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Default How to make the Pool Pond Fountain

If you want the flowy floater water fountain you need Seasons. There may be a non-seasons version. I don't know. The other stuff I used are listed at the bottom. Only the floor tile is cc.

Looks different at different times of the day if you have gunmod's lighting radiance which adds a slow dawn and twilight to your game.

This will give you the construction technique and how to replicate mine. You ought try design this in your own style as it could be done many ways. We would all love to see what you come up with.

1. Make a pool as I did below that is 9x9 with another 1x1 three tiles away.

For pool colours I used:
A most ludicris blue in miscellaneous
Pool Blue Flooring in miscellaneous

2. Open the cheat dialogue (control+shift+c) and type: boolprop constrainfloorelevation false. Take the medium setting raise ground tool and raise the 1x1 pool one click (as above). Then with the top down camera, use the eyedropper to reselect the flooring. Place the floor tile inside the 1x1 pool and drag this over your fountain pool. This will raise the water level to the edge of the pool.

3.Delete the 1x1 pool and level the ground again.

4. Behind the pool to one side raise an area of ground 11 clicks with the medium setting again.

5. Place the level tool on top of the new mound and drag it across the last line of pool.

Steps 6 & 7 are optional but required to make the water at the top of the fountain level with the pool edge. Skip if desired but will just take a moment.

6. You are going to need to raise the water at the top of the waterfall again so place a 1x1 pool at the top of the mound and raise it one click. Then with top down view take your pool floor tile and drag it over the last line of pool. (note: you can only raise the water level once. These changes won't take effect until you reload the lot).

7. For some reason you need to lower the waterfall slope. So with your pool floor tile selected run it across the area shown below, making sure not to touch the slope - just the floor beside it.

8. Level everything out thus.

9. Place the foundations around where desired. Always place the foundation cursor on top of the fountain then drag. If you start at the bottom you will flatten it out again. You could make a courtyard ontop which would look nice. Even have a store below the courtyard with an entrance round the corner from the fountain next to stairs leading up to the courtyard.

10. Place a garden fence around I chose the short mortar white brick wall. A fancy street lamp or two.

When placing the lily pads put the sparser ones around the edge. These don't appear often enough in the random generator so place ones you don't want to one side and delete them when finished. This will make or break a lily pad setting.

Placing the lights behind the waterfall is a little fiddly but you'll get it. Change camera angle if you are having trouble.

Flooring I used vbgraybrick2: Designed by val for sims2 estates. (No longer available but is included in: The Complete Bride set on MTS)
Choose a dark wallpaper behind the fountain for depth and make it look like the water is coming from somewhere.
Walls I used Plaster-minded in Yellow: from poured category
Border of hellier wall above the fountain.
Flowy Floater from Seasons for the water fountain. In decorative --> sculptures
The crawling wall vines are from Masion and Gardens. There are three upper, middle and lower but if you use the Apartment Life tool to raise or lower the vines you can make it look far less repetative.
Pool Colours:
A most ludicris blue in miscellaneous
Pool Blue Flooring in miscellaneous

11. Have a hot cocoa.
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Wow. Thats easy. And I love your idea of courtyard/shops. I finally have a starting point for my Central park. Thanks :D
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Glad you like it.

I added two steps 6 & 7 that I had missed.
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That'd be nice for, say, cemeteries too.

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ooo I love it! That would be great for a restaurant front, and you could have a dining area on top of the waterfall. For mine I added Frog for a pond a few ducks from Animals for a Farm and plants from Pond in July I also added fish for a pool I found on Insim Here

Frankly my dear I'd rather be playing sims :P
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That is wonderful. Thanks so much for the pool fish too. Now the above ground pool room can be made into a huge aquarium. Like the one on Bustin' Out. Exciting! Thanks to Mootilda's grid adjuster you can lower the ground grid over the pool and place decorations inside the aquarium.

I'm happy to see the tutorial worked too. Thanks for sharing your pics!
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OOhhh... I love the stuff you put in your pond, ill have to download them and add them to mine next time I restart my game.
Just alt tabbed out out show what ive done so far. Still a WIP. I think this just became my new favorite building technique! Thanks again.
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Always happy to share. The fish are fully animated so they look really good in the pool/pond I think they may be my favorite CC at the moment

Frankly my dear I'd rather be playing sims :P
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Here is my little fountain-lot:

It's called The Courtyard. I plan on making this a frequent spot for my simmies to shop. There is a grocer's shop on the left and a clothing shop on the right, as well as picnic areas on top. I'm not sure whether I'll add lilypads to the pool or not, but for now it's quite lovely.

I've got one or two things on MTS, but most of my stuff is on my main site here:
(Now recruiting budding creators.)
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Love all these neat lots! Thanks for sharing, Josepina!

Liv Loves Simming:

Liv Loves LiveSimming:

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I did a variation of this by putting the fountain in the center rather than the edge.

I raised the center, then put the corner pools around it. Then I just stuck in some statues, and added the benches and planters.

I've got one or two things on MTS, but most of my stuff is on my main site here:
(Now recruiting budding creators.)
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OMG that is epic.
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