Sadie as soon as they got to the underworld and make a name for himself among the residents there. Unfortunately for him he’d underestimated just how unwelcome fan boys are in Hades and is rebuffed by Eumelus.

Sadie is eventually taken to the old throne room where Eumelus, Atlas and the shadowy figure are. She’s delighted to hear that Atlas made a deal to free Amy and Ophelia then the catch is revealed: Atlas bargained everything he had to save them because he didn’t know Sadie was in the underworld, he has nothing left to bargain with for Sadie’s life. The final scene shows the shadowy figure raise his boney finger at Sadie.

~ ~ ~

My ability to love and to be loved is not a weakness; it is my greatest strength. I tell myself this as I unwillingly heel to my new master. Five minutes ago I took an oath: in exchange for Amy and Ophelia’s safe return to the island I will spend eternity in the underworld serving Eumelus. The idea fills me with dread but the thought of Sadie heartbroken with the grief of losing her sister was just too painful to bear. Now I see it was a trick, a ruse planned out for his entertainment. He hadn’t told me she’d somehow followed us down here. In pledging my soul to Eumelus, the only thing he felt worth bargaining for I’ve sentenced Sadie to a fate a thousand times worse than a life of grief and misery and there’s nothing I can do about it. Thanatos will not be bargained with. I repeat the mantra again trying to convince myself, “It is my greatest strength, love will overcome.” I have no idea how that will happen but I was still alive, and in my book, where there's life, there's hope.

Thanatos raises his finger and I know what’s coming. The die is cast; Sadie is being banished to Tartarus, just another soul crushed in a sea of writhing agony. Tartarus is the most loathsome of places: the land mortals unknowingly refer to when they talk of ‘hell’: a fiery tomb of torment and chaos. I can’t bear to think of Sadie being thrown there like a defenceless rabbit tossed among the hungry wolves.

Eumelus looks back at me savouring the agony etched on my face. Stoking my misery further he mocks, “Any last words for your fair maiden, Atlas?” He walks over to her, caressing her tear soaked cheek, “a farewell kiss perhaps? Oh that’s right, you can’t; I haven’t given you permission”
“Fuck you Eumelus” Ngh, I can’t lose control now I reprimand myself between terse breaths. Eumelus feeds off my pain and fears, puffing his chest in victory with every mental blow. My sorrow gives him strength and power. Watching him savour every last second of this waking nightmare I realise the only chance I have to stop it is to stop feeding his insatiable hunger for misery. For Sadie’s sake I must.

Thanatos claims his prize, ripping Sadie’s soul from her body and condemning her to an eternity in Tartarus. Eumelus watches for my reaction a gleeful smile spread across his face. I feel sick to my stomach. It takes every fibre of my being to fight the intense urge to react: to yell and cry out and throw punches. My heart reels, inside I’m a turbulent storm of emotion but I know I mustn’t feed the troll. I raise my eyes to Eumelus, steady and deliberate as the corners of my mouth twitch into a crooked smirk. It’s as close as I can manage to a smile. I utter, “touché, master”.
His smile falters, “That’s it? That’s all you have to say? Does your feeble heart not break, weak one?”
“You said it yourself, she’s only human. They all come here eventually, why delay the inevitable?”
“Why did you fight so hard for the other two then?”
“The kid, she’s barely out the womb. Wouldn’t you rather she knew what she was missing out on when you take it from her?”
A tinge of confusion or maybe doubt washes over his face for a fraction of a second, “Hmm…indeed”
I have no idea what my next move is but trying to appeal to his darker side only seems to have pissed him off. It didn’t weaken his defences, but neither did I feed his hunger.

Disappointed with my lack of performance Eumelus has me thrown into the holding cell until I’m needed again. Adrian cowers in the corner.
“K.. Kelly? …She’s gone isn’t she? Oh god…”
I know he’s speaking to me but it barely registers, I’m thinking through what to do next. If I can bring Eumelus down I can reclaim my crown…not that there’s anything left of my kingdom but with my crown comes power, magic, and the grace of the Gods. I don’t even know if it’s possible to rescue Sadie any more but I have to believe it is. Regardless I have no chance unless I have one or preferably all of those things.
“I …I’m sorry. I got it wrong” Adrian continues.
Violence won’t work. He’s my master now, he owns my physical strength; my body bends to his will. That’s part of the oath he tricked me into swearing. I am to serve him as though he were the elder son, as though he was the chosen one, not me. Besides, I think it would only anger him more.
“I thought …at least they’d accept me, you know?” Adrian persists, “I thought if only I could get here it would be easier to become somebody in hell than be nobody on Earth”
I need to catch Eumelus off guard, I need to do the unexpected…but what doesn’t he expect from me?
“I mean it’s hell, the door’s always open isn’t it? Turns out it’s not that easy. There are no vacancies in hell today. Atlas, I …I’m sorry. Please… forgive me?”
“Adrian, shut-up, I’m trying to think here!…Wait…what did you just say?”
“Eh...there’s no vacancies-“
“No, after that”
“um…I’m sorry?”
I suddenly remember the words I found scrawled in a book that washed ashore a few decades ago, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that”.

Several hours pass before I’m called to serve Eumelus. I’m escorted to the amphitheatre and made to kneel before him.
“Do you know how long I’ve waited for this day?” he gloats. I don’t answer. “The day I stand as King and ruler, my limp hearted brother in his rightful place; beneath me”.
“Is it really such a victory? Your Kingdom is dead and gone, your subjects…they’re just fading memories”
“You think I ever gave a damn about the people, Atlas? I have power, that’s all that matters; I own you. My darkness has at long last completely and utterly extinguished your light. All is as it should be”.
“Are you sure about that? What if your reign of darkness is nothing more than a...a solar eclipse: a temporary shadow just waiting to be flooded with light?”

His eyes narrow on me, “Are you challenging me, slave boy?”
I can’t help but smirk, he’s predictably competitive but I’ve teased enough. I’ve riled his temper enough that what’s to come will shock but not so much that he’ll ignore it in a fit of rage. “I’m not here to challenge you, Eumelus…I’m here to forgive you.”

I can see in his face that was perhaps the last thing he expected from me. “You’re a cold, heartless bastard and you’ve committed untold atrocities against innocent people that really didn’t deserve to endure your wrath…but I see now that you were angry, you were lashing out.”
“How dare you speak to me like this, you forget your place!” he spits.

“It’s not your fault you turned out the way you did. I always knew I was ‘Daddy’s golden boy’, I watched as you were given my cast offs, as you were made to keep one step behind me, made to kneel before me like a servant boy, even when you were scolded for misdemeanours I committed. Only three minutes between us, it shouldn’t have made a difference but it did. It was wrong. I knew you were jealous, angry, unfairly treated but I did nothing. The truth is I didn’t want to jeopardize my privileged lifestyle, I…I didn’t want to be demoted to your position.”
“I command you to desist” The anger is dissipating from his voice but he remains stubbornly stern.

I’d intended to bluff my way into his trust but I find myself speaking truths I’ve never admitted before…not even to myself. “I wasn’t even angry with you when you spread your darkness over Atlantis. I feared for the few remaining innocents, sure, but the masses; they could think for themselves and they chose the darkness. No, I admired your ambition, your determination. Imagine how you could have united our nation if your message had been one of light instead of darkness. Love instead of hate. Maybe…maybe if you’d been shown love as I was you would have learned how to love as I did”.
“Why are you doing this?” I hear the slightest tremble in his voice.
“Eumelus, I understand why you’re angry, why you hate me, why my ability to love causes you pain...even why you love to cause me pain. I forgive you. For Atlantis, our people, all the innocents you snatched from the island...even for Sadie...but more importantly, I’m asking you to forgive me?”

For a moment he looks angry again then when I think he might lash out at me he lets out a sigh. As his shoulders sag he slumps down onto the steps and sits for a moment in quiet contemplation. Eventually he talks, “I never meant to condemn all of Atlantis to hell you know? I just…I wanted to feel important for once in my life. I wanted to be noticed.” He looks at me and laughs softly, “Well, I certainly got noticed, huh?...You know, having your Kingdom was never enough, I resented you for not being condemned to the underworld with the rest of us. Once again you had the favour of the Gods”
“I dunno, living alone on an island for eternity, trying to save lost souls before you guys suck them into the underworld isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. You guys made my job pretty goddamn difficult,” I chuckle.
“It couldn’t have been that bad...you found love...there’s no place for that down here”.
I don’t think he meant that as a dig but I still flinch.
“Atlas …I’m sorry” He says with a knowing look. “You know…it’s not entirely irreversible”
“…”, I almost forget to breathe as I struggle against getting my hopes up too soon.
“Between them, Hades and Thanatos will rip you in two if you try to steal a soul from the underworld but Zeus...he can be very persuasive. I know he’s had souls released from Tartarus before”
“What about-”
“We’ve made our peace, Atlas. I’m not saying we’re gonna be a big happy family or anything but…I think we can say we don’t owe each other anything. You’re a free man.”

Zeus was impressed by the way I resolved our age old conflict in two simple words; “I’m sorry”. He offered to re-instate me as King and gift me back my powers but that was no longer the life I desired. I asked instead that he resurrect Sadie and that he wipe the horrors of Hades from the survivor’s memories. He obliged. Finally I asked that he grant me mortality. This last one puzzled him but I explained, “Zeus I’ve worked for you on that island for thousands of years now, it’s time to retire. Sadie...she’s the other half of me; I know she is, I felt it the moment we met. I just want the chance to grow old with her.”
“Very well” he consents, “but who’ll stay on the island to police that brother of yours and his crew of soul collectors?”
“As it happens I know just the guy. He was looking for vacancies just recently”

7 years later…
Today we brought home our first born...and our second born. Twin boys: one fair, one dark born three minutes apart. When they were born, just days ago I took one last oath “I swear to you both, I will not let history repeat itself: both of you will always and forever be equally loved and adored by your family”. Now that is an oath I would rather die than break.

Current Events: Tomb (Tartarus = fiery tomb of torment and chaos), New Addition to the family.
Previous Events: (Chapter 1=) Homeless and Adventure , (Chapter 2=) Dog Days and Funeral, (Chapter 3 =) Paranormal Character and Twins, (Chapter 4=) Emperor of Evil, Chance Meeting and Betrayal
Word Count: 1996
CC Used: Allowed: Yes, Penalized: No
Bonus Quote: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that “Catherine Claire Larson, As We Forgive.
(The words were originally written for a sermon delivered by Martin Luther King at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church on Christmas of 1957)

Guys, rules are good! Rules help control the fun. ~ Monica E. Geller
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#385 Old 11th Dec 2011 at 9:24 AM
Wooo! Feels SO frickin good to be done with this! lol. Don't get me wrong, it was fun and I learned a lot: I'm astounded that I made it this far and came up with stuff I didn't even know I was capable of, heh, but it'll be nice to not have regular deadlines hanging over my head (she says even though she'll probably go and do something stupid like sign up for another 20 contests tomorrow ) Thanks Heaven for putting this together and keeping it going even when it looked like we might not have any contestants left D: Thanks to the judges too for all your awesome feedback and insights!

Now I'm gonna take a break and then I'll need to come back and catch up with all the stories that I haven't finished reading :p

PS Sorry to dissapoint anybody that was hoping for a big fight scene, lol...I went a bit lovey-dovey in the end, not too lame I hope, heh

Guys, rules are good! Rules help control the fun. ~ Monica E. Geller
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Default Round 5
Because I like Kayla's idea for a theme song, I decided to post one for mine Click here. I know, it's not a typical song, but it inspired me very much. (The guy's voice sounds in my head like Han's voice, lol)

Han experienced mixed feelings within him when he got his new assignment - kidnap the mayor’s daughter again. He was about to make the right decision and save the girl from a cruel gang, when jealousy darkened his mind when he saw the girl with another guy. “The Night Riders” have succeeded with Han’s help - the girl was kidnapped.
However, things went out of plan when the mayor refused to make an exchange, “The Riders” were mad. For good or bad, the girl was left under Han’s supervision…

Chapter 5: Black Parade

An incredible heat burned Han’s skin under his thick black leather suit, the intense eagerness completely stole his mind that moment. All hidden feelings, which were kept somewhere deep for so many years, have finally broke free with an incredible strength. The invisible magnet forced him to go closer, to touch the soft pale skin, to feel another human’s warmth…
The girl sat motionless staring down at her feet. She didn’t even notice when Han’s hand touched her hip, it almost looked like she didn’t care of what’s going on.
The touch made Han even more exited, the beast inside him craved for more.

Then, something small fell on the ground, right from where the girl’s face was. For the moment, Han thought that it was a little diamond, but when he looked down, there was only a clear drop of water on the cold metal ground. It wasn’t a diamond, it was a tear.
Han’s hand slowly reached for the girl’s face and gently tilted her chin up. When his eyes met her sad and empty gaze, something happened.
In one second, the whole world turned upside down. There was no beast inside him anymore, only a little sad kitten wishing to be fondled. The girl’s sadness and pain was somehow transferred into his own emotions and suddenly, he wished to see her happy.
The big lump of guilt stuck in Han’s throat, he realized that it was his fault, he was the one who brought such troubles to this poor girl.
- Why didn’t you listen to me? Why did you go on that empty street alone? – started Han. His words sounded more like a charge than the question.
- I… I though I was everything to him. – said Alex with the same empty gaze. She didn’t answer his question. – I thought he would do everything for me.
- What did you expected? – he continued. – I told you that the next time we meet won’t be pleasant. You have no idea what those men can do to you! - he stopped his words right there, hiding the fact of what he almost did to her. He felt terrible shame.
The girl finally looked at him; her face was unreadable again.
- It’s better to be you than one of them. – she said quietly. There were no tears on her face anymore.
Han starred at her in confusion. After a moment of awkward silence, his hands reached for the girl again. Alex held her breath with tension, but she didn’t move away.

Han freed her hands.
Now it was he who sat with his head down. The girl looked at him and the little smile grew around the corners of her lips. Without saying a word, she jumped of her seat and wrapped her arms around him. Han just froze like a lifeless statue without even being able to breathe; few moments passed until he instinctively responded.
Han forgot about everything while he held her in his arms, the little kitten inside him jumped around with happy mew. It was a very light and pleasant feeling, which Han had never experienced before; but one thing he knew for sure – he wanted it to last forever.
Two bodies, tied with their hands in a tight ball, just sat in silence, as words weren’t necessary. Unfortunately, time flew by very quickly and Han knew that he will have to return to the gang’s office soon.
It took a lot of will to let the girl go, as it seemed much harder to leave her here alone. Han couldn’t afford to care about her so much, it could kill them both.
- I’m sorry, I can’t stay here any longer. – he said while standing up.
The girl just looked at him with a silent question in her eyes. Han didn’t respond, he opened the heavy door and disappeared in the darkness behind it. It was his silent goodbye.
He left the door opened.

Meanwhile in “Emperor’s” office, the gang members were arguing about their recent failure. Han knew, that they won’t leave it in peace; they will seek for an even more horrifying revenge.
And he was right, their new plan was ridiculously cruel – give the mayor their “Fire of Gratefulness”.

As the mayor’s status was the most important thing for the leader of this city, the gang’s main target was his lair – Bridgeport City Hall. Hundreds of people working there today would die painfully in the bomb fire, hundreds of innocent and good people.

When Han was familiarized with the new plan, he knew that it would end up unpleasantly for him. This thought didn’t stop him, as it meant the end for the gang as well.
That morning everyone in the gang was prepared for their biggest massacre ever. Dozen of men, dressed in the same black suits looked like actors in a funeral play. The scary, black parade.
Every “Rider’s” move was relying on speed and accuracy, one little mistake and everything could go very wrong. You've got to be quick on your feet in this world if you want to survive. Though once you know the rules, it’s not too hard to play the game. The rules of this little game were simple – pairs of men running quickly to their indicated location in the city hall, setting up the explosives and running back to their van. For Han‘s surprise, „The Emperor“ choose him to set the bomb together, it was the perfect opportunity for him to finally confront his arch enemy.

All men entered the building so fast, like it was a drag race. The old, unused stage door kept the element of surprise on their side. Han‘s target was on the roof, a spot right above the mayor‘s office. However, Han had other plans for playing his role today. While „The Emperor“ was busy preparing the bomb, Han quickly dialed 911 on his cell phone. It was the distraction he needed, someone who would stop the bombs from exploding before it was too late. Then the time for his long awaited revenge had finally come.

The time seemed to slow down when the adrenaline rushed though Han‘s veins. His enemy didn‘t expected the attack, a glimpse of shock brightly flashed on the „Emperor‘s“ face under the sunlight. Han grabbed his neck and pushed him to the edge of the rail, the man‘s body dangerously hung above it, the five storey high distance separated it from the solid concrete ground.
Han looked his victim in the eyes – small, pathetic gaze of a fallen soul; but it was nothing compared to what his own face looked in the reflection of the man‘s eyes. A monster.
Han lost his will for a moment, time completely stopped around him, revenge seemed to have lost it‘s fuel for him. He tried to remember the face of his mother to bring his memory back, to wake the wrath again, but all he could imagine was a blank face. He couldn‘t remember how his mother looked like.
Then, a new face appeared in his mind. A young, pale and beautiful face, surrounded with a silky red hair rim.
His hands released the man.

Time regained it‘s flow, but Han stood still with a dead look in his eyes. The police sirens were already near and there was no chance to escape.
Han didn‘t want to run, there was no need to hide anymore.
That day was the most glorious day in Bridgeport history, „The Night Riders“ gang seized to exist. The police caught all who assisted in the city hall bombing, the other‘s were taken right after that. It was the day, which every person in this city will remember as a Big Day of the relief; people could finally feel safe on the streets at night.

It wasn‘t a happy day for Han, he was locked in a small interrogation room, waiting for his doom. He was in the middle of inner metamorphosis, all his priorities, values and feelings were changing, the hurricane of thoughts left him motionless. He wasn’t interested in what the detective was asking him, he sat with his face hidden in the shadows, without any will to do anything.
- Mister Simmons, we invited you here, because we have some very controversial witnessing about you. – said the detective. His words were a wakeup call for Han, but he still didn’t look up. - Our witness says that you didn’t work for the gang and you disguised yourself as one of them to help turn them in. – detective’s look was very suspicious, but he continued. – We also checked that you made the call about the bomb. Can you confirm all this?

Han’s mind went clear; he realized that it was the thanks from the girl for freeing her. It was a very clever and noble thing from her to do. Now they were even.
Nevertheless, Han felt that those words weren’t exactly the truth - his motives were different. He realized it only very recently, so he felt that being honest was the least thing he could do.
Han finally tilted his head from the shadows; his blue eyes sparkled in a bright lamp light.
- No detective, while I confirm every other word, I must state that I did all this for other reasons. – his heartbeat increased tenfold as he spoke. Detective waited for the continuation, Han made a deep sigh and said:
- I did all this, because I have strong and doubtless feelings for your witness. My goal was to end the “Riders”, until I unconditionally and irrevocably fell in love with her.

The reaction on the other side of the glass wall was electric.
Han didn‘t know who was watching him behind the speechless mirror, but his intuition let him know.
After confirming Alex‘s words, Han was totally „clean“. The police didn‘t have any proof to find him guilty: no fingerprints in the gang‘s crime scenes, no face recognition, nothing at all. As a co-owner of all „Rider‘s“ business objects, after arresting all other members, he was the only owner left.

But Han didn’t want all that fortune, after leaving the police department, the first thing that he wanted to do, was sell everything and leave the city. Too many things were bothering him at the moment, leaving seemed to be the only rational decision.
Han was thinking of the way he could tell goodbye to Jude; he would be happy to finally get his bar back. When he started the engine of his motorcycle, he heard the worried voice behind him.
- Han! Wait! – shouted Alex, she was running towards him.

- What… Are…You… Doing? – she breathed heavily from the running.
- I’m leaving. – said Han. He felt uncomfortable seeing the girl’s stare at his uncovered face.
- Take me with you. – plead the girl.
- What? Why? – he asked suspiciously. - You belong here; this is your home, your family, your happy life. – there was a bottomless hole of confusion in Han’s head. Why would she even want to say that?
Alex sighted with a slight smile on her face.
- You don’t understand, don’t you? – she started. – You were watching me for so long and still haven’t figured out that the life I have isn’t what I want. You have no idea what it means to be the mayor’s daughter.– she leaned closer with those words. - I’ve been fighting to be who I am all my life. What’s the point of being who I am, if I can’t have the person who was worth all the fighting for?
Han’s heart almost jumped out of his chest, everything went dark in his eyes, only the girl’s face stayed clear as the only star in the black night sky.
He took her with him.

Current Events: Dish Best Served Cold, Forbidden Love
Previous Events: Emperor of Evil, Murder, Chance Meeting, Dog Days, Tomb, Betrayal, Graduation, Adventure, Ambrosia (Bonus)
Word Count: 1970 (MS Word)
CC Used: Allowed: Yes, Penalized: No
Bonus Quote: “I’ve been fighting to be who I am all my life. What’s the point of being who I am, if I can’t have the person who was worth all the fighting for?” Stephanie Lennox, I Don't Remember You

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#387 Old 11th Dec 2011 at 9:24 PM
Oh Elexis - you better not ruining my brownie points lol. But Oh my God ..... YOU MADE ME CRY. I thought it was ment to end bad???? I love your story! it had the best ending ever.

Official Foundation Challange Contestant. R1-R2-R3-R4

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#388 Old 12th Dec 2011 at 12:14 PM
Yay more stories! And i hope some of the other people who weren't able to finish will still post the rest of their eventually.

Missroxer - nothing wrong with ending on love rather than war It was still exciting (I'm feeling the boring introspection of mine more and more :S). And Elexis, your scene setting and picture taking still makes me drool. No, really, look at the puddle.

Heaven, did you do a fifth chapter?
#389 Old 12th Dec 2011 at 12:31 PM Last edited by GigaRevival : 12th Dec 2011 at 1:54 PM. Reason: Goonies never say die.
I just wanted to pop in before I finish up my final scores to say a thank you to all the contestants for being so awesome and making this challenge a lot of fun to judge. You all did great!

I also echo heaven in stating that I would absolutely love to see any belated endings to stories posted.

"Goonies never say die."
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#390 Old 12th Dec 2011 at 3:30 PM Last edited by Elexis : 12th Dec 2011 at 4:42 PM.
Yes Kayla, the end should be bad, but since I've changed so much already, I decided to go on with something happier

I'm so sad that this contest had to come to an end, I enjoyed it so much that I forgot that it's over

I wanted to say HUGE thanks to our awesome judges, who gave me a chance to unbelievably improve my writing; and including the fact that few months ago I couldn't even write a proper sentence in English without a dictionary (lol), they did their work at the best

Also, thanks to all contestants who joined this contest and made it possible. Even bigger thanks goes to those who finished, it gave me so much joy reading your stories to the end

And of course, Heaven, thank you for making such an amazing contest Thank you for being so nice even when I persecuted you with so many questions and sorry if I bothered you too often :D

I agree with all comments above, I would love to see everyone's endings (wink, wink )

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#391 Old 12th Dec 2011 at 6:33 PM
Tamlyn, I did do a chapter 5. Just got it up this morning.

Still waiting on scores but hopefully they will be here soon. :D

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#392 Old 13th Dec 2011 at 9:26 PM
Please, please EVERYONE! Even if you did not finish out the rounds, if you didn't have a name for your story, name it and let me know. I promise you will find out why shortly.

/me offers goodies.

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#393 Old 14th Dec 2011 at 5:41 PM
Out of a possible 300: Bonuses have been added in so perfect scores would be 330/300

Shhh: 0
ReyaD: 0
waterjay: 0
blackivy: 0
Myshia: 0
LadyAwesome: 302
Tamlyn: 315
Elexis: 311
whitewaterwood: 0
Morphead: 0
missroxor: 316
Buckley: 0

Scores updated on first post as well.

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#394 Old 14th Dec 2011 at 5:42 PM
First off, I want to thank all of the contestants for joining and making this an enjoyable experience. Everyone did a great job and I’m not going to stop bugging until I see some other stories finished as well!! Some of you I may even bug for sequels. Also, an extra special thanks to leesester who has made me laugh, helped me when I was considering something, and been a contestant advocate from the beginning. Not sure what I would have done without her! And now, without furture ado:

Final Scores! Out of a possible 1600

Shhh: 215
ReyaD: 870
waterjay: 832
blackivy: 840
Myshia: 435
LadyAwesome: 1457
Tamlyn: 1547
Elexis: 1496
whitewaterwood: 806.5
Morphead: 357.5
missroxor: 1458.5
Buckley: 597

Everyone gets a little special something!

Do whatever you wish with yours. They belong to you now. Again, congratulations everyone!

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#395 Old 14th Dec 2011 at 6:25 PM
AWESOME! Conga rats to ALL the participants, because what you did here is simply beautiful work! I enjoyed each and every story, loved the various plot twists, etc. Given the limitations, I think many of you did a terrific job overcoming the difficulties inherent in the rules. Nice job!
The other one
#396 Old 14th Dec 2011 at 7:03 PM
Aw, wow that made me lol but was totally worth the wait, it's awesome! :D

Thank-you again to Heaven and all the judges, loved the comments this round (flattery gets you everywhere ) and even though I'm relieved to not have the workload anymore, I am kinda sad that our little group of storytellers/readers is disbanding. Despite all the stress and frustration it's been a fun ride

Congrats To Tamlyn, Elexis and Lady Awesome for finishing up and hope the rest of you do finish your stories, would love to see them

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#397 Old 14th Dec 2011 at 9:30 PM
Wow, xD I never expected that! =) Best use of EA content, yay! haha! Congratulations Tamlyn! And it was really fun, too bad I had to drop out because of my lack of inspiration lol, but nevermind... haha!
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#398 Old 15th Dec 2011 at 6:49 AM
Aww, those are lovely heaven.

Thanks again to heaven, lee, Giga and angiebeno, and thanks to everyone else for making stories! It was a lot of fun, even when challenging
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#399 Old 15th Dec 2011 at 8:04 AM
Lol, how'd you know?

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#400 Old 15th Dec 2011 at 8:53 AM
Awww. I actually had tears in my eyes when I read the end. A sad ending - but the right one. What I wanted to say - is that LA has the gift of storytelling. Spelling and grammar and continuity is what a good copyeditor is for - LA can generate the "gotta" - and that cannot be taught. She has taken us on a rollercoaster ride of laughter and tears and all in the sims universe, and that is why this is this judge's favourite story.

I love you who ever you are, to always made me feel better about my shit scores because the comments made the scores seem like nothing lol xx. Thanks for constantly making my day!

and everyone else.

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