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Default "20 Best Pet Friends" LTW
Any suggestions for fulfilling this want? Since pets have no phones, this one's going to be tricky. Luckily, the Sim is already at perma-platinum, so has plenty of time. Here's all I got:

a) Raise the pets, become best friends, then send them off with another Sim.

b) Raise the pets, become best friends, then let them die. Resurrect them when the Sim has 20 Pet BF.

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Well if you have insim you can use the summoner box or I think it is simlogical that has a bush summoner, but I've never used that so I'm not sure if you can summon pets or not. Or get a male and female animal, spawn them, become best friends with the puppies and then do what your choice A is. I've never actually done this ltw, so good luck
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