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Default The Sims 3 (and 4) + Linux
Recently my main Windows 7 PC's system files corrupted, and as a result I now run Linux (Ubuntu) on that PC as a stopgap solution. I'm planning on upgrading my PC to a faster desktop soon, but that will be running Ubuntu as well before I buy Windows 10 as the last piece. EA doesn't like to acknowledge Linux gamers (to be fair, there isn't a lot of us) so that means that we are left without a way to play the Sims games. I'd just like some pointers and such to see what I could do to get these things running (as patches by fans or by using Wine). Any help is much appreciated.

EDIT: Upon looking back on an earlier post on this subject which is from four years ago, I don't know if those solutions from the earlier thread still work, and it was talking about Linux Mint as well when I run Ubuntu 18.04, so this is a bit redundant in retrospect but mostly valid.

EDIT2: Okay, so I'm an idiot. I also need to get the Sims games installed by Origin as the disk drive in my laptop is broken. I'm very afraid that this will hinder my ability to play these games.
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Sorry to be a bit late (this forum is tricky to be found).

basicly you will need Lutris (configuration framework for Wine) and/or POL (Play On Linux), for the Steam games, including Sims, there's a SteamPlay. The results are a bit mixed, however not as grim as were not so long ago, which I'm very happy cause probably I will have to migrate somewhen at the end of the year, too ('cause of the end of W7 support). Games are playable with some quirks and unfortunatelly a bit lower efficiency - games will work in another additional layer - on the other hand managing a load and memory is like a breeze in comparisation with any Windows.

Links for a start:

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