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Well done Sims2 4ever - name added to the roster of solvers.

I no longer come over to MTS very often but if you would like to ask me a question then you can find me on tumblr or my own site tflc. TFLC has an archive of all my CC downloads.
I'm here on tumblr and my site, tflc
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Hi. I'm Caren but you can also call me Beau. I luv sims since I was born.
I GOT A YOUTUBE(Eng sub provided) : YOUTUBE
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Day 1, Part 1

Ruan and Margaret
Theme song: Dire Straits — Private Investigations

Ruan and Margaret teamed up on investigation - and more - very quickly. Ruan takes care of official part and is running around the town looking for evidence, and Margaret talks to locals and writes down all kind of rumors. Everyone in this town is lying, and almost everyone had a motive, so they can only trust each other. So far they have developed three theories about BlaiseÂ’s death and have five possible killers. Still looking, though. On spare time they enjoy each otherÂ’s company in bed.
Ruan took Breoc on a small evidence hunting trip. They visited Pol Stones, and found Mellyn Morgan sneaking around. Breoc wanted to chat, but Ruan sent her away and told that next time she is found in crime scene she will get into legal trouble. They found
and went over to Moonraker’s Inn to

In Moonraker’s they met Davyth Tremethyk, who Ruan rather likes. Hopefully, he is not a killer. They talked a bit. Ruan has already figured about Davyth’s affair with Carrow, but feels like he can’t say anything about it, because Davyth thinks it’s such a secret. That’s a detective’s work for you — sometimes you find out things about your friends and have to stay silent about them. Ruan would like to advice Davyth to move to Lanscumbe, where people are more accepting and romance is easier to find.
Hedra came in looking for Tomas, but stayed to play billiard with Davyth and Breoc. Ruan ordered a drink and chatted to barman. Talkative guy. He should sent Margaret here. Even talkative guys are careful about what they say when detectives are near.
After MoonrakerÂ’s they walked over to church. Breoc was complaining about tiredness and Nessa waiting for him at home, but Ruan wanted to see the vandalism Cedric was talking about. He only found
Cordelia Curnow came in to talk with Len (about her pots, no doubt). Ruan told her a joke, and she told him few back. Funny girl, but not his type. He certainly isn't hers, either.
Now Breoc flat out refused to continue the investigation and went home. Ruan followed his example. He plans to go to Haven next.

Theme song: Dusty Springfield — Reputation

Both Eva and Davyth are worried about public opinion, but both for different reasons. Eva is terrified that people will blame her for stealing charity money and that she is developing a reputation as gossiper and mean girl. Some of these things might be true, but that doesn't mean people should talk about it! Davyth just wants to make his relationship with Carrow public and official, but Carrow refuses to do so. It would hurt his future plans, he says.
Eva was lonely while alone in home, and she invited Marrek Nicholls over. He is attracted to her, and she is attracted to his family’s reputation and status in Polgannon. They had their very first kiss and fell in love, but didn't take it further. Eva's religious beliefs mean they can woohoo only after marriage.
Ruan walked by and was greeted and invited for dinner. Davyth hurt Eva's feelings a bit by leaving dinner and going out while Ruan and Marrek were still here. A bit rude. What did Marrek think about it? Eva hopes he doesn't think less of her family because of Davyth.
But Davyth couldn't stay for dinner even if he wanted to. He and Carrow had a meeting at High Street at certain time, and he definitely had to be there. They went shopping and had dinner at the restaurant and successfully pretended to be friends in front of people. After the dinner they went to Golf course and rented the room for the rest of the night. Davyth is thinking about engagement. Carrow is a lot more cautious.

Theme song: Carly Simon — Such A Good Boy

Marrek left for work, and Senara spent a morning in garden. Then she made salad for lunch and took it to Marrek's office. He wasn't there. Oh, Senara knew where her boy was – with that Eva girl, of course. So shameless! Eva, that is. Who does she think she is? Just a pathetic thief (there is no evidence against Eva, but Senara has already accused, tried and sentenced her). She walked home angry and ready to have a Conversation with Marrek. He doesn't get women. She does. It's her job to protect him.
By the time she was home Senara had calmed down. Starting a drama might not be a good idea. Marrek could do something stupid like running away. He probably wouldn't, but better safe than sorry. Better to keep an eye on him and Eva. To control, I mean, guard them in right direction. And probably better if he marries her. That will protect Marrek from scandals and rumors. And marriage means grandbabies... (in other words, Senara rolled a "relative gets married" want).
Eva walked by the moment Marrek returned home (coincidence, they said. Senara knows better). Eva was greeted, complimented and invited for dinner. Marrek was manipulated, I mean, encouraged to propose. Neither of them actually wanted it, but Mother always gets what she wants, and, well, it's not that bad. They would probably end up the same if left on their own. At least that's what they're telling themselves. Senara made a special dinner to celebrate, and Marrek invited Davyth over.
During dinner Senara mentioned how she wants to see the world. She hasn't been outside Polgannon that much, you know. The older she gets, the more she regrets it. Marrek, being Marrek, immediately invited Mother to join him and Eva on honeymoon. Not a problem, really. They'll just need to pay for extra hotel room. Eva wasn't thrilled, but she is too smart to go against Senara like that. Davyth has a very bad feeling about the situation his sister is getting herself into, but he didn't say anything. Eva is adult. And Marrek is a good man, he'll treat her well. Besides, he doesn't want to start a fight right now. He wants to come out to Eva soon, and, considering her religious views and anxiety about public opinion, it's not going to be easy for their relationship. Better keep it as high as possible.
Wedding is planned for the next rotation. Senara hopes that granddaddies come soon after that.
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Originally Posted by Booney
Everyone in this town is lying, and almost everyone had a motive

LOL yes.

If you work it out, be sure to PM me.

I no longer come over to MTS very often but if you would like to ask me a question then you can find me on tumblr or my own site tflc. TFLC has an archive of all my CC downloads.
I'm here on tumblr and my site, tflc
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In Polgannon,

Ruan and Margaret got married and moved downstairs into Ruans apartment together. They are expecting a baby.

Warne- things are going great! Nessa has been busy with her shop and new pregnancy.

Nancarrow- Seethe (I changed his name from Seth based on the bio) moved out in Jory's place. Rosen and Jory got married and had a baby together (using a modded crib) through IVF. She's a little girl destined to be a witch. Hecate does not like Jory's dog.

Tremain- Karenza has triplets! She is dating Arthur Hammett and hopes things will progress further.

Edgecombe- Elowen and her daughter moved out of her mothers place. Elowen married Alan Trelawney and Aila adopted a teen girl to fill her empty nest.

Trelawney- Alan and Elowen are expecting a baby. Little Ygerna is excited and adores her new stepdad!

Nicholls- Marrek married Eva. They are also expecting a baby. They had a big church wedding and Saint Ginnys.

Im on rotation 3, but I'll update about the other families later.
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Day 1 is over. Winter came over early this year, for sims it felt like somebody switched seasons mid-day. But they happily adapted and started to prepare for Christmas. In addition to menu-planning and gift shopping, ladies of Polgannon now have a new gossip subject: Abbie Cardew moved out of Penhaligan manor after her father paid Cedric Chesney to perform an exorcism on her. Apparently, Abbie didn't appreciate Cedric throwing holy water on her and yelling something about demons. She moved in with Rozen and unexpectedly fell in love with her son. Seth proposed one date later and Abbie agreed although she is not sure if she wants to actually get married. They agreed to have a long engagement period. Meanwhile Rozen is too old to wait for anything, so she married Jory Boscowan without any waiting period or official ceremony. They should have done so decades ago. Jory and his dog moved in, and Rozen's apartment is a bit too small for four sims and two pets, but so far they manage. The magic room was turned into Seth and Abbie's bedroom.
Breoc doesn't know about his new neighbors yet, and he surely won't be happy. He probably will not want Abbie to look after his kids anymore, which will put Nessa in hard situation - she was planning to hire Abbie to help with shop now that Nessa is pregnant again.

Back at the manor, Tomas and Adele had a huge fight, resulting with Tomas slapping Adele. She was about to fire him and throw him and Hedra out, when Carrow arrived to visit Verity. As the new lord, he prohibited Adele from making any decisions about stuff members. She is furious, and Carrow realized he HAS to move back home to have any control over what goes on there. He is not happy; he found a courage to tell Caroline about Davyth and she took it surprisingly easy. They agreed to divorce once James becomes a teen and date other sims until then. Moving back home makes this plan harder, as many more eyes will be on them. Carrow is afraid of rumors. Verity is also not excited about Carrow moving back in. It will make it harder to sneak out and see Jownan.

Jowan is doing well. His grades are going up - he now has a motivation to study. He hopes to go to collage with Verity. They had a very first kiss and are going steady now.
Arthur also has new romance in his life. He fell in love with Karenza, but the relationship is very... physical, and they barely talk to each other. Because of that they are keeping it very private and don't have any future plans.

Mellyn told Tamara the truth about her father. Tamara took it to her own hands and called Carrow. He was surprised but responsive and agreed to meet with her. Mellyn invited Abbie over, but Tamara refused to talk to her. She liked Abbie as nanny, but can't forgive her that she lied to her. Abbie is heart broken, but understanding. They will have contact, but Tamara stays with Mellyn.
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I haven't had much time to play, but I'm already planning to:
- swithc Carrow to the Politics career track,
- bring Jory and Rozen back together,
- move Abbie out of the Manor and with her aunt and uncle, and have her work at the pub. Maybe move out with Tamara when she has enough cash of her own.

I'm still hesitant about the Davyth/Carrow/Caroline/Seth love square. Carrow seems like the kind who'd want to preserve a good facade, especially with his new job. He won't take the initiative to separate, unless Caroline gets caught cheating. If that happens... Who knows?

And about Karenza's unplanned surprise... Will she let Gwen and Cordelia adopt, or will she want to bring the baby up on her own?
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I began reading Agatha Christie's The Death at the Vicarage last night. Among the main characters are Leonard the Vicar and his wife Griselda, 20 years younger. I immediately wanted to switch my current game to Polgannon.
Too bad there aren't updates from players lately.
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So the murderer is still a mystery for the other players? I'm kinda shocked about this, I guess I'll have to find the solution myself this summer. I'm nervous because I never have downloaded a neighborhood, I hope everything goes ok!
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