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My MooVille families are moving through the week, some farther along than others.

Everyone in the Flexor family got the flu and then recovered. Max then got a new job in the Slacker career. Marta got her first kiss and woohoo with Luis Wade, but then went on a date with Patryk Whippler and gave him his first kiss. Eleasha went out with Luis. Eleasha and Marta both applied for scholarships and got two each. Eleasha needs to save up another $900 and then she can afford to go to college. If she gets a big enough house on campus, Marta can room with her when she goes.

In the Indie family, Delilah sold a good novel and then got a promotion. Mitch threw a birthday party for Gwen (Knowledge), which was a good time. Delilah got another promotion and is now President of her company. This enabled her to put away enough money for both kids to go to college.

In the Furley family, Brooke got an afterschool job in the same gaming company where her dad works, and Phineaus finally got a promotion. Halima had a birthday (Family). Then Brooke got fired for having bad grades. She wants to get another job but will have to pull her grades up first. Phineaus got another promotion, but Brooke set a kitchen fire that ate up most of their savings for the remodel. Nuha did not grow up well (Knowledge) and started picking fights with both her sisters. She is furious at Brooke for beating her in a fight.

In the Dawn family, after her recent tragedies, Marylena reassessed her life. She changed her aspiration to Knowledge and got a job in Business. Shanaya had a birthday and grew up well. Tobi became a toddler. They were then robbed, and even though the burglar was caught, they lost their chess set and TV. Judy became a teen (Family). Chloe-Ann got an afterschool job in the Criminal career--inspired by the burglar, perhaps?

In the Wade family, as a child of divorce, Rafi did not grow up well. Danielle had her first kiss with Farley Whippler. She invited him over the next night, and he brought his friend, Chloe-Ann Dawn. Danielle woohooed with Farley (for those keeping track at home, this the second girl he's woohooed--the other one was Brooke), and Chloe-Ann must have had a crush on him because she got jealous and slapped him.

In the other Wade household, Destry's business continues to do well, and Margaret got promoted. She then got pregnant, and they had a girl, Victoria.
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While playing Antonio Monty's family, Bottom Summerdream performed magic. One moment, Benedick answered the phone and chatted with Bottom. Just a few second later, he hung up, and then Bottom hurtled herself through their front door determined to Play Cops and Robbers in queue. Benedick was exhausted, and had to decline,

and then immediately after Bottom ran up the stairs to try to catch up with Beatrice, who was in pajamas about to tuck herself into bed.

I felt quite badly for our fae guest who's invited herself in to relieve her boredom but with no playmates to be seen, and so I had Benedick postpone bedtime to chat with our unexpected visitor, and lo they were besties.

Unfortunately, after bidding farewell, on his way to sleep, Benedick passed out in the hall, poor child.
I had not known that outgoing children could also invited themselves over, but I'm glad they can. She called as if to say, "Hey, I'm popping over," and then there she was! Without bothering to ask permission from any parents, of course.

I'm a young adult in poor health, trying to heal enough to complete my goals.
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The Oldies moved in and have socialized with family mostly exclusively, except out with the Pleasants (adults only, suppose the girls are still grounded), Herb met a troubled young red-head from Emerald Heights named Rhonda Corners. She's an orphan, or perhaps a runaway, and while she introduced herself by flicking him in the chin, Herb has a great deal, a very great deal, of patience with traumatized children. He has become friends with Rhonda, introduced her to Coral, who has also become friends with Rhonda, and they have started the process of adoption and introducing her to their granddaughters, who are close to the same age.
The Goodies moved in down the street, and got the idea from the Oldies that perhaps a foster-child would be a good idea, and have met a young lady, also of Emerald Heights, named Paige Turner. She seems compatible, and not nearly as high drama as Rhonda.
Nearby, the Wentworth family moved into an expensive but sprawling house, gaining both more room and a fresh start. This worked out fairly well for them. Cecily met lots of interesting gentlemen: Mortimer Goth, Don Lothario, Danny Pleasant . . . Vera met a green lady named Lola Curious who introduced her to her simply fascinating brother Lazlo and got her teased by her siblings about having a boyfriend, which she kinda sorta actually does for the first time in her life and she got her first kiss! Hadley and Linnea both gave birth to little boys, one is Melville after their father, the other is Cecil after their mother. (And can I remember which child belongs to which sister? No, no I cannot.) They also met some better romantic prospects than that scumbag Sebastian (both boys' father), but will have to wait for a more energetic rotation than pregnancy to see where those might go. (Darren Dreamer for Linnea and Junior Mann for Hadley, who apparently has a type and it's fixer-uppers, sheesh, girl, really?) Delany met Melody Tinker and found her fascinating, so perhaps that'll also go somewhere in the future. Delany also scored three scholarships: grades, work, and athletics.
Then the DeBateaus moved into the three story house behind the Goths. Armand hired a butler and he and Tara focused on their social life. His preferred companion right now is Cassandra Goth, but since she hasn't yet officially split with Don Lothario he hasn't made any moves. Bianca Monty is also attractive, but as he's friends with both Consort Capp and Albany, and Tara has befriended Miranda and Tybalt, perhaps a Monty is not quite the ticket. Tara has her eyes on the slightly older Edwin Sharpe as a possible spouse, being in the social set where marriage is at least two-thirds family business deal, this seems like a good arrangement to Armand, and he's also befriending the Roths with an eye to their relationship to the Sharpes (I set Stella as the aunt of Roxie and Edwin) and if the kids like each other, so much the better, after all, Armand knows what happens if you marry out of your social set for love because you didn't care for the person you should have married. (Having been hurt makes him neither right nor ill-intentioned. I'm thinking given how he's hit it off with the Capps, that perhaps he was supposed to marry Regan or Goneril, but that didn't work out.)

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The Singles were played this round. Since Erin's passing, there's only Lola, Chloe, and Kristen remaining.

The first day was spent combating the flu, because it turns out that Lola and Chloe hadn't been cured during Pol and Jenny's anniversary party. Either that, or Kristen gave them the flu again, but either way, that was how the first day was spent.

They were all cured by the time Tuesday rolled around.

Chloe was on the bench mostly, she just went to work and took care of her needs. She's currently in love with one of Kristen's co-workers called Nolan Custer and booty called him at one point, but other than that, she doesn't have much going on with her.

Kristen on the other hand got promoted to an All-Star that Smash Mouth would be proud of; Althetic Lvl 5. She also fell in love with Don Lothario, did the nasty with him in the hot tub, and fell pregnant. By the end of the session, she was in her second trimester.

Lola went Downtown in an effort to look for a rich sim to marry, but found some guy called Ratna Jitmakusol instead.

Other events happened Downtown too, such as Daisy Dreamer and Nichol Loner sharing their first kiss, and Nina Caliente doing a public woohoo in the photo booth with Lazlo Curious. Yup... that happend.

Lola was Downtown for 28 hours, returning on Wednesday afternoon to talk to this Ratna guy some more on the phone. Later in the week, she invited him over, where they got closer, even having their first woohoo in the hot tub.

She proposed moving in to him; he rejected the offer.

The next day he came over and they fell in love for real; this time, he accepted moving in with her. Lola was that excited she proposed to him and he accepted. They threw a wedding party the same day, inviting family, friends, and plus ones.

The party was mostly spent complaining about everyone stinking, battling for the toilet, eating cold turkey, and catching the flu (thanks, Scout!). Fortunately, none of the Singles household caught it.

After the wedding ceremony, Tank and Johnny got into a fight, as they usually do; the only difference is that this time, Tank's daughter Scout witnessed this and ran off crying. The fight animation was cut short and it was Johnny who ran after her to console her; this was my first time seeing this in my own game and it was quite wholesome. Circumstances could have been better, but it's such a nice interaction.

It also showed me, that Tank isn't father of the year currently; he attacked Johnny, upsetting his own child, and he just walked passed her like nothing was happening, while his enemy comforted her... he's close with Scout, so why he didn't bother, I don't know.

I also gathered that Kristen can look after herself; I didn't do anything for her and her needs were in the green as she took herself to bed. Well done, Kristen!

Lola is now 'Lola Jitmakusol,' it just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?

I'm going to stop here before I ramble, but that was it for the Singles. More eventful than I was expecting, but I won't complain.

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#5980 Old 25th Nov 2020 at 7:29 PM
I just started adding library functionality to the Dodge community service center in a town editing of the community lots.I have to play in the Jankowsky household next time in my game.
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What's happening? I reinstalled the game a few days ago, and already, Brandi Broke is driving me crazy. One daughter from Skip, twins from Daniel Pleasant and she's now in love with a downtownie (she went for them on her own, I only make sure she doesn't die from exhaustion and hunger as she tends to do). And Dustin, who basically raised his younger brother and sister, is headed off to college. Serves me right for thinking Pleasantview was boring!!!
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Counting Crows' Big Yellow Taxi has been a prominent theme for Cutley. Many of the citizens are beginning singing their Simlish version as a protest for the recent motion 8b-Za which allows the city to charge money for parking. This comes at a time when recent city expansion has led many once-green areas now concrete lots.

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My MooVille families have all caught up to the end of the third week. I didn't play Flexor or Furley as they were already at the end of the week.

In the Indie family, Aaron would like to go to college, but he needs to pull up his grades first, as he has a D+. His sister, Gwen, has perfect grades and got herself into private school (they are probably the only family that can afford it). Mitch has started playing jazz piano at the coffeeshop for tips.

The Dawn family is barely scraping by. Marylena got a promotion, which allowed them to buy a new computer when the old one broke. Chloe-Ann then won two scholarships and had enough in savings to afford college, so she went. Judy wants to go too, and she got one scholarship, so she may room with Chloe-Ann if she gets a big enough place on campus. In the meantime, though, Judy invited Patryk Whippler over and got her first kiss and woohoo. Tobi had a birthday and aged up well.

In the Whippler family, Chaz's girlfriend, Sahra, told him she was in love with someone else and wanted to marry him! She asked Chaz to just be friends and moved out, so I will be starting her a new household with her townie fiance. Farley asked Brooke Furley to go steady. He also is not making good enough grades to get into college yet.

In the Wade family, both Danielle and Luis wanted to go to college. They got two scholarships each and had enough savings to make up the rest of their tuition, so they both went. That left Debbie alone with Rafi, who has been having a tough time, so Debbie spent a lot of quality time with him. She took him to the park where she met a cute townie named Matthias. Later, she asked Matthias over for a date and made him a turkey dinner. The date was kind of boring to him, but they still woohooed and got a crush on each other.

In the other Wade family, they took care of the new baby. Destry has decided to finish his degree, so he has been studying a lot and needs just one more skill point to complete it. Rafi called him, and it looked like he was trying to explain why he moved out on the phone. Poor kid. Maybe they can repair their relationship.
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I ended up only playing part of the Goth rotation. Cassandra wanted nothing more to do with cheating Don Lothario and broke up with him on the spot. I let Mortimer resurrect Jon Smith Tricou and the Tricous resurrected the rest of their bunch and moved out. Gvaudoin did the honors for Rainelle, and she also moved out, and since I'm playing with Tarlia's fixed hoods, I moved Bella Goth in and had her also move out. Leaving the Goths with a mere $120,000 simoleans.

Mortimer also hired a butler. Alexander lives a very simple life of playing chess and playing piano, doing homework, and spending time with his father and big sister. Mortimer is grinding away on a LTW of max seven skills. He's achieved charisma and made a decent start on creativity, in addition to the skills he starts out with as a retired mad scientist. He also added Nina Caliente to his list of lovers.

Armand deBateau called up Cassandra right away for a group outing, which he somehow managed to get Bianca Monty and Consort Capp to sit civilly beside each other at the restaurant. No fighting was had. Cassandra then managed to get into trouble with community time and her job and somehow came back immediately from the outing but then added the outing time onto her work shift. Very confusing, but all's well that ends well.

So then she spent some time thinking and skilling and getting a promotion, and called up Armand for a real, proper date. Wherein they became best friends, developed mutual crushes, and fell in mutual love. Both have been betrayed, both want to reach their golden anniversary, and Cassandra thinks Tara is a decent young lady, though she really doesn't know her very well yet. It seems like a very promising relationship, and since the deBateaus live in the house directly behind and kitty-corner the Goths, Cassandra will be able to look in on her father and brother regularly.

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Relationships straight out of a soap opera in the O'Mackey Week Four rotation.

Gabe hopes the third time is the charm, as he takes Ginger Newson as his third wife early in the week. The age difference is noticeable, given that Ginger just graduated with Gabe's own oldest daughter and had an unusual, if not Electra-like, relationship with her foster father, Julian Cooke... who happened to be the man Gabe's second wife Patricia ran off with last week.
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The double wedding of Andrew to Julian and Gloria to Garry took place in St Simeon's Parish Church, Veronaville today. Despite a few glitches (mainly due to me using unfamiliar mods for the first time) I think it worked out OK. With hindsight I should have set the hunger level in BO's Need Freak a little lower, but I'll warrant that Gloria won't be the first bride that's eaten a little too much at her wedding, and had to lose some weight after it. Julian and Garry have both moved into 19 Chorus Court. Which might seem a bit crowded, but, let's face it -- they've both spent the night there plenty of times before. Julian is looking forward to his first woohoo ; Andrew has kept him waiting till their wedding night -- plenty of making out, but nothing further.

Full report and wedding pictures soon!

As a taster, here they are arriving back from the church at 19 Chorus Court. The others in the picture are Julian's family -- his parents and his brother and sister:

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#5987 Old Yesterday at 5:46 PM
Congratulations to the happy couples!
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#5988 Old Yesterday at 6:16 PM
Here is another quick pic, taken literally minutes ago:

Andrew is congratulating Garry on marrying his mum. "We're all best friends!"

The four of them are still dressed in their wedding clothes. Well, almost! Julian has already removed the sleeves from his outfit. He says he doesn't like textiles against his skin! He intends to slowly undress as the evening progresses, so as to be absolutely irresistible by bedtime.

I think that was a brilliant choice of wedding outfit by Gloria. She just bought it this morning. It certainly made sure that nobody upstaged her -- despite some of them trying.

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#5989 Old Yesterday at 7:08 PM
The Goths finished up their rotation uneventfully. Mortimer did go out and meet some interesting ladies, but many of them seem to be monogamous. Pearl Davenport has been added to his 'call' list. Gabriella Newson came home with Alexander on the bus, Friday, and admired his fish and played chess with him for hours.

Seamus Coppersmith moved into one of the little white houses, got a job in Paranormal, and worked his butt off all week, while befriending what neighbors he could, which turned out to be quite a few of them, ending his week with a bone phone and enough cash to resurrect both his wife and son, which he did, and is now very nearly broke, but one work shift will fix his financial woes. Whether or not he and Jia can reestablish their relationship remains to be seen, but at least they both have jobs so penury wouldn't last long. He's the local preacher at the Pleasantview Church.

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#5990 Old Yesterday at 7:10 PM
@AndrewGloria -Great update!I'm also using a new Mod for motive decay.
I was in my BACC in Dodge today adding lights to a new section of my service center and later playing the Jankowskys for a day.The Jankowskys had an almost uneventful late fall day and got started on stocking up on food for the winter as fall is almost over.
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#5991 Old Yesterday at 7:49 PM
Sim Sample was very excited today that his friends are getting married. So he used Mr Humble's fancy computer to make them a card. This is the front:

And this is the inside:

They all look very nice in their wedding outfits, congratulations to all!
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#5992 Old Today at 12:50 AM
@AndrewGloria Many congratulations to the happy couples!

In MooVille, the first generation is starting to go to college. Chloe-Ann Dawn rented a dump of a house her freshman year, but it's big enough that her sister can room with her when she gets to college. She went on a good date with a dormie named Clarence, but after that she wanted to focus on her studies. Danielle and Luis Wade rented a nicer house together. Luis is a semester behind Danielle. They both got on the dean's list freshman year.

Back home, Eleasha Flexor saved up enough money, so she is off to college herself. Her sister, Marta, lost her scholarship due to slipping grades, though. Aaron O'Feefe did bring his grades up, so he headed off to college, too. Aaron and Eleasha are best friends.

In the Furley house, Phineaus got a promotion, so they were finally able to buy a new computer. Brooke pulled up her grades enough to get another afterschool job, this time in the Criminal career. Her sisters, Halima and Nuha, became enemies. Nuha throws tantrums all the time and is generally a pill, but her parents seem oblivious to this. I have never had a teen run away, but she seems like she's prone to doing something like that.

In the Dawn house, Judy lost her scholarship and now needs to save up her tuition for college. Shanaya had a birthday (Knowledge) and grew up well. Marylena got a promotion.

In the Whippler house, Farley pulled his grades up, so he was able to go to college. Patryk fell in love with Judy Dawn.

In the Wade house, Rafi grew up well (Romance) despite his troubled childhood. In the other Wade house, Destry finished his degree through night school, and Victoria became a toddler.

There is a new household, the Day family. Sahra moved in her boyfriend, Kaleem, and married him. He took Sahra's last name. He is Pleasure and brought in enough money from his good job in the Slacker career to pay off half the mortgage and remodel some furnishings. Then he got fired immediately, so now he's going to night school to get his degree. Chaz, Sahra's ex, comes over uninvited to hang out. He doesn't seem too bothered by the situation.
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#5993 Old Today at 1:42 AM
Gloria and Garry would like to thank everyone who sent them good wishes. They'd especially like to thank Sim Sample and his friends for that lovely card. Andrew and Julian are still asleep after their first woohoo. They appeared to enjoy it. No doubt they'll thank you when they wake up.

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#5994 Old Today at 2:14 AM
Originally Posted by AndrewGloria
Andrew and Julian are still asleep after their first woohoo.
Sim wondered whether he should make them a card for that too, but I talked him out of it!
#5995 Old Today at 6:44 AM
In Respite, Mal and Asia Landgraab have welcomed their first daughter, Malaysia, a sister for Jakob, John and Riley. I just hope she doesn't get the same eyebrows as her brothers!
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