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This was going to be a double update, but it was 8,000 words long so here's the first half of the 'graduation night' story. Probably not as dramatic as it sounds, but I enjoyed writing it. Happy 2021, ya'll!

Sparrow Legacy 2.0 Jyoti the Younger

Christmas was great, Heather! Good to see you on here! Also Skygal keeping it 1,000 with her post frequency! And Nuts, you never change, you. I will read everythiiiiing. God bless everyone this year, regardless of circumstances (hope you don't mind me saying that), and stay your simmy playing selves. :3

I've also randomly decided that a great 'quarantine' activity is to cook through my entire betty crocker cookbook (but I think it's at least 500 recipes). I'm going to roll a die for which category I make from each week, and then bake/grill/sautee/decorate my way through them one by one.

Bread edges.... are the new white meat.
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