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Default The Ancients: Top Model Challenge
20 YA Modals
-All Female

-All Male

-Ten Female, Ten Male

All 20 MUST HAVE the FORMAL TRAIT - Supernatural

Build a Rich, Luxury House for the Models. 


Gold Ceiling Fire ( World Adventures )


Tiger Rugs,

Bohemian Rugs,


Alluring, Romantic Bed Chambers? 

Jewelry for the House, so to speak. 

Photographer MUST HAVE LEVEL 10 Photography Skill!)

NOW: Download the Model Career Mod from ( FREE )|

Make your Models Handsome/Beautiful; Makeup, Hair, Shoes, anything else. 
Create your own Photoshoot Challenges and Challenge Themes! On Location such as in Egypt, France, or China; or Any Place or Challenge Theme You Create!

Created Photoshoot Rooms with Different Themes!

Include Different Life States; too!

Each Week, a Model Goes, Until Only One Remains -

The Winner Owns The Model House!

House is Adorned as Top Winner’s Fav. Photoshoot/Location!

Career is Found In The Movie Theater!

Have Fun!
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I LOVE this idea, but how can you have 21 people in a household? Or are you keeping some inactive? Please let me know, thank u! (:
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Default Reply & Hello! has a sight, and a Mod called, 'PortraitPanel ' It allows for Twenty Four Sims Including Dogs and Cats; The Twenty Fourth Sim you Cannot Control.

LINKS: For Nrass: + Description!

This mod changes the Portrait Panel to display a maximum of 24 sim portraits, useful for playing overstuffed families. Clicking a portrait with the middle mouse button will now bring up the sim menu. Similarly, double clicking on a portrait will do the same (for those of you sans middle mouse buttons). A new interaction is added to each Sim called "NRaas \ Portrait Panel" which can be used to bring up the setting for the mod. An additional button has been added to the bottom of the panel that can be used to scroll through any sims beyond the 24th.

Are you going to do an LP? ( Let's Play; Youtube Game with Commentary By You for Youtube, Using InGameCamera. ) Glad You Like It!
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Thanks so much, I'm gonna start the challenge asap (: And no LP, but if you're doing one I'd love to watch!
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