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Originally Posted by higgins534
nattysims: the cheat 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' does work with Pets.

Yes it does...

Originally Posted by SimGirlTasia232
i just have one question when is their going to be a patch for the pets ep in my game i can play fine its just when i move outside the house the screen goes blue and it takes about 5 mins for the game to go back to normal is there something wrong or do i need the patch

Sounds like a memory issue- this can sometimes be improved by using different drivers. This thread has more details:
And this tells you about changing your graphics drivers:
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Default Cat Tree
I heard there was a tree that cats could climb up and it increases their scratch and fun need. Your sims can also climb up and the dogs can pee on it instead of going in the house. I just don't know the name and where I can find it. Does anybody know what it is called?
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No such piece of content exists in the Pets EP, Alexaballet. I've not heard of a custom object that does all of those things, either, but you might want to ask in the WCIF subforum. (See: Help > Where Can I Find)

Climbable trees for humans in TS2 are cc only. (WCIF, people. WCIF.)
I've seen no climbable trees for cats. The game does come with a "cat condo" that is a combination scratchy-climbing thing found in the pet section of the catalog. Some talented creator really should replace that mesh with something like a small tree or large bush for feral cats.
Dogs will go NEAR, but not ON, bushes and trees in the yard if they are housebroken. (Unfortunately, they will also go near the mailbox.)
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