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Default Stop choosing between multiple outfits
Hello ! I'm wondering is there any chance to stop sim choosing between multiple outfits? I have a big family, and have a couple ouutfits for every sims in few category. I like tay have a muliple everyday outfit for evey seasons. But sims changing beetwen those clothes. For example is summer and they wearing sweater i choose them for winter. I can't explain this better because my english is like you see I hope you understand what I mean Is there any mod can help me with this? Thank u! )))
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There's this mod by Bienchen which makes sims autonomously change into cold/hot outfits if they're about to freeze/burn to death
not sure if it needs to be updated or not, but you could try to see if it works
simschangeoutfitwhenhotorcold (OM-05) here:
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