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Default "Building Process" Videos
I'm curious to know how people do "building process" videos. How do they keep the camera in the same position while they build? Here's a video.
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Honestly it just looks like alot of pictures in fast speed to appear to look like a video
like a fast slide show
the person just maintained a certain angle to keep the appearance.

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So this person would have to revert the camera to the exact same position, down to the very last pixel after every picture he took. I find that very few people have those amounts of patience (or abilities).

I never thought about this before, but now I must know for my existance to be complete!
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If you hit Ctrl + 4 at the same time, then the next time you hit 4, the camera will come back to that same position (to the very last pixel) every time. You can use Ctrl + 5 to get a different angle every time you hit 5, Ctrl + 6 to get a third angle every time you hit 6, and so on all the way up to 9. It does make a difference if you're in Cameraman mode or not, but build/buy/live doesn't matter. The camera will zoom in or out, up or down, walls up or down, whatever you had before. It only takes patience to set up the first time perfectly -- after that, it's as easy as hitting the P key to pause the game is.

Edit: Try it yourself -- you can make some neat special effects that way with just a touch of your favorite image editing program.

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If you want the actual building instead of just a start to finish time lapse, you can probably also use some external program that films the screen (kinda like screenshot programs).
I don't know of any, but they probably exist.
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I'm pretty sure Fraps does video as well as screenshots. It has a "Movies" tab on the Settings screen, next to the "Screenshot" tab, and Fraps is short for FRAmes Per Second, which is a movie measure. But I've never played around with it, and I don't know if it's free or if you have to pay, what the quality is, etc.

@PlatinumPlumbbob, I wouldn't have thought of the undo/redo trick, but that's a good one, and might even be what the original movie maker did. It did kind of have that look to it.

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Wow, that really would take an awful lot of patience. I have Fraps and it unfortunately only takes 30 second videos unless you buy the full version. I will look more into this.
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I've done a couple- both were as simple as recording the process of building and decorating using the in game camera, adjusting manually as needed and then editing with titles and music in Movie Maker.

I set the camera quality up to highest and set maximum recording time to 9999 so I don't have any issues with it cutting out before I'm finished.

if you want to watch my videos, click here and here . Both are 4 and 5 years old so they're not the most amazing jobs, but they're worth a watch


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