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Default Cat head replacement - feedback please!
Hi everyone!

This has been an 'on and off' project I've bee working on. And finally they're not starting to look like stretched out monsters :p Because, the rig didn't agree with me there lol.

Anyways! Here's EA's

And here's mine:

These are completely replaced meshes, so it's not a cat I made myself  I do realise that the gray one looks a bit off, and I do hope I'll be able to fix that eventually! But I wonder if the changes are nice at all, or whether you got some feedback for it!
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This looks good. I think the small circles in the eyes being minimized is good. i don't know if those are control points for a slider but seem better smaller. I think if you can keep the length of slit eyes without the width it might be better(but don't know if that is possible). The gray cat furrowed brow might actually be good look for one that that has an angry/antisocial demeanor.
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