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Default Can't login into my account
Hello. I've been hooked in this issue thousand of times. I had problems to login in my account. I had to create this new one since it was impossible to login my old.

It keep to says that i insert the wrong password. But it was not true. I also reset the password Yesterday and today i tried to log again and it says again the password was wrong. In past days the same, I kept and kept to reset, try to login, and the next day again the password it says it was wrong. .

This happen everyday. so definitively there's something that not working .

I just wanted report this issue, because i don' t think it's solved and surely Tomorrow it will say again the message of wrong password...
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#2 Old 21st Aug 2019 at 9:18 PM
Hello! Sorry to hear you are having this issue. If you mean this is a problem with your MTS account, then admins can move this thread to our Site Issues forum, where you can get faster handling of your technical issues specific to site.

If you mean you are having a problem with logging into an account on your computer's OS, such as Windows or Mac, please clarify that for us instead, such as by giving more details about your OS.

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