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Default The Pack (Werewolf Legacy)
The Setup:
Create two YA Werewolves. These will be your Founders/first Alpha couple. Move into a 64x64 lot, buy a tent and a fireplace, then set your funds to 0.
Go testingcheats and delete your school.

The General Rules:
- You must always have an Alpha couple. That is the couple that reproduces and leads. They can be Male and female or same sex, if you have the Nraas Woohooer that lets same sex couples reproduce.
- You are not allowed to have a job. Make money collecting and doing other moneymaking activities.
- Set the age spans and seasons to whatever you want
- Each Rank has their own little hut, once you have enough money to build these poor people boxes to live in. Lock the doors and specify Sims to access them.
- You may only eat raw meat or vegetables/fruit you find and/or grow.
- During Full Moons, Max out and freeze everybody’s needs, but you must send everyone YA and up out all over the map to hunt. Both of your Alphas lead their groups to different areas. In the morning, when the feral change moodlet expires, drag everybody’s energy to about halfway and let them sleep. It was a long night.
- Teen Wolves (heh) and below may not leave the lot during a Full Moon. It’s too dangerous for them. They may hunt/practice hunting around the lot.
- Your household may keep dogs. I mean, they’re kinda kindred souls, aren’t they?
- Every Sunday, provided it isn’t a Full Moon, the entire Pack should go out on a little trip. Wolves are pack animals. Bonding is important.
The Ranks:
Like IRL wolf packs, your Pack has a leading couple. As mentioned above, they are the only ones that reproduce. They are also the only ones allowed to spread the Cursed Bite. Furthermore, they are the only ones aside from pups and the heir that may interact with human Sims.
The Heir
Your Alpha Couple’s firstborn. They live in the Alpha hut until they turn into a teen. Once they Turn YA, and have participated on their first hunt, they should start looking for a mate. After they found one, them and their partner get their own hut. Your current Alpha Couple must turn the partner if they’re human.
The Main Pack
That’s the bulk of your household. Everyone teen and up that’s not an heir or an Alpha lives together. These fellas take care of your garden, are your primary moneymakers and scavengers around the world. Most of them will be your Alpha’s children, so be nice to them! A Wolf’s strength is its pack, after all.
Members of the main pack must remain good friends or higher with the current Alpha Couple and their heir. If they fall below good friends status, they will leave the pack for greener pastures.
The Pups
Child age and below. These little puppies are your Pack’s future. Their hut is open to everyone and they are raised communally. They may not hunt yet, and are also not allowed to leave the lot, thus stepping out of their pack’s protection.
Retired Alphas
That’s your Alpha couple in the Elder Lifestate. They’re too old to hunt, but the Pack still respects and cares for them. They will live with the Main Pack, so your heir and their partner may take over the Alpha hut. They are still allowed to spread the cursed bite!
Growing your household:
If your Alphas make good friend with somebody, they might consider adding them to their pack – that obviously only applies to human and werewolf sims.
Pack members that are not the heir’s mates or related to the Alphas are considered to have a lower rank than the main pack. That will only really show when food runs short, as they must wait until everyone else has eaten.

Scoring System:
- 100 for every death
- 50 for every child taken by social services
- 25 for every time you had utilities shut off
- 5 for every time bonked by newspaper (that’s just embarrassing)
+ 25 for every child born and raised to YA
+ 100 for every new generation
+ 50 for rare finds during hunts
+ 25 for every Sim bitten
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