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Default Reinstating Grand Vampires
does anyone know how to reinstate the Grand Vampires?
I killed them because at that time I did not have a no biting Crumple bottom mod so I did it to protect my game.

Now however I know that the game is going to create new Grand Vampires to replace the ones since (truly) deceased.
Is there any way that I can reinstate my currently playable Grand Vamps to their original roles in society?

Can a moderator please move this to help section.
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I think you can do it with either the transporter cat or SimBlender. If you don't have one though, even if you have the no regen hacks, one should generate as you play. That's how Little Carping got its sole Grand Vampire. The game will call one up when needed as you play (go Downtown at night and you should get lucky).

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Ok. I have both of those mods and haven't noticed any particular option to turn a playable ex grand vampire back in to a grand Vamp.

I guess I need to look harder.

Worst comes to worst, A new set of Grand Vampires will only increase population by 4 at most.
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