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Default Sims 2 NL Townhouse?
Can anyone send me screenshots of the Townhouse from the sims 2 NL lots and houses bin? I want to revamp the house in TS4, but I need the floorplan. Thanks!

(Only thing I could find on the house )
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It says you have the Sims 2 and NL so just go into the game and see it.

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It says you have TS3 too with floorplan
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@TorinH : In case (as I suspect) you're not able to load The Sims 2 for some reason (perhaps you don't have it installed in your current computer), here are pictures of the NL Townhouse including floorplans:

These are maximum size in-game pictures. I could take bigger one with FRAPS if you need them, but it would take longer. I hope this helps.

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