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Default What OS would be better?
Hello I was hoping someone here could help me pick an OS for my online gaming computer.
For now it is just a refurbished HP office computer with 64bit win10 but not for long.
I already have all the hardware I need for the upgrade but one problem remains WINDOWS 10 IS TRASH!
My best internet connection is a 4G cellphone and no matter what I apps shut down or outright rip out win10 always finds away to eat up what little connection speed I have.
I was thinking of upgrading to win7 but MS will stop support for that next year and if winXP is any indication so will the games I want to play.
I have also been looking into Linux with WINE but I never used any form of it but I hear some builds much lighter than most Windows.
The main games I want to play are: Star Trek Online, Ever Quest 2, and Tera. If it can run them it can run anything.
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Win10 Pro apparently gives support for setting up a virtual machine for another OS like XP or 7 for testing purposes, so while Win10 has a lot of downsides, that might still be an option. You'd need plenty of space on the harddrive and enough RAM for the virtual machine for whicever games you want to run on it.

(I have Win10 Pro 64-bit on my new laptop and have considered such a setup for my TS2 game, possibly with Win7, but I don't have any experience with setting up a virtual machine, so... we'll see. I have managed to make the UC run on it with some setting changes and modifications, so if it remains stable when I add CC, it's possible I don't have to)

I don't have any experience with those games, but if any of them are 32-bit, it's possible the 4GB patch can make them run smoother on a 64-bit system. It does work for both TS2 and TS3 so it's possible it also works for other games.
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