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Default Marooned; Last Of The Pirate Crew.
A Young Man Or Young Lady Pirate Walks The Plank,

the Pirate Ship Is Sunk In A Battle, 

in Rage, You Vow To Restart A Crew, Capitan A Ship, And Sail As Captain On 
pirate Waters!

sim Legacy Challenge:

Rule One: A Ship ( Aka Make Your Own ) Something Old; No Modern Anything!
Rule Two: Create Food Storage Under The Below! 

a Lattice Of Crossing Bars With A Ladder Down Below With Food, Water, And…why Is The Rum Gone? 

Rule Three, Amass A Crew!

runaway Urchins, Slaves, Tradesmen, Healers, Black Carib Witches, Doctors, Smyths, Cooks, Zombies.

Rule Four: Beware Of Mermaids!

Rule Five: Disregard Rule Four!

Rule Six, Lost Behind, Stay Behind.

Rule Seven, Capture Treasure, Restock Food In Village Raids.

Rule Eight, Cutlass, Swords, Canons Glory; Defend With Wepons!

Rule Nine, Guidelines, Live, And Die - A Pirate Legacy Over The Seas!

Rule Ten, All Lifestates Welcome!

Ahoy, Mates!

Pillage And Plunder, Life Or Death! 

pirate Lord Or Lady Lass!

depart For Starboard!


( All Must Have Sailor Trait! )
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