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Default Okia; House of the Geisha! ( Ancient Japan )
Location: KYOTO, JAPAN,



Congratulations! YOU have been chosen to be a Geisha! ( Female Only )

You will sell your skills, not the physical; Entertainers and Kyoto Dancers, Tea Ceremonies, All 

Fans, and Geisha Competition Life awaits! Live Minimalist with Sashimi (Rice) Mats; Makeup,

Boudoir, Full Length Mirror, Anything to Preserve Youth and give Honor to The Okia House. 

With Japanese minimalist style, small luxuries and bowing, kneeling at a rice table, you must 

learn and adapt to be given the Okia House itself! 

Goals 1, 2, 3, and 4 Below. 

Be as mysterious as you can;

Paint your Lips Red,
White Face and Neck area Makeup, 
Hair in Japanese Style,
Must Wear Kimono and Geisha Heels! (Found on MTS and Sims 3 Store, and some are CC )

( CULTURE: Japanese & Chinese traits Unlocked on Mod the Sims 3 & World

Adventures; Both Japanese and Chinese Cultures are MANDATORY TRAITS! )

( Extra up to 20 traits for Young Adult - Elders, On Mod the Sims 3 )

Geisha! Okiea School has started!

GOAL 1) You must learn these three skills. ( Jack of All Trades ) 

 Learn to play the Obo ( CC ‘OBBO’ mesh for Guitars on MTS 3 )

Learn to play the Flute ( CC Medieval flute at MTS 3 )

Serve Rice Cakes, Preform Tea Ceremonies, 

 ( CC Store Item Tea Set: A Must have or half the Challenge does not work. )

GOAL 2) Flirt with Ten Japanese Men; Heart Breaker Lifetime Wish For All Geisha!

Live in Okia, No leaving Unless with your Teacher, an older Geisha to guide you!

GOAL 3) Try to fall in Love - Forbidden! Or, forever flirt and compete against other Geisha! ( IF you Choose this, you MUST create at least Three other Enemy Geisha, All YA, and you all must live together in the Okia, and have the Chinese Culture and Japanese Culture traits, as well as Formal Trait ( Supernatural XP ) for all Competing Geisha.

Other Recommended Traits:

Flirt, Commitment Issues, Genius , Irresistible, Virtuoso, Perceptive,
Hopeless Romantic, Vain, Formal Trait,

LifeTime Reward for YOUR Geisha: No Jealousy Reward.

GOAL 4) Own The Okia!

Pass the Legacy of the Mysterious Geisha down as an Elder, to four new Geisha! 

No Time Limit & No Deadline; Go your Way!
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