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Default New Laptop Advice
After decades of game crashes and having to start over, I’m in the market for a basic new laptop that can handle my Sims 2: Ultimate Collection and tons of cc. Looking to buy this off a friend. Will this work?

Lenovo Thinkpad 360
AMD A9-9420
256 GB SSD
1080 display
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What version of Windows does it have? I can't find specs for a THINKPAD 360, only a T60.

On the laptop, please run dxdiag. The instructions are here

The main thing with laptops is to make sure the video card supports the requirements for Sims2.

info located:

System Requirements for The Sims 2
A note on these requirements: These are the requirements as posted by EA/Maxis for the game. These are the absolute bare minimums you need to get the game up and running. These are NOT the minimum requirements for a playable game experience! If you have just the bare minimum and a low-end graphics card, you will NOT be able to play the game! It will run... but it will not look good, run well, or run consistently without crashing.

Items marked in red are those which, while officially supported, are completely unsuitable for playing The Sims 2.

It is recommended that for the base game you have at least:

A 1.5 GHz processor
A 128 MB video card
512 MB of RAM.
If you are running Windows Vista you should have at least DOUBLE those specs for the base game!

It is recommended for expansions, especially later ones like Pets and Seasons that you have at least:

A 2.5 GHz processor
A 256 MB video card - a newer, better one (higher MIDDLE numbers = better. For example a Nvidia 7600 would be faster than the newer 8400. Newer does not necessarily equal better. Generally speaking, expect the previous series mid-range cards to perform similar to the current series low-end, and so forth.)
1GB of RAM for XP or 2GB of ram for Vista.
Please note that nVidia GO series cards (found in laptops) are widely thought of as being NOT compatible with Sims 2 and are not supported for use with Sims 2 or its expansions! While some people report no problems, it is far more likely that you -will- have problems running Sims 2 if you have a GO card. Updating drivers can help sometimes but usually not. If you already have a laptop with a GO card it will not hurt your computer to try to run the game on it, however it is certainly recommended that when getting a new laptop you choose one without a GO card. The best thing to do if you have a GO card and you would like to play Sims 2 is to pick up one of the Stories series games (Life Stories, Pet Stories, or Castaway Stories) which are specifically made for laptop gaming and do support the nVidia GO series cards.
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