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Milkshape Help (First Time Using It)
Hey! I decided to follow this 4t2 clothing conversion tutorial because I wanted to convert this lovely top for S2.
All seemed to be going A-OK in me following it, but in 14:20 the person activates the skeleton to (I suppose) edit the bone rigging, but my bones look... nothing like in the video.
They're clean and easy to see in her video, but in mine, it looks like a wire-web bone mess.
Here's the comparison between both (video and mine) skeletons.

I just need to know if there is any option to make the bones look clean, and not wire-connected between each other, because I know for a fact that my bone assignment is looking how it should be (opened it up on Blender).

Thank you for reading this~~
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The wire mess usually happens because the joints are set to a too big size.
File --> Preferences --> Misc --> Joint size "0.010000"
If that fixes the problem, go ahead with the tutorial

* Note: If setting the size doesn't fix the problem, or if the joints reset every time you open that particular file, there's a chance two skeletons are present, which is a bad thing. For TS2 meshes, if the "auskel" joint at the top also shows near the middle of the Joints list, or isn't at the top of the Joints list at all, then you may need to reimport the mesh over a working skeleton (but don't worry unless you actually see one of those problems). If you've imported the mesh into an empty Milkshape window, this problem is much less likely.
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Oh God, thank you so much @simmer22! I can't believe it was just that simple! 😂
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