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Default The Hunters (Vampire Legacy)
The Setup:
Create up to two YA Vampires - they CANNOT be a couple. If you create two, make them siblings. One of them is your founder, the other can be their second in command.
Your founder should have the "Turn the Town" LTW.
Move them into a lot of your choice and get crackin'. After you've built them rudimentary shelter, set your funds to 1.000.

The Rules:
- You are allowed, even encouraged to give your Sims jobs.
- You may not have Children of your own. Expand your household only by turning Sims into Vampires and having them move in.
- You are allowed one (1) plasma juice box from the fridge per day. That is, across your entire household. You may raid the hospital whenever you like for supplies.
- As soon as you are able to, your Sims sleeping quarters (use the Altar) must be in an underground crypt. Your above ground house is a facade for potential visiors - keep your basement access concealed!
- You may not purchase the Immortal LTR.
- You may buy Vampiric Sunscreen from the Elixir Store, but you may not make it yourself/learn Alchemy.
- You may use the weather stone only during Full Moons.
- You may use Writing, Sculpting, Painting, Inventing and playing music for Tips as additional moneymakers.
- You must purchase the Vampire lounge, the regular Consignment Store, the Graveyard and every Rabbithole business (Excluding: Fortune Teller Wagon, Hospital, Military Base).
- At least one member in each Generation must reach level 10 of the Criminal Career. You're the Vampire Underground. You're supposed to have influence there.
- When a seasonal holiday rolls around, you must bring at least three members of your household there to celebrate. You're respected members of the community. It would be... suspicious not to see you attend.

Succession Rules:- You must have a Successor chosen by the time the current leader reaches Elder age.
- Only Vampires turned by the current leader are eglible for succession.
- If you adopt children into your household (and turn them as soon as they become teens), they are only eglible for succession if they had an A by the time they aged up into YA.
- Among those eglible for succession, pick the one with the highest career rank by the time your current leader turns into an Elder. If there is a tie, add their skill points together and choose the one with the highest score.

- 200 for every Vampire starved to death
- 150 for every Vampire burned to death by the sun
- 50 for every time passed out due to sun exposure
- 25 for every holiday not attended
- 20 for every time utilities were shut off
+ 100 for every Sim turned
+ 200 for every Elder Vampire dying to natural causes ( Old Age)
+ 50 for every Venue/Business partnered with
+ 75 for every Venue/Business bought out
+ 75 for every time a career or skill is maxed
+ 150 for every time the "Turn the Town" LTW is achieved.
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