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Default Sims 2 Updated Graphic Card Compatibility for Windows 10
Is there an updated listing? I have a Dell OptiPlex 780 SFF. I am looking at new cards and I found a Dell NFXD5 AMD Radeon HD 6450 1GB 64-Bit DDR3 PCIe Low Profile Video Card, but it's not on the list from the Game Help System Requirements page. Does anyone know if it will work? In the Dell manual it gives the suggestion to get either one of these but can't find them to buy.

Edit: Found the first two on Ebay, but still show on compatibility chart that some EP's Yes and other EP's no, confused.

256MB nVidia GeForce 9300
NVIDIA Quadro NVS 420

Thanks for help.
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Don't buy an Nvidia card, and definitely not a 10x0 series. Win 10 plus that card is not working for sims2

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Well, I bought the first one ATI Radeon HD 3470. My hard drive also crashed (rebuilding files sucks lol) and had it replaced with a solid state hard drive. What a difference. My computer is 10x faster now and the Intel Chipset doesn't seem to be a problem at all, but still hoping the ATI will bring me better graphics. The Graphic Card Rules Maker helps and I only applied the 4GB patch it's up and running.
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