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I rarely write about personal Create-a-Sim Sims I've added to a neighborhood I'm playing, so please, meet Blake Lake:

Blake has zero outgoing personality points, family aspiration, and moved to the Veronaville I'm playing with his adult sister quite some time ago. His sister got married and moved out, so Blake has 35 Baird Avenue to himself (thanks to the only time I've used 'familyfundscheat' in this neighborhood). Also, yes he has oversized facial features and his mouth curves down. He'll regularly appear on community lots where he'll meet others maybe a time or two but the rest is chance he'll be playing chess with someone he gets along with.

I'd never played a single day at his house, so he also has his entire adult stage ahead of him. That's when I realized that former townie Mallory Mace, who recently became an adult, was someone he knew and enjoyed passing time with. Both had 70+ long-term and short-term relationship meters. So, I got them together and despite Mallory's romance aspiration got them married to each other. They're both quite happy.
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@jaytee95 I like him, I'm glad you found a happy life for him!

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Life goes on at the Curious household. On Lazlo's last day among the living, he woke up with the desire to kiss someone, so he stepped outside and set his sights on the first passerby to catch his eye: Meadow Pederson. They hit it off surprisingly well, and within a few hours he got his kiss-- and then immediately passed away at the ripe old age of 80. The Curious brothers are no more; of the first generation, only Vidcund's widow Crystal Vu remains.

Speaking of Crystal, her fling with Circe has more longevity than I originally expected. Crystal rolls wants to go on dates every few days, so they've been seeing a lot of each other. Interestingly, they seem to have different ideas about how to spend their time together; Crystal hardly ever rolls wants beyond the talk/joke/play range, whereas Circe's wants almost always immediately jump to makeouts and woohoo. The spark might be fading, though; on their last date, Circe lost interest halfway through and started rolling wants about Loki instead. Crystal's keeping her options open and accepted a blind date offer, only to be set up with Gary Fratster of all people. They'd fallen in love by the end of the night and both have wants to be BFFs, but given the finagling involved in summoning BV tourists to home lots outside of networking-related dimensional teleportation, they'll be keeping their affair long-distance. At least that way there's no risk of being caught if Circe drops by unexpectedly.

While the first generation fights old age by seeking new love, the third generation of Curious residents is born to Ixo and Ophelia: twins Gavin and Vera, with mom's hair and dad's funky facial proportions. Ixo wants to send three kids off to college, though, so there will be more dates to come soon. Hopefully pregnancy isn't as hard on poor Ophelia the second time around. Uza and Tina haven't rolled any wants for children of their own, but maybe that's because their hands are full helping out with the twins.
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The first official teenage romance is starting in TT- the first in a generation:

Jennifer Meers, (daughter of Lynn Walton Meers), asked out Damian Walton (son of Darrell Walton, and not a relative) out for a date-which was fairly successful-they first went to the movies, where they briefly watched a Sci-Fi flick, and then headed over to the town roller skate park.
It was an uneventful date, except that Damian's mother, Angie, decided to chaperone him at the skate park. She's very protective of her children. Knowing that she's under the microscope for her interest, Jennifer introduced herself and they chatted for a while. She hopes she made a good impression.
It was very important to her to do this, because Angie is a high school principal, (but not hers) and she doesn't want to have her mother hear about any bad gossip.

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After a while, Lonnie Curious's motive for making out with Shayne Smith out of the blue in front of his entire family became clear. Lonnie wanted a child, an heir, and she picked Shayne to be the sperm donor. After getting her baby, all of Lonnie's interest in Shayne disappeared. Sadly, Shayne remained bewitched and obsessed with Lonnie to the point where he fell into a deep depression, could no longer function, and had to be hospitalized.

Lonnie is raising her child, Sherwood, to assume the mantle of Strangetown witch one day. Sherwood is a sweet, kind, loving boy who may not be willing to take on the darker duties, though. Lonnie and her mother, Liana, are also grooming Connor's alien daughter, Tambra, to join the coven. They are hoping when she is old enough that she will choose to leave her werewolf family and live with them. Tambra is also a sweet and thoughtful girl. Perhaps if she and Sherwood take over, they will put away the cow-plant and introduce some more beneficial magic to Strangetown.

I took a look at Tambra's family tree and whoa. Her father had three children with Liana and two children with Natasha, and via the Pollination Technician she is also related to Irving Curious and Destro Beaker, so she has 7 half-siblings (plus Irving's twin, Lincoln, who died a while ago, makes 8)!
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Originally Posted by simsample
@jaytee95 I like him, I'm glad you found a happy life for him!
Thanks it was always my intention to get him with someone. I realized I added him to the neighborhood almost two years ago but hadn't played a single day at his house so he was still at 29 days to elder and has had a "get married" want the entire time. Because he's as shy as a Sim can be he had few acquaintances and fewer friends so I felt it was long since time to rectify the situation. His twin sister Plake (came up with the name by exchanging "B" with "P") married someone and moved in with him quite some time ago, so as an added bonus Blake and Mallory now have a house nicer than the usual starting houses all to themselves.
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I panicked so I didn't get a picture, but I directed Don and Cassandra to get married and instead of the cutscene playing, they stopped because Don got struck by lightning and went home
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A couple of cute/funny things happened.

I was playing the Beakers. Lelah wanted to throw a birthday party for her daughter and she invited a bunch of Beakers, including those who hated each other or were cheating on each other with other ones. (For context, all four grandparents were there. Camellia had divorced Foster for cheating, and she was having an affair with Porfirio, which his wife Mirella did not know about.) I expected a great deal of drama and let the party go on free will. But everyone just ate pizza and cake, played games together, and had a good time. It was really fun to watch. Such a big, boisterous family. The next morning, Destro contentedly died of old age. He's my first born-in-game Sim to die as an elder.

Then I played the hotel and suddenly one of my minor characters, Elmer Miguel, was a werewolf. I think this was due to a mod I put in that lets wolves autonomously bite people, but I had never seen it happen although I tried a bunch of times, so I thought it wasn't working. I looked in his memories and he had met a wolf just before he was turned. I didn't even see it happen! Still, I thought it was hilarious. He's a romance Sim--what's he going to do now?
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Jules O'Mackey threw one last party at the sorority and came home to her old room in that big old creaky house that still doesn't have electricity or running water upstairs. The last few times he had her and the girls over for dinner the snow was too deep to see how seedy the yard's been getting. She took care of some of it for him, weeded the greenhouse, and gave one of the dogs a bath, but everywhere she looked there were signs that the old place was getting to be too much for him. She didn't really get a chance to discuss it with him, either, because Samantha Ottomas dropped by to discuss the wedding and then got stuck into a game of chess with Gabe while Jules ran to the grocery (he's been living exclusively on garden truck for months, which is not what she calls a balanced diet!) and tried to make tacos for them. They didn't turn out very well, alas. And tomorrow she'll married David and she looks forward to that, of course she does, but then she'll have to finally figure out what to do with the old place her mother was living in when she burned up and she can't help worrying about Pop and she knows what he'll say if she suggests he retire...Sometimes she wishes she wasn't an only child. Or that he and Patricia had worked out after all. Or something.

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So the flu has been going around Luna Canyon and Aemilia Romana, mother of 10 (4 teens, 4 children, 2 tots), got the pop up saying she was healthy and then proceeded to throw up into the toilet... There was no "baby?" thought bubble, so she has no idea. Probably thinks she still has the flu. 4 days until she's an elder too. Dang, risky woohoo really got her good. It got me too - this family is already hectic enough.
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The Smith family is way ahead of the curve. Many of my Gen 3 babies are just now being born in Strangetown. With the way I've been playing this neighborhood, a lot of Sims wait to have families so they can date or party or build their careers, and some aren't having children at all. I am really liking the variety that has been emerging. (For example, Laurette Grunt has never had a relationship and has rarely had a romantic want; she seems to genuinely be asexual.)

Then there are the Smiths. Arlie Smith, grandson of Johnny and oldest son of Shayne, got married right out of college and had three kids with his wife, Renee. They are Norris and twins Joseph and Annalee. So they are the oldest in Gen 3. Annalee just graduated herself and even though she is a Romance Sim, she hooked up with Elliott Ottomas (son of Sharla and Cyd Roseland) right out of the gate and got herself pregnant. They had a dream date where they both wanted to get engaged, but now reality is starting to hit them. Having no money, they have moved in with Arlie and Renee, continuing the Smith tradition of multigenerational households. Their baby is the first of Gen 4, and he is named Earl.

Arlie does not actually own a shotgun, which may explain why there's been no wedding yet. (Although Arlie is really mild-mannered and wouldn't actually put a gun to Elliott's head...I don't think.) I have a suspicion that Elliott may bolt once he gets a taste of family life. I know Sharla would love to have him back home. Over time, the Ottomas boardinghouse has evolved into a sort of free love commune. That's the kind of lifestyle Elliott is familiar with and probably really wants. On the other hand, the Smiths highly value family, so Annalee may overcome her cold feet and talk Elliott into going down the aisle. We shall see what they choose.
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I'm hitting some big milestones in my town!!

Henry Piccolo, started as an adult in my game, is the first of the founding Sims to age to elder! He called off all lockdown restrictions due to the flu and had a big bash. First, he had a lunch party at the new Piccolo Ridge Country Club with his oldest friends. In the evening, they threw a party at the house and all of the kids got to celebrate with their friends too. Clarissa fell in love with Bill Silva, the boy she's been seeing. Things got pretty heated in the hot tub when no one was looking. Unlike Clarissa, Sebastian did not inherit his father's charisma and irresistibility. He kept getting rejected by Bill's sister, Carol. Francis is shyer than his siblings and mainly kept to himself at the party.

At the Romana's, aside from them being my first ever family to have an 11th baby on the way, Corona is the first Sim in the town to go to college! Corona loves her family, but she's not content staying on the farm all of her life. She is excited to explore outside of Luna Canyon and go to college. The family sold what they could so they could afford tuition. Her twin sister, Regina, is happy to stay at home and work on getting her beau Orlando Centowski to go steady. So far, no go. He's smitten with Carol Silva and rejected Regina a second time to go steady. Regina also wants to be best friends with Carol, so I have a feeling she's trying to sabotage their relationship. Their 9th child, Julia, aged to a child! I love that she's named after dad Julius yet looks like a clone of her mother.

Super excited to have an elder and a college student!
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The Curious household is officially ruled by the second generation, now that Crystal Vu has passed away unexpectedly at 78. Circe will have to find someone else to cheat on Loki with (though I'm curious how she explained the life insurance payout!). The next day, Ophelia gave birth to her second set of twins, Carla and Lila, bringing the house full to bursting. She and Ixo both rolled wants to have 10 children, but those disappeared by nightfall, so I suppose reality set in. Uza and Tina are perfectly content with no children of their own; Uza dotes on her nieces and nephew plenty, and Tina spends most of her time churning out novel after novel in hopes of amassing a fortune. She's averaging a little over 3k per novel, so she'll have to manage quite the bibliography. The first set of twins are in their teens now. Gavin's setting his sights on college, pumping iron every evening in hopes of scoring an athletics scholarship; meanwhile, Vera's yearning for love-- true love's kiss, specifically. Maybe she's hoping for a high school love story like her parents?

As a sidenote, I may have to actually move the Newsons into a lot instead of leaving them in the bin. The Curious children are acquaintances with almost all of them-- at one point, three of the four kids each brought a Newson home apiece!-- but they're finding it difficult to maintain friendships with people who don't own phones and don't visit reliably.
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The Grunt family continues to dominate Strangetown and surrounding areas. Michelle Grunt (actually now Michelle Beaker, as she married Foster after divorcing David Ottomas) has become Mayor of neighboring Mesa Valley, achieving her lifetime want. And her sister, Camellia (Foster's ex-wife), has become General just like her grandfather before her, which will be very helpful in getting her to her lifetime want of earning $100,000. I'm sure General Buzz is looking down on them both with great pride.
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Evan Baker knows he's a workaholic and he loves it. He's started to notice his girlfriend Brooke drifting away (or really having an affair because he was never present to begin with). So he took some time off from work and the bakery and whisked Brooke and his son Bud (his biological mother is Sugar Baker) off to Takemizu Village. Brooke was pleased to have alone time with Evan, no matter how long overdue. She kept initiating hugs and kisses with Evan. The outcome of this vacation would determine who Brooke chooses: her long term boyfriend Evan or her lover Anthony Perry. Brooke ended up conceiving a child with Evan, so I think she's made her choice.

I made Anthony into a townie again, now that he's divorced from Sugar Baker and seemingly cut off from Brooke. I'm glad Evan finally has a win. I just hope he can finally give his current partner the attention she needs to stick around. Once the baby is born, Bud will have two younger half-siblings. Although he has no idea his little sister Cherry exists, since his mom hasn't even left a phone call since she ran off.

Sugar Baker is next in my rotation. We'll see how she's managing all alone with her newborn daughter at the motel.
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Skipp Nigmos (Unborn Baby Broke) became Pleasantview's first Mayor yesterday. He and his family moved into that mansion on the hill, because I figured the Mayor would live somewhere that extravagant. It's nice when you think the guy was born into an impoverished family who lived in a trailer, and now he's the Mayor with a wife and four children, living in a fancy house.

I'd be lying if I said that the house isn't a pain to play, though; it's big and I feel like the floor levels are weird. For example, the sim currently selected with be upstairs and I want to check on a sim who is downstairs. I'll go to select that sim and the camera will still treat it like I am upstairs, so I have to manually go down a level. Not only that, but it takes sims a long time to get anywhere... it took Ophelia a full in-game hour to get from the letter box to the toilet and in-game 40 seconds to get to bed.

I'm enjoying the idea and I aim to see this through, but damn...

Something else that's a little funny, at least to me. So, Ophelia and Skipp's eldest daughter, Lily, has a crush on James, who is the son of Johnny. However, James, although he has kissed Lily, because she made the move, actually likes River Grunt more, who is Ripp's daughter. In short, Ophelia's daughter likes Johnny's son, who likes Ripp's daughter. I didn't connect the dots straight away, but when I did... I chuckled a bit

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First play since April last year if I am to believe my notes, and why not. I wrapped it up nicely it seems and I got to play the Wedding. Io Ny, half alien from poor family marrying Johanna Girardet, legacy family heiress and got to move into the grand house.

Yes, it was a roof-raiser.
Yes, everyone was there.

Sending them to a vacation might be a good reason to buy a vacation home and dent that fortune a little bit. And maybe getting one of the dogs to move out so that a new generation can come into the family home. With both Amin Sims and alien genetics we are in for a treat! (In a few years irl since it's a slow process of irregular activity)

Now I have the delicate issue of a family with four popularity-sims and that might need to change. But for now it was a beautiful first play after a long time out ????
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Malcolm Landgraab is threatening to end financial support for the development of Plot of Land after getting into a dispute with Lucien Babybat III. Apparently the squabble is over water rights. Malcolm wants to establish a sewage treatment plant and migrate the town over to sewer water meanwhile Lucien thinks it invades Sims' right to free water as most of the town is hooked up to well systems currently. If Malcolm decides to end financial support for Plot of Land, it will have big implications on the development of the town as there are many lots still under construction and renovation.

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The Roselands seem to be saved for the winter! After paying bills they were down to about $500. Gordon caught two last fish before the pond froze, and I left them in inventory, since I figured it was touch and go whether they'd need to sell them to pay bills or stock them to eat before spring. LaShawn and Cyd are both learning to paint because canvas and paint are apparently free, and creativity points will I believe be helpful when they can afford to buy materials and resume sewing and toymaking, but they only have room for one easel and can only work intermittently with Isabel still crawling, LaShawn pregnant, and Gordon too small to do certain chores. (I wish kids could wash dogs.) Add to this the fact that LaShawn can't seem to keep away from Riverblossom Dry Goods. Stella keeps offering to sell her things cheap and she can't resist. Her latest extravagance is a bird bath.

However, Cyd and Gordon between them tended the final crop of tomatoes so well that they were all mouthwatering and sold for over $1500! That isn't enough for Cyd to really knuckle down to the toymaking, but he can probably do a little bit. When the new baby comes it won't be any extra expense if I can block Cyd from bottlefeeding it, since they already have everything it needs and I have a breastfeeding mod. The baby comes next round and under Hat's aging mod Isabel grows up in five days, so there'll be a couple of days of toddler overlap when they'll have to take turns with the toddler bed, but Isabel and Gordon managed that all right before he grew up. Once Isabel's a child, they'll need to add an upper bunk to Gordon's bed, and the $1500 will easily cover that along with the bills, and I think careful hoarding of leftovers and judicious use of Gordon's fish will enable them to skip buying groceries. The biggest looming expense is the possibility that Isabel will need clothes. Gordon grew up into some items that are pushing the envelope for "appropriate to era and circumstance," but girls' fashions change so much more radically than boys' do that she's got a lot more chances to grow up into something unacceptable. But we'll burn that bridge when we get to it.

If Cyd can ever get that gold toymaking badge and enough money for a store, they'll be out of the woods for good, but I'm being pretty strict about it. Families intended to run stores for things they make themselves can only sell them through the stores, so they have enough stock on hand to be worth opening. Technically LaShawn could sell anything but teddy bears directly, but her priorities are making things for family use. She can't sell curtains until all the windows in the house are dressed (there's still one bare window in the new upstairs bedroom) and she can only sew garments for the family. It's not often she has the time and energy to sit down and sew a project all at once, so she has to be careful about which high-profit projects (like the quilt) she starts, as the materials investment could be tied up for quite awhile before she can make the profit. She's finding this pregnancy very draining and has had to let the cleaning go almost entirely. Cyd and Gordon will autonomously clean things sometimes, but it has to be pretty gross before they'll think of it.

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There may be a heatwave imminent in Lacuna D.
simsample is fed up of playing a winter-spring-autumn-winter hood and wants some sunshine!

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Alvin Riley, the elder townie living at the Blue Pool Motel, walked into Sugar Baker's room and went straight to baby Cherry's crib. He knew immediately she was his daughter and hung around the whole day at the motel. Sugar was grateful for him deciding to be present in Cherry's life (and relieved to finally find out who her father is), but upset about her breakup with Anthony. She spent the day making amends with Anthony. I think she is really feeling guilty about the way she has treated her ex husbands. Baby Cherry is all she has now, so she can't leave her the way she left her son Bud many years ago. Sugar wants stability for her daughter- she rolled wants to marry Henry Piccolo, Evan Baker, Anthony Perry, and Alvin Riley... with two of those men unavailable and Anthony heartbroken, the choice was easy. Alvin wanted to marry to Sugar, too. There are no expectations of monogamy and this isn't a passionate relationship. Sugar likes to go out every night and party while Alvin likes to stay in and watch TV. Alvin simply wants to help take care of his daughter and help Sugar advance in her music career. Sugar and Cherry even took his last name, so they're the Riley family now. I am proud of Sugar for putting her child's needs first.

Ched Fromage has grown up into a perfect blend of his parents: he has glasses, the Knowledge aspiration, and a red hair turn on like his father, and loves art and his siblings like crazy like his mother. He is such a cute nerd and I love how since he grew up he hasn't spent a single second not taking care of his younger siblings. He even taught his little sister how to walk.

The Silva's lives are becoming very intertwined with the Piccolo's. Georgette, who recently became an adult, went on a date with Henry Piccolo. Henry seems to be a little different since aging to elder- this is the first time I saw him refuse a romantic social and not get a Woohoo want on a date. Maybe he's trying to be careful with Georgette since she's so young and naïve. Betty invited over the Piccolo's for dinner. She wants to be best friends with Catherine since they work together. It was Bill's last dinner with the family before leaving for college, so he enjoyed having his (unofficial) girlfriend, Clarissa Piccolo, over. She'll only be a year behind him in college. Sebastian King, Clarissa's half-brother and Henry's son, tagged along too. Sebastian tried to flirt with Carol Silva and she turned him down. He is so bummed about not getting his first kiss yet and the pressure/criticism he gets from his father. He got so angry he broke the Silva's lemonade stand.

Corona Romana and Bill Silva are now going to be in the same class at Land Grant University!
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The last weekend as a teen for Cappuchino Neighbour, he spent going out with a friend at Friday, and had a movie night with his old mum Modesty on Saturday. He wanted an expensive stereo, and since it was almost his birthday I got him one. He put it on to try it out and he and Modesty ended up having a spontaneous little two-man-dance party in Capps' room.
Sunday morning we packed up Capps' things, sold Modesty's bed in the livingroom and turned the bedroom into one for a couple. After that, their closest relatives as well as Modesty's fiance Gurra (Gary Walton) were invited and a wedding arch placed outside and a bottle of champagne in the kitchen, and Modesty and Gurra married each other, fulfilling a longtime wish of Modesty's.
Her oldest son Nextdoor didn't change into his formal wear for some reason, but I can't blame him for wanting to be extra comfy spending his days as a stay-at-home-dad to a toddler and a child who just grew up from the toddler-stage.

Lots of champagne was had, then people mingled until 6 o' clock when the wedding party turned into Capps' birthday party as he grew up to an adult. After that, people kept dancing, talking and eating cake as they pleased. Capps and Ville Stenbock bonded playing catch in the middle of the night. Eventually, when the only guest still present was Modesty's cousin Zelda Larsen eating a midnight slice of cake, Cappuchino got into a cab and moved out.

Cappuchino and his makeover chair, expensive stereo and teddy bears landed in Bluewater village, where he moved in with his bestie Monsoon Neighbour and Monsoon's good friend Lovechild Neighbour. Capps and Monsoon, who'd had a bit of a fling back when they were both teenagers, rekindled their flame and lost their virginity to each other (as their surname suggests, they have common ancestors but they're very distant relatives and aren't genetically related in any way).

The house they live in is big and nice with an indoor pool and stuff, and the idea was to bring together Lovechild's experience selling and taking care of customers after her days working in Florence Delarosa's shop, Monsoon's robot building and Cappuchino's talent as a stylist to have a lot where people buy tickets to get in and swim and stuff, and can also get makeovers and buy robots, as one does. It went poorly. I think the layout was part of the problem, all running in stairs and people getting in the way of each other, so I'm considering putting the entire living quarters upstairs and all business-stuff downstairs. But I wondered why people would seem intrigued at the door and then complain about something being in their way, until I realized after way too long that the ticket machine was too close to the wall so that once people had decided to buy tickets, they couldn't actually do it.
Cappuchino, who's been a natural talent with his scissors and only given one failed makeover on his way to a bronze badge, suddenly wasn't so lucky now with a business-reputation on the line. Perhaps he got nervous. One of his victims was his poor, newly-wed mother, who'd gotten a free pass into the house. Then she left the lot before Capps could offer her a free makeover to fix what he'd done. So now she's stuck like that until next time I get to her home.
Monsoon can only make toy robots thus far, and customers were hard to convince to buy. It's unclear whether this was due to Lovechild coming on too hard with the seller tactics, or if it was because they all inexplicably started smoking as soon as they were put on the OFB-shelf. Godspeed Neighbour, Lovechild's oldest sister, came by on a free ticket and I guess she took pity on her little sister & friends because she bought three smoking robots.

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#6848 Old 17th Aug 2021 at 11:48 PM
Welp, my latest Strangetown bit the dust. I'm pretty sure I know what the culprit is, and I don't think it can be fixed. It was going along well, then suddenly I had an avalanche of glitches, culminating in not being able to load it at all. Restoring from backup just restarted the process.

I really enjoyed playing it this long, and this particular iteration had so many great characters, but I don't know if I'm too sad about this. The problem with Strangetown--and probably Pleasantview, as well--from my perspective is that there are too few families to start with too many people in them, so my Strangetown became completely dominated by Curious/Smiths, Beakers, and Grunts. I think if the neighborhood hadn't blown itself up, I probably would have abandoned it soon anyway.
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Originally Posted by sturlington
The problem with Strangetown--and probably Pleasantview, as well--from my perspective is that there are too few families to start with too many people in them, so my Strangetown became completely dominated by Curious/Smiths, Beakers, and Grunts. I think if the neighborhood hadn't blown itself up, I probably would have abandoned it soon anyway.

But isn't that why you create your own Sims? I have a rule in my game to prevent this and it's a simple one - every 2 generations create a new household in CAS.

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Originally Posted by HarVee
But isn't that why you create your own Sims? I have a rule in my game to prevent this and it's a simple one - every 2 generations create a new household in CAS.

So I did say it was from my perspective--sorry I wasn't clear about my own rules for playing. I don't like to create Sims in CAS. I find it harder to form attachments to them. I like to play with the premades. Usually, when I start a neighborhood, I attach one of the universities and use the playables from that. With this Strangetown, I added the La Fiesta Tech students and I moved several of the Bon Voyage teens into university for extra marriage material. My challenge is to create a viable neighborhood using only playables.

But still, how can the Curious-Smith family not dominate Strangetown when they start out with 9 playables, and both Pascal and Vidcund have babies right away? Anyway, it's a problem I've been noodling on.
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