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Strangetown was my absolute favorite town in Sims 2. I especially liked Nervous Subject, Olive Specter, and the Curious brothers. Nervous was renamed Nicolas Muenda, got impregnated by aliens, married Pascal Curious, and the two of them raised their alien babies together. Vidcund got abducted by aliens, got plastic surgery, married Olive Specter until her death, and then remarried Athena Chien-Li, the daughter of a criminal mastermind couple. Lazlo married Erin Singles. Lola became a pleasure seeker and married Ajay Loner.

"Oh, let me guess. Another box with a crank that I turn and turn and turn until...whoo...a clown pops out. Then you laugh, the kids laugh, the dog laughs, and I die a little more inside."

-Stewie Griffin, Family Guy
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Wow, so much has happened throughout my game in Strangetown proper as well as Bluewater Village and Downtown! I'll try to summarize!

Grunt: Gen Buzz aged to elder, Tank is Captain Hero, his and Stella's daughter, Terra, aged to child. Princess Crittur was given to Ripp so Buck's wedding to Jill Smith could take place! Then Buck moved to his own place---Jill cried when he left!

Buck Grunt: Moved in with Ripp to get Princess back, then moved to a house next door to his dad's place. House was remodeled, then he called Jill and had her move in.

PT Smith: Jimmy's at Uni, Jemma (pop) next to go, twins, Jordan (Fortune) and Jayden (Family) are teens as is youngest brother Joshua (Knowledge). Bonkers grew up into a black cat. And Jenny aged to elder!

Singles: Chloe's still working on her 20 different woohoos. Now that my computers been updated with more memory, hopefully she can go to community lots again! Recent graduate, Angie Nanale moved in.

Loner: Ajay and Lola see the triplets, Levi(pop), Zoe(Knowledge), and Loni(Pleasure), off to Uni. They welcome Hershey's pup with Bella, Coco, into their home!
Levi and Melody Tinker, brother Loni's teen love, realize they are 3 bolt soulmates at Uni!

Beaker: Erik(Knowledge) goes off to Uni! Loki gets abducted by aliens and baby music! (I read 5 days was safe---guess not!)

Specter: Nicholas Subject and Opal had twin daughters: Olivia and Nicole!

Pascal Curious: Soon to be an elder, Pascal is thrilled with Pisces progress at Uni (he's starting his Junior year), Lilly is progressing in her Science career, and the twins, Phillipe and Lucien, will be teens soon! The got one of d'Artagnan and Skye's puppies, a female Charon.

Vidcund Curious: With his marriage to Dora Ottomas, a remodel of the house. Vidcund reaches the top of the Journalism career and completes his LTW.
He will be an elder soon when his alien twins, Victor(Knowledge) and Vincent(Pop), go to Uni next play!

Lazlo Curious: His alien twins, Lunar(family) and Kitianne(knowledge) are studying hard for Uni. Skye had puppies:a male, Count, which they kept, and Charon going to Pascal per above. Sagan aged to teen and surprised them all when he chose Romance!

Ripp Grunt: Up to 10 on his 20 woohoo LTW!

Goodie/Newson: Bert reached his LTW of Chief of Staff. Faith is close to being Education Minister (her LTW). Gavin and Ginger are Juniors at Uni. Gallagher(Family) and Gabriella(Romance) are pursuing love interests.
Garrett(Pop) and Georgia(Fortune) aged to teen.

Larson: Jason and Kristen(singles) are happy to announce the arrival of Bella and Hershey's puppies: a girl, Coco, going to the Loners, and a boy, Java, that they kept!
Twin daughters, Alvinia(Fortune) and Elisande(Knowledge) are looking forward to Uni when their teen loves, twins, Victor and Vincent enroll!

Traveller: Trent completed his LTW of Space Pirate and Trisha completed hers, World Class Ballet Dancer! Tina's a Junior at Uni and her and Gavin Newson are still very much in Love!

Roseland: Cyd and Jodie(Larson) celebrated daughter, Elissia's child birthday! And Athos and Sheba had 2 puppies, females, Milady and Elodie!

Gieke: Chester and Erin(Beaker/Singles) were proud and sad to see daughter, Sigrid head off to Uni! She's now a Sophomore and wants to get engaged to Jimmy Smith! Suzi and adopted stray, Tucker, have a puppy: Puck!

Cooke: Julien spends most of his time with the pets, Jake and Alegra. Sadie's close to her LTW of Chief Of Staff. The triplets, Sebastien(Pop), Jacquelyne(Family), and Juliette(Knowledge) are studying hard for Uni.
Jacque's teen love, Pisces, is there and so is Sebastien's, Sharla Ottomas! Juliette is dating Tommy Ottomas.

Johnny Smith: Johnny and Ophelia both maxed their careers. He reached his LTW of Becoming a General and they'll need the pay raise with 6 children! Oldest son, Creon, will be a teen in 3 days. Twins, Petey and Parker, just aged to children. Twins, Wyatt and Willow, are still toddlers. And daughter, Jennica, aged to toddler! They adopted one of Duchess and Leroy's pups, Lady!

That's all the updates for Strangetown proper!
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Strangetown's Bluewater Village families:

Ramaswami: Ajay and Priya both max their careers and complete their LTWs! Jaya will be a teen in 3 days! Dog, Nikko, has made friends with the Jacquets, Bette, in hope of puppies soon!

Picaso: Matthew is an Astronaut, twins, Wyatt and Abigail, age to teen in 2 days, and Jessica got both her big wishes! A kitten, Miss Kitty, and another baby! Twins again! Welcome to Zachary and Chelsea!

River and Erin Smith: Twins, Rhiannon and Ethan, age to toddler! Duchess Crittur and Leroy have 3 puppies: Duke (to Chloe Singles), Lady (to Johnny Smith), and Lassie, whom they kept!
While the twins were still infants, both River and Erin popped a wish for another baby! So they are expecting again!

Ottomas: Peter ages to elder (before his new step-father Vidcund!) Samantha will age to elder on next play, David's progressing in his music career, Sharla's a Sophomore at Uni. Tommy (knowledge) is enjoying his teen years dating Juliette Cooke, but he goes to Uni soon. Michael(Romance) and Doralyn(Fortune) aged to teen. Doralyn has 1 bolt with Garrett Newson, and they had a Dream Date! Michael met Gabriella and they have 3 bolts being mutual Romance sims! Patrick aged to child and as the youngest has been spoiled rotten. (He only has one nice point!) Ginger, Tommy's cat, has had her beautiful orange tabby color restored!

Landgraab IV: The twins, Mallory and Claire, age to teen! As Malcolm's daughters, they both choose Fortune, but Claire likes Science, like her Mom. Olive is close to maxing the Science career. The twins get accepted into private School! They only have a few friends and most of them are still children, so no love interests yet.

Delarosa: Florence's cat, Cymmi, got a career in Showbiz. David Ottomas' fiancée, Brooke Smith, is living here until the wedding. (She's planning it but David's happy being engaged!) Brooke finally got a job in her LTW field of Journalism.
Waylon Menon moved in! He wants to get married but Florence is focusing on skills for her medical career at the moment.

Ramirez: Checo's permaplat from reaching his LTW of Earning $100,000 when he sold the furniture store so he's focusing on his Architecture career while Lisa focuses on becoming Chief of Staff.
Tessa (Fortune) aged to teen and since she loves music and dance, she's hoping to Become a World Class Ballet Dancer, her LTW.
Cat, Rusty, had his orange colors restored and the plan is to have kittens with Ginger, if the families ever meet! Tessa likes red hair and has 1 bolt with Joshua Smith and 2 bolts with Garrett Newson, a popular teen right now!

Tinker: Stephen got a job in the Gamer career and Wanda in Culinary, they both have the same LTW--Golden Anniversary. Their pet, Oscar, is a beautiful fluffy gray large dog. Can't wait for his puppies in the future!
Melody is in her Freshman year at Uni with a 3 bolt love for Levi Loner! When Melody left for Uni, Wanda popped a wish for a baby! Welcome, a son, Damion! As soon as he was born, Wanda popped a wish for another baby!
With only 6 days to elder, she was just in time for baby music! Stephen is still in shock!

Jacquet: Denise reached her LTW of Earning $100,000 when she sold the bakery. She's got a career in Culinary. Gilbert changed his lifestyle and became a Family sim, married Erin (Jung) and adopted a dog, Bette.
He wanted a baby and they just had triplets! 2 girls, Nicolette and Suzette, and a boy, Bastian! All named after deceased relatives. All the babies have blonde eyebrows and it turns out that both Gilbert and Erin are actually natural blondes! Their original hair color will be restored next play!

That's it for BWV!
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Strangetown downtown families:
(living in the same apartment building)

Worthington III: Frances J is close to becoming the Law, and reaching his LTW. Marion was fired as a Professional Party Guest and is on the lookout for another lucrative career! Their daughter, Mary Jane, aged to child!

Couderc: Amin and Jennifer (the Downtownie with the hat and braids) adopted a kitten and named him Galileo. And they had their baby! A son, Seavey.

Strangetown is growing fast! There are 18 households in Strangetown proper, 9 households in Bluewater Village, and 2 apartments downtown for a total of 29 families!
There are 12 students at Uni, from Freshman to Juniors. 1 student in the Uni bin. 19 teenagers, 12 children, 4 toddlers, 12 infants, and 3 couples expecting!
For pets we have: 20 small dogs and puppies, 13 large dogs and puppies, with one expecting, and 6 cats and kittens!
And that's if I read all my notes right!
Even if I missed a few, this is probably the farthest I've gotten with the Strangetown and bin pre-mades and definitely the most pets I have ever played! (I think I would go insane without boolprop and the Uni 24 hour semester mod!)
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I haven't played Strangetown much -- just a single rotation. And my loose rotations are typically only 1 to 2 days, so really not much has happened. Pascal Curious gave birth to a little alien boy called Titus. And, as he was giving birth, Vidcund got returned from his abduction -- pregnant. Nervous Subject and the Beakers actually got on quite well together, but, when it came to bedtime, Nervous still chose to go down to his dungeon bedroom; I suppose that's what he's used to. Tank Grunt is confused -- he wants to please his dad, but he's not sure the military path is really what he wants for his life. He is actually quite close to Ripp, and rather admires Ripp's more laid back attitude to life. And poor Buzz! His world is falling apart. If even Tank won't respect rank and obey orders! There are aliens everywhere, there's that old witch living up on the hill with a garden full of buried bodies. There's one, . . . no two, families of deranged scientists, . . . and no one in authority gives a cuss. The police just drive through on the highway -- they never stop to help. Things were so much better when the military ran the place. (Strangetown used to be a big military base but defence cutbacks led to its closure. So Buzz, a general without an army, is left alone [Tank, it seems, can't be depended on] to try to keep order in a place that's falling apart.)

One incident from my brief sojourn in Strangetown (I will go back!) sticks in mind. Ripp had taken Buck to the big swimming pool. (With its huge male toilet block without doors, this is obviously an ex-military facility, now made available to the general public.) Buck went swimming. Ripp, who is gay, wandered around looking for boys he might chat up. In the background an altercation was developing. Nervous Subject was there, and for some reason was getting mad at an inoffensive townie called Joe Todd. (I have Tarlia's Strangetown, so I don't have the Maxis Strangetown townies. Instead I made my own -- 46 of them in total if I remember rightly.) Joe kept trying to get away, but Nervous had his blood up and just kept coming at him. Obviously little Buck couldn't be expected to do anything about it. But Ripp? Well, laid back Ripp decided it had nothing to do with him, and went into one of the kiosks to try to chat up the cashier, leaving Nervous and Joe to sort things out themselves.

It's a few years ago, but I still think about it. Like, I think many players, I tend to side with Ripp and Buck against a father who just seems unreasonable. But, had it been Buzz, or maybe even Tank, rather than Ripp, who had been there, I can't help feeling that the outcome might have been different. I'm pretty sure that Buzz would have felt that it was his duty to intervene. Like most people I have a lot of sympathy with Nervous, and appreciate that his personality has been really broken by the treatment he has received throughout his life, but on this occasion it seems clear to me that Joe Todd was the completely innocent party, who needed to be protected. I think Buzz would have first tried speaking to Nervous, and if that didn't work, he'd have intervened more robustly. And, I have to say I think he'd have been right to do so. I'm sure Joe Todd would have been very grateful.

I also wonder what I might have done myself on such a situation. I fear I haven't got Buzz's courage to intervene myself; I'd probably take an easier way out and 'phone the police. So here I am attributing a really positive quality, courage, to a Sim that nobody really likes, and saying that, in some respects, he's a better person than I am. Like ourselves, Sims are complex characters who live in a complex world.

All Sims are beautiful -- even the ugly ones.
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i made the father of pascals alien baby pt9 smith instead of the standard pollination technician

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What I did was download the 'Functional Warrior Sword' and make Olive kill her enemies. At the same time I was making more generations so Olive could never run out of sims to kill! (oh yeah! I also made Olive keep drinking the elixir of life so she could stay young)
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I've been playing with a mostly-cleaned Strangetown and a heavy hand on the no-spawn mods, so there hasn't been too much unexpected weirdness.

Curious family: Pascal had a boy (Tycho), Vidcund had fraternal twins (Leejah and Lonzo). Lazlo is childless but dotes on his nephews and niece. The kids are all still in elementary school, but am thinking it's getting time to age up Tycho. NB: My "head canon" for why Vidcund Curious and Jenny (Curious) Smith are so different from their siblings is that they aren't biologically Glarn's: Kitty was a divorcee with two very small children when she married Glarn.

Singles: Share a "household name" but have individual surnames (Chloe and Lola Curious; Erin Beaker; Kristen Loste). After a rocky start they're getting along well and moving up their various career ladders. Chloe surprised everyone by buying a Boston Terrier mix named "Alabama", but she has integrated well into the household. Kristen is madly in love with Ajay Loner and vice versa, and the other three girls are laying bets on who will propose to whom and how soon. (It turned out to be Ajay to Kristen. Marriage plans are in the offing.)

Loner: See Singles. Ajay was overly fond of using a telescope to spy on the neighbors during the day, and Vidcund didn't like it very much. After the last shoving match Ajay sold the telescope. He bought a Jeep and has been seen tooling around the neighborhood in it. (Two other households also have Jeeps, rugged but fun vehicles suited to desert terrain.)

Specter: Olive has an odd-eyed white cat named Loulou, and recently chose to become a Neutral Witch. Ophelia left for college, where she has reconnected with Johnny Smith and become engaged to him.

Beaker: I haven't played them much, they're really nasty people. All three of them take turns stealing other households' newspapers.

Smith: As noted, Johnny is in college (La Fiesta Tech). Jill is now a teen and wants to go to college too. PT9 (alias "Pete") and Jenny have two more boys, Justin and Jeremy, both of whom came out like Jill, looking perfectly human (after being hacked). The family has been adopted by a formerly-stray Havana Brown cat called "Sassy", who rules the roost with a velvet paw.

Grunt: This is the one I made drastic changes to. First I killed off Gen. Buzz (with hail) and Tank (with lightning), then assigned a court-appointed guardian, Will Marshall, to sort out the younger two boys. (I custom-made him to have had a military background but be starting over in the Education career, and he has worked up to High School Principal). The boys have had a name change, Ripp to Rick and Buck to Buddy, and a surname change to Grant, and they've both done a major turnaround (due primarily to Will's firm but kindly care). Rick is now in college and attracted to every female in sight, but not to the neglect of his studies. Buddy takes primary care of the family dog, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Honey. (She's a created dog, not a stray.) Will is single, but he's looking. No chemistry with anyone he's met yet, and definite anti-Chemistry with Bella Goth.

The neighborhood had wolves, but they've been banished with a hack - not before two leaders and two followers were spawned, and named "Balin", "Nightfang", "Mr. Bones" (follower), and "Akilla" (follower, and the only female). "Pete" was trying to befriend "Mr. Bones" before the banishment - silly alien!

There is, as noted, a cohort of strays, all looking for homes. Sassy moved in on the Smiths, and a Birman named "Lucky", after several misadventures tangling with Honey, tried his luck with a created Sim, Dayna Brown, an Elder who's the mother of (NPC) mailman Shane Brown and college student (ex-Townie) Zane Brown. So far they're getting on well together, but there's no love lost between Dayna and Olive Specter. (Probably Olive started the trouble, the old witch!)

You can't have Strangetown without Bella Goth, so she's there, drifting around looking for one or more good men. No luck yet.

I attached La Fiesta Tech as "the" university, so that's where Rick and Johnny and Ophelia are, along with a fair number of "promoted" Townie and Downtownie Teens. The "cleaned" hood had no Greek houses, so I had to make a couple of filthy rich Sims to restart them. J.G. Vandermorgan (grandson of A.P., with living parents Downtown) got Oresha-Hoh-Var going again before he graduated. Bedelia Balkis (a complete invention of mine) rechartered Tri-Frum and is in her junior year.

Rounded up all the Tricou offspring, once I figured out who they were, and plopped them all into the same dorm, as the "TricouTreat Household". The eldest, formerly Jack Crandall, has officially changed his name to Jack C. Tricou. (The others are Aine and Iona O'Connor, Axel Carey, Matteo Giacobini (a name I assigned before discovering he was a Tricou), and Oscar Andrews.) They are in their third semester (first half sophomore year).

Decided I wanted Stella Terrano in the game, and re-created her to specs but with a different hairstyle (ear-length bob). She got off to a bad start with the College Administration (i.e., the game tried to flunk her out), but I hacked her way out of that and she's now a sophomore in good standing.

There was an Unfortunate Incident with one of the spawned dormies (I tried removing that hack long enough to get the dorms filled up). He was a cute bishonen (look it up) but mean as a ferret, and after several dorm fights I flunked him out and changed his looks to a plug-ugly. Maybe I'll try hand-making a bishie and make sure he's a nice guy.

Which reminds me, so far only a few Sims have demonstrated clear gender preference, and only one has come out as a real flamer - Townie Matthew Hill is, like Bella Goth, looking for a good man. College student Edward Fuchs has shown an interest, but it's too early to tell if it's friend-zone or something deeper. (Update: Edward is straight. Guess Matthew will have to keep looking, or I'll have to make a partner for him.).
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I've always enjoyed Strangetown

In my game it's called Loste.

Johnny, Ophelia and Tank have all gone off to uni at Metaugee State (Formerly La Fiesta Tech). Tank plans to pledge as a frat brother and is turning into quite the ladies man on campus. Johnny and Ophelia are too busy having fun with their new friends to hang out with one another. We'll see if they last.

PT9 and Jenny are expecting their next child! Jenny's going through empty nest syndrome hard with her baby about to become a teenager on her next birthday, and her first born fully grown and off at uni. She and PT9 had conceived before Johnny left for school, but Jenny's having her last a little later in life, so risks of miscarriage were high. Sadly, she lost the pregnancy in the first trimester. Devastated, she and PT9 thought about adopting, which slowly started to cheer her up until she unexpectedly conceived again! This time she's on bedrest - being a labor and delivery nurse herself, she knows she needs to take it easy. And it would be easier - if her boss wasn't Circe Beaker.

Circe is gunning for Chief of Staff, and desperate to establish the Circe Beaker Memorial Hospital (to be so named while she's still alive of course). She's already overseeing the nursing team in Medaway, the nearest 'real' city to Loste. She's also hiding a secret: she's pregnant as well! There's a baby boom in Loste and Circe's expecting her first child. Considering she and Jenny are peers, Circe's also running some risks having her baby late, but she's determined. Besides, that Jenny Smith is a good worker, and she's always at the hospital... Circe's not the only one with big plans and bigger secrets: her husband Loki runs a lab in a nearby science research facility. He's planning to start his OWN lab - for the good of simkind. Beaker Corp will bring the wave of the future (and possibly some other waves too, like radiation...) The Curious brothers are the perfect lab rats - er - lab technicians to help Loki realise his dream, and besides: they work for him already.

They're also totally clueless. The brothers have their hands full: their boss Loki keeps coming by and ingratiating himself with the family. Vidcund and Loki are NOT friends, but Lazlo and Pascal are eager to please the man in charge. To make matters worse, Loki seems to have an unwholesome fixation on Pascal's infant son Nebulae. He wants to know all about where Nebbie came from, who his mother is, and why he's so... blue... and it makes Pascal nervous. Lazlo on the other hand, doesn't much care. Their sisters are blue afterall, and now that the two of them have moved in, Loki will meet them sooner or later. Lola and Chloe are hardly surprised. Their brothers have never really been the types to manage well under pressure. The girls are both going through the free spirit part of life, and Lola's got a burning passion to go to law school, while Chloe just wants to have fun. She's double-bolting with a (pretty handsome) townie and she's ready to paint the town as pink as her hair. The Curious sisters have had their fair share of bad luck already: they had moved out wanting to make it on their own, only to discover that the wide world is much less welcoming of two suspiciously blue girls no matter how much fun they want to have. After ditching the lease with the Beaker girl and her friend, the sisters have realised: there's no place like home.

Erin Beaker, Loki's much beloved baby sister is also going through a free-spirit period. The weird alien girls are gone, and she and her friend Kristen have celebrated by... adopting a dog for Erin. Little Tucker is a little problem where Kristen is concerned. Erin gets all of Tuckers love, while Kristen gets to clean up all his messes and replace her bed after he chewed it to pieces. Other than the usual roommate drama, the girls get on remarkably well. Erin's an 'artist' and while she didn't intend to be, she's also starving - in fact, they both are. Erin spent the last of their household funds on a massive doghouse and fancy petbowl for Tucker. Poor Kristen couldn't scape together enough after that to buy groceries. Erin brushed off her worries promising to have the money they needed by the very next day, and sure enough: she did it. Erin's family is loaded - or rather, her brother is. He's got Erin's trust fund safely squirreled away for her until she gets married and starts a family of her own. But he doesn't mind sending his precious little sister several hundred simoleons at a time to make sure she's comfortable (and not starving too much). Practical Kristen isn't 100% convinced that she even wants to stay in Erin's podunk little town. She's put an ad in the paper for a third person to sublet their tiny house, but who'd want to live out here?
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Loki and Circe had three children: Werner, Ada, and Johannes. Nervous Subject moved out and married Pascal Curious.

Vidcund got abducted, returned alien pregnant, and raised his son, Cosmos, alongside Pascal's daughter, Pandora. Pascal married Nervous, and Lazlo married Crystal Vu, although they divorced due to poor chemistry. Lazlo never remarried. All of them lived together in the Curious house at various points.

General Buzz Grunt died at Olive Specter's house, leaving Tank, Ripp, and Buck alone. Tank went to college, majoring in History, and returned to become General Tank. He married Jill Smith and had three daughters with her: Mary, Ellen, and Audrey. Ophelia Nigmos cheated on Johnny Smith with Ripp. They went to college together, Ripp majoring in Philosophy, before moving back to live together (although they never put official labels on their relationship). Ripp worked in the Slacker career, and Ophelia worked in the Paranormal career. They lived in Olive's house after she died. Buck married Ajay Loner and Kristen Loste's daughter Maya Loner, having a daughter with her named Marlena. He worked in the Law Enforcement career.

As mentioned before, Ophelia cheated on Johnny Smith with Ripp, so they broke up, and Jill married Tank. Johnny married Erin Beaker and had four children with her: Johnny Jr., Jade, Jeremy, and Jessica. He worked in the Athletic career, and Erin worked in the Medical career.

Chloe Curious never married, although she was one of Ripp's girlfriends. She worked in the Slacker career. Lola married the Townie Abhijeet Cho and had three children with him: Michael and twin girls Stella and Sadie. She worked in the Business career.

Strangetown corrupted right in the middle of Werner Beaker's wedding. He was marrying Mary Grunt. :'(
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Strangetown is definitely the best hood in my opinion! It's the reason why I still play Sims 2 even to this day.

Most of what I do with the families have to do with their predestined hobby. I check all of them to find theirs, and then pick their future based on it, as I see it as their passion in life. I then use Testing Cheats to change lifetime wishes to better reflect their characters and/or predestined hobby, because the fact that they get randomly assigned meant there were a few WTF wishes that make absolutely no sense at times ( If you don't know how, try this awesome guide by Skyblue1022 ).

I use this hack to disable/enable aging, because I don't like how fast sims age (and especially because I lose track of who's older than who )

Haven't played this run very long, but here's what's happened so far:

Main hood

I don't usually make new families in Strangetown, but Olive's ghost problem always annoys the living %&#@ out of me, so I made a gravekeeper to run Strangetown Cemetery. Keith Hendrics, an awkward knowledge who is obsessed with learning everything he can, lives alone with his two cats (because he "doesn't people very well").
Also, when I was creating his house and decided to use an adress like the rest of the houses in Strangetown I found that it would be between 40 Road to Nowhere and 46 Road to Nowhere. I decided then that since he's the gravekeeper I'd make some witty death reference and made it 42 Road to Nowhere [In Japan 42 is considered bad luck because if you pronounce the two numbers seperately as shi ni (four two), it's homophonous with shini (dying)]

Jonny became a musician. When I sent him to college he joined the Shifting Paradymes. He's still in college studying Literature, and has his mind set on being a Rock God.
PT9 and Jill both have the Film and Literature predestined hobby, so they spend every morning watching a movie together.
PT9 still likes to care for his lawn, as always, but he's also found that he like cooking a whole lot.
Jenny became an artist, and started painting and sewing. She makes good money off the stuff she makes now, so she might be able to quit her job to spend time with the family like she wants to do soon.
Coincidentally Jenny and PT9 both had "Have 3 kids graduate college" as their life time wish, and kept rolling the "Have a baby" want, so Jenny is expecting a new family member.
As soon as Jonny left for college, everyone started rolling "Adopt pet" wants, so they also have a fluffy white cat named Algebra.

A LOT has changed here!!
Ripp started flourishing after realising his passion for art, and because Jonny and Ophelia kept his spirits high. He even started getting the best grades in the house!
Buck, while he's primarily interested in science, also started enjoying cooking so his family members get a lot of fresh muffins now.
Tank is still trying to figure himself out, but he's starting to come around and being nicer to his brothers and the Smiths. He's still shy about admitting that he's much more passionate about science than trying be like his father, but he might have a change of heart soon...
General Buzz started realizing what an absolute, selfabsorbed a$$ he was being, and made a promise to be a better dad and let his sons be who they are. He also fell head-over-heels in love whith Chloe Singles after meeting her by chance, so he's been reevaluating his stance on the aliens living in Strangetown. This led to him starting to patch things up with PT9, as he's most likely going to be his new father-in-law.
And last but not least...their new family member! Leroy, a silly and dorky, but quick witted dog. Of course, to no one's surprise, General Buzz (being good old General Buzz) trained him to be the most obedient dog in all of existence.

Olive had Nervous move back in with her, and left him the house when she died.
Nervous is doing great now that he's not the Beaker's guinea pig anymore. He found that he's a huge fan of sports, and is considering becoming a professional athlete.
Ophelia found her passion in music, just like Jonny. She joined the Shifting Paradymes as well when she went to college, and also studying Literature.

The girls got their s*** and beef with each other sorted out, so they are all getting along very well now.
Lola went into politics (to no one's surprise). She and Ajay Loner started dating, and found they have a shared passion in music.
Erin found her passion in gardening and cooking, and most of all: CATS. She has a mega crush on Keith, who's a bit dense when it comes to romance.
Kristen is well on her way to becoming a Hall of Famer. Surprisingly her predestined hobby was art and crafts, so she enjoys painting as well.
Chloe is determined to live the good life, and thus in the Slacker career. She enjoys lying around and watching the clouds and birds, and occasionally going on a hike or doing yoga with Kristen.
They have a cat named Heidi, who Erin dotes over.

Ajay is well on his way to being a successful businessman, and starting to consider marrying Lola.

Pascal and Vidcund are still insistent on outperforming Loki in everything, while Lazlo doesn't really care (he's just having the time of his life playing the cool uncle)
Pascal's son Tycho and Vidcund's daughter Hestia are growing up quite nicely.

Things have been a lot differnent since Loki and Circe lost their guinea pig.
They've been almost obsessed with getting promotions (which they now find is kindof hard when nobody really likes you)
Because of their grouchiness, both of them prowl around in my neigborhood regularly to steal newspapers and kick over garbage cans whenever I play other families. I see it them being bitter because they're not getting the job promotions they want

La Fiesta Tech (College)

Frances fell in love with Stella Terrano, but it's still a bit one sided at this point. He managed to join the secret society in his first year.

Shifting Paradymes
Jonny became the band vocalist and pianist/keyboarist, as he didn't want to feel like he's stealing an instrument role from anyone in the group.
Gunnar was innitially against Jonny joining them, but came around when realising Jonny is still too in love with Ophelia to be a threat to his chances in romance.
Zoe and Jasmine still can't undertand why Gunnar can't take a hint, but both too nice to tell him to f*** off.
Ophelia joined as a second band vocalist in Zoe, Jasmine and Jonny's second year, and made really good friends with the girls.

Tri-Fruhm Sorority
DJ found that she's more fond of art than she is of music, so decided to rather become a painter than join the Shifting Paradymes (She does help them write their, lyrics though)
Jessy found her passion in fitness. She changed her major to drama, as she found it's the only major that supports the athletics career. She's finally accepted that Matthew isn't interested, so there's less friction in the sorority now.
To my utter surprise Monica has Sports as her predestined hobby (like, what the heck?!). I'm played her "sudden interest in politics" as her trying to find herself by doing all sorts of random stuff until she finds her calling. She now really enjoys yoga and playing basketball.
Sarah is really fond of tinkering, so she's decided to go into the medicine career after graduating.

Oresha-Hoh-Var Fraternity
Guy is passionate about art, and found that he really likes pottery. Being the ever cool friend that he is, he's decided to help Frances win Stella's heart.
Matthew loves working out, and spends most of his free time doing yoga or jogging.
Mickey is a nature fan, enjoying just watching the clouds drift by. He declared his major as philosophy, and (being as lazy as he is) will probably go into the slacker career after graduation.

I put all three the families in the college bin in three of the dorms found on campus

Stella is doing extremely well in her studies, and enjoys tinkering. She also seems to have made good friends with the Curious brothers, often visiting to dote over the kids (guess she just really wants to make sure the Curious brothers get the nuances of raising alien babies )

Almeric found out he really, really enjoys cooking. As he found what he believes is his calling, he decided he'll be a professional chef and declared his major as philosophy as to aid his career after he graduates.
Aldric is a bit of a film nerd (particularly sci-fi and paranormal), and decided he'll study paranormal activity after graduating.

Student Housing
Going by Blossom's bio, her predestined hobby being nature, and her surname being frikken MOONBEAM, I've decided she is a hippie. She's gunning to be an Ecological Guru after graduation.
William is a big music fan (although he sees it as more of a hobby than a career option). He's doing really well in his economics studies.
Klara's passion is science, and after doing some introspection realised that she'd be better off as a scientist than a politician, so she changed her major to Physics.

Other than the College, I haven't really been interested in playing any other subhoods (I might give Downtown a go if I want to add vampires later, though)
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