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Default I Have no idea how to use Blender!
Hey everyone,

I was trying to shorten clothing in Blender, but I couldn't figure out how to do, even though I've watched several YouTube videos and researched endlessly to no avail. So how to I cut clothes to make them shorter or even make them longer? If anyone can explain it like I'm 5, even though I'm 25, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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I could tell you to mark the vertices and move them up or down, or to mark faces and delete them with the delete key - but unless you know how to use the interface, there's not much point in me writing it down.

I don't think you'll suddenly have an AHA! moment from something someone writes here. My best advice would be to find a better tutorial that explains how the interface, shortcut and menus work on a very basic level, and do some test modeling while watching the videos.

This tutorial is one of the more basic ones, showing how the interface works and some basic modeling tools. and has 9 parts to it (you can find the rest in the "next video" to the right). I suggest you watch 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6 (the others are more geared toward making a rendered picture, with materials/lights/renders).

Here's another one:

And another one with 4 parts: (Part 1 in particular). (Basics of UV-mapping, when you get that far) (more on UV-mapping)

I used some of those when I first started out, and they're fairly easy to follow along with. I do have prior experience in other 3D modeling programs, so I knew the basics of modeling and were familiar with most of the modeling jargon - but I still had to 'rewire' my brain to understand the Blender menus, controls and shortcuts, since for the most part they're completely different from the programs I was used to.

When you've familiarized yourself with the blender controls, then you'd want to find some tutorials on how to edit clothes, because there are things you need to know (like joint assignments, how to properly connect part you've modeled to the base mesh, etc.). You don't say which game you want to make CC for, so I'm assuming it's TS3 or 4, since Blender usually isn't the preferred program for modeling CAS parts for TS2.
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