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#76 Old 27th Jun 2017 at 6:34 PM
I don't demand detailed graphics but I abhore pixelisation and aliasing. When people were swooning over Tomb Raider 1 on the PS1 back in the day, I was numbed by how people could be happy with that much pixelisation. Some rock textures looked like chessboards, and that was not good enough for me. I wouldn't have tolerated it in the Megadrive / SNES era, so certainly not in the shiny new 32-bit era.
Likewise with Minecraft. For a game that is less than 6 years old, it looks shockingly bad in my eyes. I could only play that with some serious texture smoothing. I emulate 16 bit games on my PC that look better.

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I don't play a lot of other games than Sims 2, but I can have a fun evening watching a video and playing something as basic as FreeCell (card game that came with the laptop). Since I last deleted the statistics, I've won 6576 games in all (98% of the games, closing in on 99%). My record is currently 4083 games without losing once, mostly because I accidentally shut down a game before finishing it, or I'd probably have a couple thousand more.

The most important thing with a game is its entertainment value. Good graphics is nice, but it's not all, and in some cases it can even ruin a game because of the decrease in playability. If you need a computer the eqivalient of Pixar's render farm to run the game, it's a lost cause...

Trouble with game makers these days:

- Priority 1: Make a great game with amazing gameplay that keeps you playing on and on for years to come
- Priority 2: Make the game environment look neat while being not too demanding on the graphics side
- Priority 3: Not blow up people's computers when they try to run the game with all settings on high

- Priority 1: Make a visually stunning game
- Priority 2: Re-use an already bled-dry game concept, but make the environment so stunning nobody will notice
- Priority 3: Make the game environment so great that people need to buy a new computer just to be able to play it.
- Priority 4: Make the next edition even more stunning-looking, because people for some reason said the previous edition was boring (and may have mentioned slow, predictable, and way too heavy for their mid-range computer, but who wants to listen to that?)
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#78 Old 13th Sep 2017 at 4:53 PM
The Blockheads. I was addicted to this ugly mobile thing for quite a long time while I was 4.5 yrs. in Hell without a pyooter. Great gameplay. Would even play now if I weren't so addicted to all my PC vidiocy.

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#79 Old 23rd Oct 2017 at 4:47 AM
Fallout 2, Doom 2 and Diablo 2, Along side Divine Divinity and Divinity 2, Pirates (from 1991), Duck Hunt, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, Zelda (The older Series), MegaMan 4, Super Mario bros 3 (1988 version), Metriod (all of them.. Mostly), Final Fantasy (Older Versions), and finally Spyro.

You asked for a list....

I tend to play a lot of older games I am an oldie when it comes to video games and appreciate the dedication and work put into this older classics. They graphics back then weren't AMAZING so the gameplay had always to be memorable.
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#80 Old 8th Nov 2017 at 3:24 AM
I recently got Sonic Forces for PC and although both graphics and gameplay are beautiful, the aforementioned graphic processing, which is key, is pretty laggy for its movie sequences as it has a special sequence that accommodates the introduction to the avatar character, but the lag is just torture during gameplay. The frame rate was random at numerous points... except that sand worm. Beetlejuice reference in the first level. Still, for some odd reason, the worm reminded me of that SpongeBob SquarePants episode, although it didn't go over a cliff and crushed a city.

Nevermind my trailing, I had a busy day and the game impressed me. Hands down, it's a mixed bag, but they either will get a patch or at least give a better set of specs to work with.

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#81 Old 28th Feb 2020 at 2:09 PM Last edited by Cho de Gier : 8th Aug 2020 at 1:04 PM. Reason: Have another old game
Spellforce 1
not the best graphics but well a well build game with a intrestring story by the way the 3th Spellforce is already 3 years old but still funny to play.
Mount & Blade Warband an other game that I love to play. Same as Spellforce 1 not the best graphics but well a well build game.

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#82 Old 22nd May 2020 at 1:54 AM
Tomodachi Life and Miitopia

The graphics are simple for the capacity and capabilities of the 3DS, but it's fun to insert Miis from the Mii Maker app on the 3DS.

Would love to see the two packaged into one as like a definitive collection for the Switch with new job classes and enemies who drop new foods in Miitopia and Tomodachi Life, a larger island to work, with new food, new outfits and the often-requested same-sex relationships and the amiibo could tie into both games.

Of course this is just something I think would be nice if it happened. I only saw a couple of Nintendo DS\3DS games get that conversion, but it would be nice as it would allow access to the more advanced Switch Mii Maker and the color palette for the two games for hair and if you give the bath set to a Mii with colored hair, it washes out because it was sprayed in.

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