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Default Teen Cowboy’s Farm, at Ranch Home Legacy Stables:
Teen Cowboy’s Farm, at Ranch Home Legacy Stables:
( Seasons Highly Recommended For This Challenge! ) 

Teenage Runaway is Breaking in his ( or her ) old cowboy boots and a runaway horse to raise a Family and Farm Singlehandedly, & attend High School!

60 X 60 Lot
Root Cellar as Basement Home For Cowboy; Grow Food in Grass.
( This becomes the basement for the Ranch House Later )
Have Camp Fires & Bonfires Outside: Indoor Candles & FirePlaces as Only Lighting, 
First Horse; Any Breed and Traits.
Start with Water Trough, and a Basement for the Young Cowboy
( or Cowgirl ), and any Horse breed you choose. ( Chestnut Mares are bossy and rebellious, theroubreds are calmer, dapple grays are beautiful, and Zebras don’t count )
1. Master 10/10 Equestrian Skill.
2. Befriend and Own Eight ( Or More - Nrass Relationship Panels ) Horses.
3. Breed Horses; Grow and Care for Eight Colts, 8/8
4. Practice at the Equestrian Center Training Center; Enter One Horse as a Racehorse to earn Money and Status. 

5. Raise a Barn, Stables, & Working Farm of Herbs, Roots, Vegetables, Fruit, Eggs, ( Store Coop ) and Milk! 
( Dairy Milk Cows In Barn, 11/11 Cow Stations + Horse Stables in Barn.
6. Own at least Three Cats, + Their Kittens,

7. Own Two Hunting Dogs, + Their Puppies,

( Cannot Sell Puppies or Kittens; All Horses, Dogs, Cats, Lammas, & Sheep, Must Age to Old Age Death. ( Lammas & Sheep on

8, Large Garden - Rancher’s ONLY Food Source + Seasons! 
( Wall in if you want to! )
9. Two Lammas, at least Five Sheep! ( Lammas, in real life, protect sheep from Foxes. )
10. Care for Two Foxes + Kits (MTS3) & One Raccoon (Pets) - Watch The Coop!
11. Own Working Honey Bee Hives, at least Ten,
12, Get Married, Have ‘Surrounded By Family’ Lifetime Wish for Both Parents,’
Farm, Grow Old, Elder…Ghosts?

( ALL 12 DONE,
 High School A’s; 
Marry Sweetheart, Sell All Produce to Market Store, and Live off the Land! )
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