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Default The Coven (Witch Legacy)
The Setup:
Create one YA Witch.
Move into an empty lot of your choice, build a small hut with a garden area.
The hut should contain no more than:
- 1 cheap bed
- a cheap bathroom set
- 1 cheap fridge, a stove (can be more expensive, you dont wanna burn your new home down), 1 counter
- a dining table and two chairs
- a fireplace

Fence off your garden, then set your funds to 500

The Rules:- Set your seasons to 15 days each
- Lunar cycle is on
- 35 days in YA stage, everything else is up to you
- you can only take self-employed careers
- Your founder must be self employed as an Alchemist and have the Alchemy Artisan LTW
- You must grow your own food. Only buy from the Grocery Store for planting purposes
- Your founder must max the witch hidden skill
- You must cure all zombies that show up on your lawn during full moons
- Each witch in your Coven must have a small pet or a cat as a familiar.
- If one of your Coven members falls below good friends level with your leader, they will leave the Coven and move out. You may not re-recruit them.
- Use the Weather Stone on Full Moons and throw a house party.

Succession and Expansion:
- You may recruit witches and humans your are above Good Friends level with into your home. However, you may only do this if you have a Bottled Witches' Brew available for them.
- You may recruit one (1) Werewolf you are best friends with per generation.
- If you have a child with your Werewolf friend, you must cure and convert the child into a witch
- You may adopt, but you must convert the child as soon as they arrive on your lot.

- Your current Coven leader chooses her successor when she reaches Elder Lifestate.
- The Successor takes over when the leader dies.
- Take Magic skill, Gardening Skill, Alchemy Skill, Self-Employment level and relationship to every Coven member into consideration when choosing.
- As a ritual to name someone successor, your current leader must cast the good luck charm on them.

Scoring System:
- 250 for every non-old age death
- 150 for every Coven member that leaves
- 50 for every minor pet that is neglected and dies
+ 15 for every Zombie cured
+ 50 for each recruitment, child born and conversion.
+ 20 for every self employment promotion
+ 50 for every time you make best friends with the elixir store clerk
+ 50 for every Sim converted into any supernatural.
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