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Default Moved sim lost job and relations

This is not a "Help" thread in the correct meaning, I sort of just want want to know if this is the way it's supposed to work or not.

So I had this sim who is a vet. She have, had, two other sim to help her at the clinic that she owns. Both of this sims where "outside worlds" before but now I let one of them, Charlotta, move in by the Landgraabs in Oasis Springs. And by moving her there she lost her job!! And all relations whit her boss!! Why? I did not create her new, I just moved her into a world... Charlotta is not available for re-hiring but I guess it's because they do "not know" each other. I guess I have to play the owner of the pet clinic and let her invite her former worker to the pet clinic lot in order to put her on the list. But THAT will have to wait until next week.... (Tired, angry sims 4 player noises)
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Odd. I've had this happen when I moved sims from one saved game to a new created game, but never within the same world. Even when I added a new world and move a sim there I had no problem. (if you're wondering what I'm talking about, visit here:

If I can help figure out your problem I will definitely be back.
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Oh, OK. Well, I did visit the former employee whit the owner of the clinic so they know each other now. Still the woman is not avalible for hiring so my sim had to hire someone else as she needed help. Just to be more correct, the clinic is located in Newcrest and the employee moved to Oasis Springs. Maybe that is the problem- it is not the same world.
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