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Default Have You Ever had a Sim Run Away From Home?
I did a few Sim-days ago; I read on The Sims Wikia that the teen will return the day it's time for them to grow up. I've never had a teen run away before, apart from Lilith Pleasant which was by accident when I was younger...

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Lilith was the only runaway I've ever had. I guess I just don't make my teens hate their families enough...
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I also have never seen it happen naturally; I do have a mod that can make it happen on command, but I've never used it because I do not like to see my families unhappy with one another. But it is nice to have the option if I do have a teen who would really runaway story-wise.


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I had a Sim who ran away at least four times. The moral of this story is that the "fight anyone any time" mod, the romance aspiration and teenagers who get angry when their parent is affectionate with someone who's not their other parent don't mix. I kept having his dad call the police and report him missing, but as soon as the police brought the teen back, the fights would start all over again. Eventually, I had the teen go to college early and had the dad and son talk on the phone and email until they rebuilt their relationship enough that they could stand to be in the same room without pounding on each other.

Ripp Grunt ran away too, once. This was before I knew you could call and report the kid missing so the police would bring them back. General Buzz kept breaking down sobbing before I figured out how to get Ripp back. I felt so bad for him.
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I thought once they run away they're gone for good until its time for them to turn into adults?
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Never had a teen run away, although I wouldn't mind if they did. >.>
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Originally Posted by Gcgb53191
I thought once they run away they're gone for good until its time for them to turn into adults?

Nope -- you can use the phone to report the runaway teen missing, and usually the police turn up with the wayward teen in tow. I have seen one instance where a runaway teen never returned, so I don't know if there is a failure rate on whether a teen is returned or not (that legacy was pretty lol-worthy in its screw-ups).

If you don't call to report a teen missing, then they turn up on the day they become an adult.


I've only ever had Lilith Pleasant run away in my game, accidentally at first and then orchestrated after that (and sometimes she returns pregnant, just to increase the ire of her mother). In my game, Daniel is always the one to come out and apologise when Lilith returns, which I find interesting -- Lilith never recovers relationship with her mother, but she does her sister and father.

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It's happened a few times to me, but it's not something that happens on a regular basis.

Usually it's a combo of very large households and parents paying too much attention to their job-progression and not enough to their children.

It's been a while though, perhaps I should play bigger households again..

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Seventh time last night. Newborn babies, twins, grow up till teenagers together, both hate each other, both hate their parents, both hate their cats. Run away together. O.o

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I had Rick Contrary run away on his own. He hates his parents for being greedy, pushy, and self-absorbed lazy idiots.
After his mother frantically called the police, he was returned to their custody. He still hates them. He'll probably run away again, unless they wise up.
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I had Rick Contrary run away, too...and despite his parents' phone calls he didn't show up until just before his birthday.

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I don't play teens anymore, but the last time I did, I purposely downloaded a Run away mod, and made them, well, runaway.
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I don't have an issue with born in game Sims as they make best friends with their parents while they're still toddlers. I suppose that in order to have a born in game teen run away, the parents would have to pretty much ignore them through their childhood (like don't teach them their toddler skills, don't help children study) and start fighting when the kids are teens.

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I have only had one runaway...
parent phoned the police and he returned...still hated on the father though.

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I've only ever had one teen runaway and funny enough they were a newly created Sim. I had just made some new Sims destined to become townies one was an adult and the rest teens. They were all going to be new teen townies but you have to have at least one adult in the mix to get started. So I plop them on my townie lot, which has nothing but tools on it and a hacked coat rack so I can set clothes as I need to, and proceed to make some alterations prior to making them townies.

While I'm fooling around with one of them the lone adult and one of the teens apparently got into some sort of altercation and suddenly the teen ran away. I was pretty unhappy about this as I had a much longer chore of getting him back before I could convert him to a townie than I had planned. I couldn't even just teleport him back on the lot I had to buy a phone and call the cops to get him back. Meanwhile I sent of the others and just kept the adult waiting for the kids return. When he came back I had to zap his aspiration to platinum to keep him on the lot so I could finish making my changes undo the relationships and convert them both to townies.

Never had one run away while playing though, plenty of sneaking out at night but no runaways.
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I.....sort of got another runaway...

So, here is my teenage version of me. Has 100/100 to both parents, and 95/100 to all my siblings. My family went perfectly normal, until my Simself queue up the "runaway" action. Dunno how, my simself run away, and my SimMom just laugh when she saw me run from home. She never called the police, neither my SimDad, until three days later, I went back home, with perfect Platinum mood.

I don't have any mod. I have NO IDEA how that could happen. I guess my life is sorta dramatic?

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I had turned on the Freewill of the Grunt house, first time I played it and had Ripp run away immediately after saying something like "I've had enough of you guys". Poor General Buzz was distraught and cried like a kid. I really felt bad for him.

Anyway, I made General Buzz call the police and Ripp returned within a few sim hours. I cancelled the "apologize" in the General's action que, when Ripp returned (if I had my way, I'd have added Discipline--spank in the General's que ). I made Ripp apologize again and again to his father "I'm sorry dad, I've been a brat!. I'll even do chores around the house even though I haate cleaning. (er like the supreme sim controller told me to)"

Now many days have passed since and Ripp has much better relationship with his family. He is even up to 4 neat points and he's almost gotten the cleaning scholarship (heh..heh). General Buzz is much happier now that he's married Chloe Singles and has a son named Gun who's ten nice points (how that happened with both grouchy parents I don't know) and a daughter named Missile who is only 1 nice point. Both green skinned kids.
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I had a whole bunch of them at one point, and couldn't figure out why. Their relationships with their parents were not that bad! And they kept running away, even when the relationships improved. It got so annoying that I downloaded the no-runaway hack. Problem solved.

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The only Sim to ever run away from one of my families didn't even belong to that family. No, it's not a glitch, but it is a cautionary tale. It was a townie that spent more than six hours in my Sim's house without having eaten anything. So I selected her ("Control This Sim" mod) to get her to eat and the moment she was selected she run away because of neglect. I *think* I called police and she was returned, but don't quote me on that. It was a while ago. She continued being a townie, though, so whatever happened, whether I called the police or not, she was fine in the end.
The moral of the story: feed your visiting teen Sims before you select them with "Control This Sim". It became kind of a rule in my gameplay.
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My only runaway was a dog. I didn't notice he was gone for a while as my Sim was busy setting himself on fire, but after I called the police and he was brought back, his last memory was 'fire'. I also noticed that the cats had eaten all the food, so he obviously went looking for his Sim to ask for the food bowl to be filled, found his Sim on fire, and couldn't cope with the trauma. XD
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Dogs can run away too? lol
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Pets can run away from home (both dogs and cats). I had a very nasty guy have two vicious dogs and a cat named Moochie. The dogs (very aggressive and independant) terrorized my poor lazy and slovenly cat until he ran away, and then began fighting until one of the dogs ran away as well. I ended up having to get all the pets jobs that didn't overlap so my pets would hardly have time together to keep them from fighting and running away.
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I've only had two runaways - once, it was because I was doing my own spinoff of the poverty challenge with hacks involved to make it extremely hard, and there were a LOT of problems there. Weeds in the kitchen, everyone had acne, took them a week to buy a toilet because I forgot to add one, etc. Everyone was miserable but were skilling like geniuses. One of the girls couldn't take it any longer though. When she got back her sister had died of starvation and ending up becoming a zombie, lol.

The other time it was some random townie who kind of decided of his own accord that he'd live with my legacy family. He had a one time thing with the teen girl living there, Leah, and though it was casual he just... would NOT leave. He had a job, though, so it was nice until he got jealous when Leah got a cat and she started getting grouchy with him for trying to befriend it. He ran away after that.

...I had way too many hacks in my game at that time.
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Originally Posted by McChoclatey
I did a few Sim-days ago; I read on The Sims Wikia that the teen will return the day it's time for them to grow up. I've never had a teen run away before, apart from Lilith Pleasant which was by accident when I was younger...
I had Lilith run away when I first started playing. I thought she was gone for good. To avoid this, I have "The Oldies" (her maternal grandparents), invite her to move in. Afterwards, Lilith grows up well, inherits everything the Oldies own after they pass, and has an awesome life. Once I looked into her memories, I seen hurt, neglect, and pain, and couldn't bear to see her endure any more. Lilith ended up my favorite pre-made, in Pleasantview. She has quite a story to be told.
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