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Default French Site Translation!
Update of official French Sims 2 site translation (page #1:! I decided to translate some of the info for pets on the official french site. It's not 100% exact, but there's interesting stuff here, no doubt. Edit: Never mind, there's better translations now, and most of the stuff here is mentioned in the TSR Pets article too, but some of it is still good for comedic factor.

1) First of all, you will be able to choose a dog breed (Big Danish, German Shepherd, Collie, Greyhound, Poodle, etc.) and of cats (Tonkinois, Bermese, Persian, I some pass and better)

2) Next, you will be able to decide form of its ears, color of its eyes, the length of his nose … Ah, so only you had had this weapon against Cléopâtre, the face of the world in turn have been changed!

How that, the fur of the dog seems to you a little strange? This is not nothing, o Big and Beautiful sim fans, I swear you! No, the game is not broken….

Seriously, it is necessary really for you to stop raising your eyebrows like that: you impress me! You do not want that the fear of the Lions make to forget all that I saw over there? This is well this that I thought. Where was I? Ah yes, the fur of streaks: the mister of with EA wanted just to do you to laugh with furs completely deliria. Because figures you that while mixing the different colors and fur lengths, you will be able to create any again race never seen, and some to do a farm! For the animals have their clean discomforts! What do they transmit! to their descendants! Farpaitement, môssieu!

Now, if you want a normal animal, indeed even banal. ... person not about it prevents you, hein (means "eh? or what?").

Good this is well pretty and all that, but in the game, this is how?

This did you think, do not THIS? I know you well, o Magnificent Enquiquineur, your requirement has not of equals that your passion for the Sims. Once you have created your animal, you have two choices. Was quiet can merge the animal that you have just created with your families, was quiet can ask your sims to use the telephone for:

1) To Adopt an animal! You can take your telephone, go to services and find the function to adopt a dog in the menu. (Not to get confused with the one that allows giving his dog, or a kind lady will come to remove Médor).

As you can see it on this photo… What again? Click over, you will see better!

Therefore did I say, you can verify the behavior of your animal before you adopt it. Itself it well or poorly (trained?), this that it knows to do as turns, etc. Here, Alphonsa not again nothing learned, but it suffices to congratulate it or to punish it according to his behavior to (train?) it.

And then, the animals have a personality. As this is written in English, I translate you. Yes, for that I accept your thanks, that does not do left my work, after all.

Me:Wait, what? Er...okay... :bump:

2) To give him love Ben voui, the dogs and the cats have them also have a realtionship panel, despite all tone to be able, o Cybernaute Eclairé, you cannot direct the animals otherwise as by the mediated one of their master Sims, you would benefit by this as your sims agrees well with, if you want to see it to do things... to give love.

One will not miss, on the 1ERE (here?) picture, the pretty basket of the cat, as well as his tree to scratch. On the second, oh that this darling, gouzi-gouzi and all that, but some did this is the last fear of the lady that it is necessary to look at…. (You can click on the picture for more better to see, I will not disappear, promised sworn, pfiout!) Eh yes, all not step can be pink in the life of a Sims, otherwise you yourself t’ennuierais, o Fickle Wonder. Now, you certainly will wonder me why I also heavily insisted for as you to give love to your animals? Because otherwise, they do:

3) stupidities, pardi! On the two examples that Gift Laabs showed us, a cat destroys the furniture, a dog rolls around in the garbage… This that does not want to say that your dog cannot destroy the furniture, if you ask for him kindly.

4) To (word might be nsfw) his animal Comes here! Stay! Does the beautiful one! Bark! Give the pa-patte (handshake i think)! Go to bed! Does the death! (Me: :laugh:play dead it says, but I thought it was funny, so I left it like that)

But no, this is not at you that I speak, Grandissime Simeur of my heart! I translated you just the orders that one can give to them…

The alone thing, this is that for that they understand how to execute a turn, it is necessary first to mime it for them (show it to them)… Fortunately that the Sims have not fear of the ridiculous one. The good new one, this is that that they will do magnificent photos… Miam. Ah, and guesses this that they can do thanks to their small turns? They can earn money! If they have a career, and slave away while your Sims themselves relax! What asks the people? (Bread? Hé ho, I loaded myself with games, you can well to find bread…)

5) The careers I had no specifies on the trades themselves, but I know that there will be 3 possible careers.

Show business: I suppose that it is necessary to choose these trades when your animal is strong in turns as to do the death or give the paw… b- the services: dog of blind person, etc. Logically, this being for the very friendly and obedient animals. C- The security: Perfect
for the belligerent and also very active animals!

Pardon? No, I don't have any screenshots… I was not able to play long enough to see a career… it is necessary to say that I passed a lot of times to enthuse me on the creation tool of animals!

Does it please? Euh, that begins, to well to do, the threats, Big Schlem. I did not not yet see the tail of a Lion, I signal you.

6) The animal others one saw them during the presentation, but my device (camera?) wasn't too good, my photos were all fuzzy ones… Strong fortunately for you, Noble Simeur, (and for me also, yes I know) EA gave us screenshots.

They have not any personality as the dogs and the cats… although. I learned to my depends that the parrots could bite… HAS the shrewd strong question of any of my companions: "The Hamsters will they, as in the Sims 1, this disease irritating that returned all our sick Sims?" One person said to us: "No. But there can be deaths linked to the animals… One will not say you which ones" hehe…

Good enough, talked about the Sims PERCENT for the moment, we there will return when I will relate you our game meeting (yes, they left us to play a little nonetheless… them also have of the to be afraid of the Lions…) For the moment, see this as the kind ea sirs related us on the other supports of the game!

That's it for the PC version!
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thanks for that :P
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Thanks for this~

*Glares* >:( What are you looking at?
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No problem! Interesting part at the end with the adopting service. Will post more as I translate it.

Edit: There's no death by guinea pig? Darn! There are animal related deaths it seems.
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Awesome, thanks for the translation
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Wow! Thatnks for the translation!
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Any chance you can provide a link to the page in frence please? I can understand some french, and (no offense implied) I'm sure I will be able to understand it better in French, as I cant really get half of that!

Yeah... alright, you can PM me to request a house I suppose... Might take a while though as forewarning...
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Here you go Cheeseisgood

No offense Captain THPS4 but it looks like you're using an online translater and they aren't the most trustworthy of things

here's a link to a full translation of the first page (it should continue as well to the next)
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Thanks!!! This really explains a lot!!
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Yes, I used an online translator (though I knew they're not completely trustworthy). I just wanted to quickly get a basic idea of what all that stuff meant in English, lol! Just thought I'd share this since nobody else did this yet, no offense taken BTW. If anyone can translate this a little better go ahead. I know some French too, I just polished it up a little bit, I think I did the best I could. :smash:

Edit-here's the site I used:
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Faithlove, you can choose to merge the pet with a family you already have too. Not just adopt
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I speak fluent french, and i am going bullet point things that it says. I've read the one on snooty sims and it really shows it was web traslated (no offense, i love snooty sims anyways) There is actually a lot of cool stuff that is not also about the pets, i am putting that in here as well

I went across the ocean, water and blood to get this cruicial information about The Sims2 Pets! They were hidden with a handful of Americans, but after some fighting, i come humbly and put the information at your feet.

No, no, don thank me, its all part of the job. Hum, why are you frowning, o' grand simmer? Do you not believe in my....whoa! No need to throw me in the pit of lions....i confess.

I really had fun and i was welcomed like a queen, i got the information without even a scratch, they know how to treat people at EA! We left, us 10 little fans, but with good help, we were helped by empolyes of EA at the airport. Once our we signed our names, and we got our badge, we went inside...

Oh joy! Oh hope! We can finally see them...also the hall was really pretty.

Our little group entered a big metting room with tons of improtant people.....what, me scared? I would like to see you try! Theses guys mades the Sims2 pets, really! Oh yes, these are really busy people and still they were there for us to show us their newest creation...and their new creatures.

We were greeted by Rod Humble, Vice president, and the director of the Sims Studio. He has been working here for 16 years and worked on Nightlife. How do i know? I took notes! *sigh* remember, it really helps to work hard in school!

Then, Don Laabs, Senior Producteur of the sims 2, gave us a demo of the game. By the way, senior does not mean that he's old, but that he is important! We are not in the sims here (well we are, but thats no reason)In the demonstration, we still couldnt play, we only could watch the sims on a giant moniter. It was fustrating, you can't imagine, o' grand simmmer!

1)blah blah dogs, race, cats blah blah, this was already translated.

2) After chosing the race, you can decided the form of his ears, eye color, nose length.....Ah, if only we had this techonogie against Cleopartre, the face of the world would be changed

(here it would be good if you went down to the article and looked at the dog with the wierd fur, if not, this is totally random)
What, that dog's fur seems a bit wierd? Its nothing o wonderful Simmer, i swear! No, the game is not broken...

Really, you have to stop frowning like that, your immpressing me. You dont want that i forget all this information because i am afraid of the lions?

Thats what i thought...were was i? Ah yes, the zebra fur. A man working in EA wanted to make you laught with really crazy furs. Because, believe it or not, by mixing different colors and lenghts of fur, you can make races never seen before! Because the animals have their own genes! That they transmit! To their descendants! Really!

Thats nice, but how does it work in the game?

Thats what i thought, right? I know you well, o grand simmer, your demand has no limit to the passion for the sims! Once you have created your animal, you have 2 choices. You can either move the animal into your family or pick up the phone to:
Adopte an animal
So: we take the telephone, we go in the services and we look for the option to adopte the dog. Watch out, there is also an option to give away your dog.
You can check how the dog is before you adopte it. If he is well behaved or not, if he can do tricks, etc...

Your animal can be
-Genius or idiot
-Hyperactive or lazy
-Independant or Friendly
-Casule or snob
-Agressive or scardy cat

I am going to translate the rest later, i need my sleep!

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Thankyou angelkitten056! This makes more sense
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Thanks a lot angelkitten056, that's a load off my back! :bump:
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Thanks so much angelkitten056! Wow, the personalitys sound great! It all sounds great!
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Thanks angelkitten! Much appreciated
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