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Default "Cheat" degree with SimPE?
I'm re-creating a Sim that went to college. So I created him as an adult now, but want it to exactly be as if he really went to college. I'm gonna add the memories and I used the batbox to upgrade/pre-Uni and re-give diploma, but I'm not sure if anything is missing so I'd like to check in SimPE.

I opened his Sim Description and am looking at the "University" part. So I have my new Sim here that I upgraded using the batbox, the old one that really went to college, and I found a thread in the SimPE forum where they explain what this has to look like, and all 3 are different. Anybody have a tutorial or can tell me what I need to do?


In case that's important, here are the settings:

What the forum says -
Effort: 1000
Remaining: 72
Last [grade...?]: 1
Semester: 8

New sim that was upgraded with the batbox -
Effort: 0
Last grade: 5
Influence: 0 [what is this even??]
Semester: 1
Remaining time: 72

Old sim that went to college -
Effort: 10
Last grade: 5
Influence: 0 [...?]
Semester: 8000
Remaining time: 72

The forum thread is old, so I guess things like 8 and 8000 are really the same and it's just because of a newer version of SimPE. But I'm not sure.
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Influence will be related to the "big sim on campus" memory. Influence is used in normal play to influence other sims, it's the meter to the left of the aspiration meter. But if it reaches full capacity while a sim is at uni, they get a special memory. As they're not on campus, this setting probably does nothing - it might change the capacity, but it will adjust as soon as you gain/lose a friend.

I would guess that somebody who wrote that tutorial looked at a sim who had been to college and copied what their page looked like which is why it matches (I'm sure you're right re 8/8000). But in fact most of those values are irrelevant to a sim who has actually left college and is now an adult, which would be why the batbox doesn't bother to change them. You most likely need to look at a totally different tab (career, perhaps?) to edit whether or not they own a diploma.

Effort at a guess is how full the class meter is, last grade will be their grade (5 being A+, the batbox gives them that, 1 is perhaps the minimum grade needed to graduate without being on probation)

I found Christianlov's Counterfeit College Diploma so much better than the batbox upgrade feature, if that's still online anywhere.


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