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Default The "Living Wild" Challenge
Expansion Packs Required: Pets
Mods Required: NRaas Master Controller, StoryProgression, PortraitPanel, Mover, and Woohooer

Background Info
So I've been stuck at home. You know, self quarantining and all the fun stuff that it entails. I've also been waiting on some computer components and for my first mod to get through the moderation queue, so it's brought me back to the Sims 3 time and time again, getting into the nitty-gritty with my ability to fabricate stories that entertain myself from the ground up. It's been fun, and It's brought me to some Sims 3 forums looking for a new challenge to dive into. Problem is, none of them really interested me. So I thought, "Hey, why don't I make a challenge?"

And that's how this was made.

Challenge Start:
1.) Before anything else, pick a world. You can choose any world your big heart desires, but make sure your choice is a wise one. With NRaas StoryProgression whatever world you choose will be able to populate with animals, but a world that is already suited for pets like Appaloosa Plains or Anne Arbor will go a long way as you are not allowed to place new lots down.

2.) In CAS you may create a maximum of two (2) animals but you get bonus points for going with just one. Your animal founder(s) can be a cat, dog, or horse and they can be either male or female. It's up to you!

3.) In CAS create a sim or move your chosen animal founder into a household. If you decide to create a sim over moving them into an existing household they can be whatever you want them to be. Choose their traits, their gender, clothing, it's all up to you. This sim won't be important to the challenge anyways.

4.) Once you're in-game you will have a day and a night before your animal founder must leave the lot. Once they leave they can never go back, so using your time wisely to learn how to hunt or grab a snack is highly advised.

Challenge Rules:
1.) You are only allowed to create a maximum of two (2) animals.
2.) Once a day and night have passed your animal founder(s) must leave their home lot and never return.
3.) You are allowed to add animals that are the same species as your founder(s) once they have reached the friendship level or above through using NRaas.
4.) Your animal founder(s) and every heir may only procreate with those they have reached the friendship level and above.
5.) Once the generation after your founder(s) is born an heir must be chosen. The heir will be the one to lead the group, and the cycle repeats until the sixth generation.
6.) The only mods you are allowed to use are the ones I've listed at the beginning.
7.) Cheats are not allowed. Resetsim is the only exception.
8.) Lifespan must be set to normal.
9.) The Young Again potion may not be used.
10.) You may not switch households within a save file.

1+ Point for every learned trait.
1+ Point for every adult animal in the pack, clowder, or herd.
2+ Points for every puppy, kitten, or foal born.
2+ Points for every hunting skill level.
2+ Points for every racing skill level.
6+ Points for every lifetime reward acquired per animal.
6+ Points for every extremely unusual item acquired per animal.
15+ Points for every skill journal challenge completed.

You Win If:
Your chosen heir for the sixth generation finally ages up.

You Lose If:
Your animals return home.
Your animals are taken away by the social worker.
All your animals die before the heir for the sixth generation ages up.

Bonus Points:
You get 20+ Points for every generation born after the sixth.
You get 20+ Points for doing a patriarchy or a matriarchy.
You get 20+ Points for starting off with one animal.

Oh c'mon. There better be a point to all this stress I'm under.
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