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Since I can't put a link to the file, I took some pics to show you the Semester Tester changed. Above I used the book stack so placement would be the same as the apple sculpture, but in my own game, I used the bookends and just placed them with an OMSP since I don't have many of them.

Scroll up to see how this was done.
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I have added another model to this to honor MidgetheTree for her work revising TwoJeffs incredibly useful Visitor Controller. If you'd like to have your own MidgetheTree tree as a model for her new version, the model name is treeHibiscus. The post where this was discussed is here.
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I tried to change the lot sync timer and while it changed easy enough into luggage, it was underground with just a tiny bit of the handle showing. I am wondering why that happened?

edit: I decided to try something else which worked. Here is another model name. We need a comprehensive list of suitable items.

planthousesunflower (Pot of sunflowers)

Anyone know the name of the rose bush?

Never mind I finally found it in simpe, slippery little thing. it is shrubrosebush for anyone who wants the model name.

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Will this also work to change two Maxis objects?
Like eg I want to have the restorable car to look like the Yomoshoto Evasion Sedan so it looks like sims are working on the Yomoshoto like they work on the restorable car.
I tried this and the interaction "Work Engine"... appear when clicking the Yomoshoto, but the sims don't react when clicking the interaction.

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