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Default CPU for smooth heavy modded sims 3 all EP SP...(and sims 4)
Planning to get new PC this christmas

Juice up some GTX 1070TI or even GTX 2070 at least...however as far as I know, sims 3 and sims 4 tends to heavily lean on CPU

My last computer is an alienware with sli 2x gtx 780 and Cpu of intel 17-43xx (I forgot) with SSD, and sims 3 still runs infuriatingly with heavy mods and all EP SP

planning to get i5-8400...or should I juice it to i7-8700?
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I found that many of my issues with Sims 3 was that last 'patch/fix'. I basically destroyed my ability to play the game. It had so much lag it was unplayable. What they had intended was to 'hide' the EPs you weren't using so there was not so much CPU/RAM being used but it was a bad last patch as far as I am concerned. They put that one out just before Sims 4 came on the market. I ended up reinstalling Sims 3 and all the extra packs, etc., but did not install that last patch , then I set origin to never update the Sims 3 game and it worked fine. Just make sure you never let origin update the Sims 3 and it should work fine as long as you don't install that final patch And, yes, I did repeat myself so make sure after installing all the games. DO NOT INSTALL that last patch! works great!
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