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Default Compatibility for The Sims 1 through 4 on a Windows 10 OS
Well, I recently purchased a Windows 10 PC tower and because it's currently under construction, I wanted to get some information on programming modes (OS modes that mimic the available OSes from those eras) that allow for the older games to be played and because it's a 64 bit OS, I can go further with my The Sims 4 game.

Question is: Is it possible to play all 4 generations on the PC Tower, especially since it's for gaming and video production?

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Hello, I have Windows 10 and I can play Sims 1 through Sims 4. You'll have to run the sims in 32-bit mode.They'll show up in the Program Files (x86) folder. Then right-click the icon, select Properties and go to the Compatibility tab. Check 'Run this computer in compatibility mode for:' Then select the OS version that the game was made for. Choices go from Windows 95 through Windows 8. Then click APPLY
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