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Um...then you must also have a mod that allows masturbating, because it's not vanilla game behavior!

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Originally Posted by Peni Griffin
Um...then you must also have a mod that allows masturbating, because it's not vanilla game behavior!

Although it would be extremely funny if they had snuck that in there, yes, I have a mod. XD
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Originally Posted by M.M.A.A.
Ok, so, I understand that there are many objects that you should preferably NOT place in the common areas:

- Vending machines
- Grills
- Stereos (that's for sure!)
- Music Instruments
- Bong Bubble blower
- Fountains
- Toy bear
- Exercise machines (that's what we have separate gyms for)
- TV
- Hot tub (we don't want combustion or anything of that sort)
- Computers (I get sick of them playing SSX)
Any more?

And things that you need in a common area are:

- Seats (like benches)
- A table (especially for the Sunday Block parties).
Any more?

Now, what about:

- Bookcases
- Playground items
- etc...? Any more?

P.S. We should definitely create a wiki page for this.

I use vending machines and grills on virtually ALL of 'my apartment lots, and vending machines in some dorms, and never have issues. The only time I had a problem was when I forgot to add a trash chute to a floor of one building, and the landlord couldn't figure out how to carry the trash from there outside. I find both very handy. The grills, in fact, are practically the social center of the lot in many cases.

Stereos I save for inside each apartment. Even then, I set the music to a much lower volume, because the sims (home, apartment, either one) won't leave them off.

Musical instruments aren't common, but I have used them.Not a big deal for me, save as the vending machines and grills.

That bubble blower is AWFUL! No matter where it is, the sims flock to it like rats after the Pied Piper. Only time that worked was in this trashy complex I built for a story, where I wanted them all wasting time all the time. Unless you want that, don't place one!

I don't get the issue with fountains. They might add bubbles, but so what? Personal preference there, I suppose.

The bears could be a real issue, because they carry them around, and then they are stuck. Never really thought about that, but even in an apartment might be a bad idea, as they'd probably carry them outside, then lose them as a result!

I like a gym on some lots, though not all get them. Simpler for better apartment complexes than traveling to one.

Hot tubs, I vary on. I tend to add them in most cases, though.

Only one apartment lot I have has a computer they can all use, and it's a special lot.

Stuff to include? For me:

1. Grill and seating - The cookouts draw them together, which aids in stories and relationships, and I have had the landlord cook out for them all, too.
2. Trash chutes on all levels for multi-storied buildings. Literally had the landlord unable to clean the roof of one, because he couldn't (no idea WHY) carry the trash in the elevator.
3. Some other sort of group activity. Chess table, pool, something where they can get together.
4. Most have a playground, chessboard, easel. Again, in some cases, it means less loading of community lots. So, when they fit the theme, they go in.
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