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Default Free camera is relentlessly and immediately drifting to the top left corner
I’m having the weirdest... bug?... with my free cam (Tab) and it seems to have started today. At least I’ve never noticed it before. As you can see from this video, when I press Tab to go into free cam, my camera immediately starts drifting to the top left corner. The game doesn’t seem to register my mouse moving down and/or right in free cam, it will just keep drifting until I’m looking at the sky.

It isn't an issue on any other part of the game (not during live mode, map view, etc), or on any other application on my my PC. It doesn’t seem to be my mouse, there’s nothing leaning on my keyboard, nor do I have another device that would be causing this issue. I’ve rebooted my PC, reinstalled and repaired the game and started afresh on a clean game folder but it happens every time I launch the game to test.

Interestingly if I go to the options menus and tick ‘Invert Vertical Camera Rotation” and “Invert Horizontal Camera Rotation” the drift still happens by it goes in the opposite direction, down and right.

I understand this might technnically fall under a general PC issue but The Sims 3 is the only application where I'm having a problem and I don't know if this has come up for anybody else who might have a fix?

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Solved! I uninstalled the game manually by deleting The Sims 3 folder in my Origin Games directory and now that I've reinstalled it, the camera seems to be fixed.

Hopefully the issue's gone for good.
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