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Default Will a RAM upgrade be worth it? (all Sims games, a few other simulation type games)
I bought a MSI laptop a few months back. It has a i5-8300h cpu, 1050ti gpu and 8gb RAM as standard. I've already upgraded the storage by converting it to purely SSD (just shy of 500gb space across 2 SSDs). There is a spare RAM slot, which I am considering filling with an 8gb Crucial RAM chip (costing around £50). Is there any way to predict how this will speed up my computer? For reference, I'm currently playing TS3 with all packs except sweet treats, lots of mods (including NRaas SP) and around 3-4gb of CC. It runs mostly smoothly except for some lag now and then, especially on the awesome but borderline unplayable Isla Paradiso world. Will RAM make it run even smoother, or is that more of the role of the cpu? I am aware TS3 will always lag, I'd just like to know if doubling my RAM to 16gb will have many benefits for me in other areas.

Many thanks
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