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Default Accounts and Usernames
1. One account per person: You may have one and only one account. If you are found to have more than one account, you may be subject to an instant ban of all accounts as well as an IP ban.

2. No shared accounts: Please register your own account, and do not share your account with friends/siblings/etc. - you are responsible for everything posted under your account, and "My brother did it!" will not allow you to get away with anything. Accounts are free and easy to create.

* The ONE exception is the "MTSBugMeNot" account (with a password of "bugmenot") which can be used for quick and easy access of downloads with no further registration. This officially-created account is the only account which can be freely shared.

3. Keep it clean: No vulgar or adult oriented nicks are allowed. This site is visited by teens and your nickname is visible to all. Any such nicks found may be subject to change, banning, or deletion.
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